How to handle Hunger on Medifast?

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I read so much about the hunger that newbies feel during the first week. But the first through third days were a breeze for me! Everything was great, until today..

Oh MY GOSH! I've never been this hungry! It's 9:30 pm and I'm still hungry! Tomorrow HAS to be better!..

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There are some days that I am extremely hungry and I usually lose more weight those days. Think of it like a little pac-man devouring your fat. Medifast is awesome and just power through those times. Drink extra water and find something else to concentrate on. It will be worth every second...

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This could be my post, except I just feel exhausted and crummy, luckily not hungry. I am day 4 too. The first 3 days were so great. Now I am a crabby wreck!..

Comment #2

I'm day 4, too. I'm ravenous, and now am just going to force myself to go to sleep..

I know I need to stick with it and get through the first week, but I'm starting to fear I won't be able to keep this up.....

Comment #3

You will keep it up because it gets SO much better...

Comment #4

Day 4 was by far my worst day. It gets better...

Comment #5

By the end of week 2 you'll be struggling to get all your meals INTO the day. At least I was. The first two weeks I set an alarm to eat...the first week so that I wouldn't eat too soon, and the second week so that I would remember to eat. Now, 6 weeks in, it's just routine. Push through and you'll never regret it...

Comment #6

Stick with it girls. It gets better. Honest. By the end of the first week, you will feel like a totally different person.

My first week, I wasn't really hungry, but I was crabby. And saying I was crabby is putting it nicely. I think I was more b***** (rhymes with witchy). But after a week, it was all good. And it's been all good since...

Comment #7

My day 3 and 4 were the worse, I was going to quit because I thought this will never be sustainable over the long haul. But with good advice from these boards I just hung in there and within a few more days, I felt better. Your body is trying to get you to eat before it makes the jump into sustaining itself on it's own, don't give in to it, muscle through and it will get better! We can promise you that! And just look forward to your weigh in, that will be your reward for the first week!..

Comment #8

ROFL!!! I love this image! Now I'm going to be seeing this lil Ms Pacman eating all my fat away!! (I like her bow )..

Comment #9

Yes....hang in there will pass. Make sure you're getting all of your protein and drinking 1/2 your weight in oz's of water. Drink a lot of water with your meals...that's a big help to. You are all doing are on your way. Trust us when we tell you that the uukkky will pass...

Comment #10

Awwwww...Hugs and I hear ya girls!.

I am on day 10 and the first week was pure HELL for me! Seriously...I thought, how can this be good for your body to feel THIS bad! Irritable, crying, hungry, weak, lightheaded, migraine...THEN, all of a sudden it was gone and now I was forcing myself to get my meals in yesterday...It really does get better. I still feel my body adjusting and not 100% yet, but WAYYYYYY better, so I figure as other's have said, by the end of week 2, it will be all good!.

Stay with it, I lost 7 lbs my 1st week and I am so excited! My pants are already fitting "not so tight"..

Comment #11

I'm on my official day 4 today. I've lost 8.4 lbs so far - and issued a bazilliion apologies for my space-cadet moments and irritability. Smells (non-food ones) are getting to me - I'm at work and feel like I'm in a pot-pourri jar. I'm hoarding Medifast meals for a Christmas party this evening for dinner.. And I'm here because I just said no to going to lunch at TexMex. If my co-workers were going somewhere I could get a lean&green meal, I would have been on board..

I am going to reward myself with a Wii dance game this weekend for making it through, I think..

'cause I've got to say - 8.4 lbs - totally worth it..


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