How to improve mindset when doing Medifast diet?

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Oh boy...where do I begin...this will be my 2nd re-start with Medifast, but this time around I've got a lot more bad habits to give up than just crappy eating. I had quit smoking about a year before I first did the plan, so it wasn't an issue. This time around I realize my behaviors are all done to an extreme - if I can't smoke I can't drink, if I can't drink than I pig out to make up for that. Sometimes when I drink I just go and do all three things at once! UGH! I am terrified this time........

I know this program works, I'm just worried about being successful at getting back into the mindset. Are there any suggestions you can make that can help? I know I've got to replace these rotten behaviors with positive ones, I just think I have a bit of an uphill battle this time around given my addictive behaviors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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Hey Sarah,.

I quit smoking in 2004 and really didn't have any interest in smoking again. THEN I started Medifast and suddenly, in my mind, I had no way to release my tension since food wasn't allowed to be a comfort anymore. Low and behold, I started smoking again, and not here and there but almost a FULL PACK a day again.

I quit smoking cold turkey in 2004 so I knew it was possible. I tried doing that again this time and every day I didn't smoke I would eat more food then I should have (mainly extra lean here, some cheese there, etc) and during those weeks I wouldn't lose. So I knew I had to use patches this time and I did. They worked wonderfully! I called them my little happy patches because no matter what mood I was in, once I slapped on one of those patches everything seemed better haha!.

Maybe, hopefully, if you can get your eating and smoking under control then your drinking will fall by the wayside as well. I highly recommend nicotine replacement patches. I used the Equate (Wal-Mart) brand and they are half the price and worked great for me. I did two boxes of step 2 and 1 box of step 1 and I haven't even craved a cigarette since then and my eating is back under control.

I wish you the best of luck!!..

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There are medications that help. I was horribly depressed when I started my weight loss journey, so I got on Wellbutrin. It has done wonders for me. Years ago, when suffering another episode of depression, a doctor told me that Wellbutrin helps with impulse control, and I believe she's right. I can tell a difference. Before it went generic, it was also marketed as Zyban for smoking cessation, and enough clinical trial participants lost weight while taking it that many doctors prescribe it off-label for weight loss.

My moods have been normal for months, so when I reached goal I weaned off of it, and almost immediately I started struggling with snacking. I had an epiphone the morning of July 3rd when I had a day off from work, and I found myself holding a snack in my hand only 30 minutes after I finished breakfast. I called the doctor and got a new prescription for the lower dose to step back up to the full dose, and got started on it that day. It's now been a few weeks, and I'm in control again.

I wanted to believe that I didn't need it anymore, but I do. I'm happy now, so I don't need an antidepressant, but I need to keep taking my medication for the other benefits it provides. Maybe someday I'll be able to get off of it, but not now. Don't be afraid to talk with your doctor; he/she might be able to help you...

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My first addiction was to food - then cigarettes, then alcohol - I quit smoking with the patch and did well until my old cat died - found some cigarettes in a coat pocket and smoke 3 in a row - they were months old and I got so sick I vomited and wanted to die all night - have not had 1 urge to smoke again - Good Luck with it!.

This program works a lot better if you don't drink, but I do drink, in spurts and am still losing inches - I don't have a scale - I measure my progress thru how I look.

6 weeks ago, I wanted to go to a friend's wedding - tried on dresses, and started looking for the best diet around - I am now fitting into most of the clothes in my closet, instead of big tee shirts and sweats - I was going to work the other morning and he said "you've lost a lot , already!".

I feel comfortanble in my own skin, so I'm, going to drop the drinking and stay with this easy program - I never have to think about what to eat - I just take some shakes and bars to work and look at the clock, surprised that it's time to eat again - I love it!..

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I don't smoke, but I am in a city which is very social and wine is a big component. As any Medifast veteran will tell you, alcohol (wine) sinks the diet faster than a couple of torpedoes..

I was doing well on Medifast, then has to take a couple of business trips and move across the country. Just getting back on the Medifast diet again..

Hang in there!..

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