How to lose more weight with Nutrisystem?

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Hi everyone,.

I have been on Nutrisystem since June 1st and have lost 8 lbs so far, which I am thrilled with. 4lbs the first week, 3lbs the second, and 1lbs the thrid week.. I have been consistently working out and working the program and can't figure out the inconsistency in the weight loss?? I was hoping for more loss at this point... anyone have any thoughts or ideas on this topic? What works for you?? Thank you so much!.


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Your question was: How to lose more weight with Nutrisystem?.

You're doing fine! It's not unusual to have a large loss the first couple of weeks before settling down to 1-2 lbs. a week. Much of the initial loss is water weight.

It might also be helpful to keep in mind that a) the pace at which you lose will be based on your age, gender, activity level, amount you have to lose (as the caloric need for a higher body weight creates a greater daily calorie deficit than that of someone with a lower body weight) and so forth and b) your weight fluctuates daily because of hormones, the amount of food in your digestive tract, your water intake, and so forth...

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Stay the course, you can't expect to lose that much each week. I started in Sept and never had more than a 1 to 1 1/2 lb loss any week..

Now it is June and I have reached my goal, the key is to eat all the food, everyday , drink all the water, and keep you journal, you will see the clothes begin to hang on you and your waist will get smaller and you will start sleeping better and feeling better and so many things that used to hurt , willl not longer hurt and you will be in much better health. That should be your real goal and incentive for losing..

It is a steady journey, no quick fix. Just stay with it and you will be a winner..

Wishing you the very best, this plan really works. No kidding..

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As your body gets use to the lower calorie intake it will get harder to lose, so you have to stick with it and kind of trick it every now and then. You'll be fine, just keep to it and don't let up...

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Don't worry about it! You are doing great! Everyone loses the weight at a different pace. The more you stress over it, the hard it becomes to come off. Just relax and focus on eating right and possibly exercising a little more. You can do this! Just stay positive and know that you are doing great!..

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Don't be discouraged you are doing great. Don't think of it as how much you haven't lost but how much you have. 8 pounds is amazing and if you weren't on Nutrisystem would you have lost any? or gained? It will happen, just think of the positive side. Some people haven't lost any the first 3 weeks and then off it comes. Also take your measurement because occasionally you might mot loose any but you will be losing inches instead. It's all good, Nancy..

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Yea luvnlife you should feel differently in your clothes now. I felt great when I didn't have to suck in to fit in a particular pair of pants...

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Thank you so much for all the replies... what great advice and motivation. I am staying the course and today is one month on Nutrisystem and I have lost 10 lbs.. I definitly feel different and better... my clothes feel a little looser and that is wonderful... thnaks for all the kind words...

Good luck everyone... it's cool to see how great everyone is doing on their programs!!! :-)..

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You are doing great. Remember this is not a race, it's a journey. Results may not be typical, but they are inevitable..

Stay Strong, Stay True, find the Success Story in You..

I was a big ol' boy, and I stuck to it, so I know anyone can do it. You've already proved you can do it, so just stick to it..

Below is picture proof that Nutrisystem works. This is 16 months of Nutrisystem in a few seconds. I dropped 150 pounds and have maintained that loss for a year now. Now it's your turn to be a Success, I know you can do it...

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Wow Jonah, that's a serious change! I love the way you have the old photo fading into the new one so you could better see the results. How'd you do that? Can you private message me what program you used? I would like to use it for some other designing stuff I do on the side dealing with graphics...

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