How to maintain discipline on Nutrisystem Flex?

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Hey guys and gals,.

I purchased the Nutrisystem Flex program back in late July in hopes of losing some weight this summer. I started out the first week on point and felt as if I could really stick to the plan...then the weekend came along and I treated myself to some unhealthy snacking. Unfortunately, we all know how this negates any results I may have had that week. I really want to follow this plan 100% and not cheat at all, but it's increasingly hard especially when I live with college buddies who like to eat out a lot.

I'm re-starting the program today, August 9th and plan on sticking to it as close to 100% as I can. I need some support!!.



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Your question was: How to maintain discipline on Nutrisystem Flex?.

I too am a restarter. What has helped me this time is being on these boards and finding a group that I had to be accountable to.

Also saw a quote on someone's page that I have been saying to myself when tempted to eat off program..

It says, "If hunger isn't the problem, then food isn't the answer.".

Good luck to all of us strugglers...

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Good luck to all of you! I still struggle sometimes, especially with stress eating...

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RoorRat and Sentimental,.

Great advice. To that I would add spend lots of time on the boards. If you feel stressed or board, then join in a discussion thread or get into the chat room. Keep your mind and fingers busy so there isn't time to wander to the kitchen looking for foods you shouldn't be eating..

Drink lots of water. We often need water when we think we are hungry..

Go through the Before and After picture thread whenever you need a pick me up or a kick in the rear end. Look at what others have accomplished and know that you can do that too. You just have to follow the program.

Take a before picture and post it on your refridgerator and cupboards. Really look at it before opening the doors and give yourself a moment to decide if you really need whatever you were looking for or if you only wanted it. Then close the door and reach for your water..

List all your reasons for wanting to loose weight. Post those where you will see them daily (maybe in the bathroom?) and then start your day out by reviewing them to remember why you are going to stay on plan today..

Get yourself involved in a challenge. Know that you will have to report in on some type of a regular basis. This gives you an external rather than internal reason to stay on plan, but when you are working on changing habits that is often a very helpful ..

Find a group of people on line that you are drawn to and join in their group support thread.

Write up a list of things to do when I want to eat off plan: Start it with "Drink more water" and then add in whatever else works for you. Post that by the fridge & cabnets and make yourself read it, and do a couple of things (remember drink water first) before allowing yourself to look for food.

Keep your food journal out and visible. Log every bite you put in your mouth before you eat it.

Find someone to be an accountability partner with and e-mail them daily your food journal and an update on where you are with your program ... exercise, water etc..

Phil, have you checked out the Men's forums. You'll get lots of straight talking advice from the other men..

Good luck to you all. You can do this. You are worth doing this for! Nutrisystem works when you work the program...

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Your journey has been AWESOME. Your advice on target! How long have you been on Nutrisystem? You look awesome..


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Thanks Maria,.

I've been following Nutrisystem since Jan. 19, 2009. It's been a wonderful journey so far and I can't believe how far I've already come. Nutrisystem rocks! And these boards have been such a tremendous help to my program...

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You guys are such inspirations! Thank you! I'm on Day 2 of my restart and I'm feeling great =]..

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Good for you Phil. Keep it up, one meal at a time, one day at a time.

You can do this...

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It's no fun how our kids, even once they are grown up still stress us out. I thought the contract I signed said at age 18 they were outta here!.

I appreciate your post for mentioning how quick the weight can return. That will stay in my head someday when I go to make a poor choice..

Welcome back!..

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Welcome back Phil!! Best wishes on your weight loss journey!!..

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