How to get rid of scarring on cheeks?

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Just a quick question.what are some good ways to get rid of acne scarring on cheeks?any suggestions are good whether they are at home things or like medical procedures!thanks!..

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Your question was: How to get rid of scarring on cheeks?.

Yes I am on Murad Acne Complex.and it has been six months and a bit now!!!it seems like it's taking forever..

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Hi! wow~i have the exact same problem as you and I am trying my best to win the figt over the scars on my red cheeks too...i have very similar cheeks to you as well, alot of my acne is gone but I still have lots of scars and it's red so it makes me look like I have acne I have tried aloe vera and it helps a bit but the healing process is slow...i have natural aloe growing in my back garden and I cut a bit off and put it in the fridge for about 20 minutes and just dab some of the gel on and it helps with the redness...well I hoped that helped.. lol I'm really desperate in fighting over the scars left on my cheeks as well.. one thing, do you have scars or acne on your forehead at the moment? if you don't and only have acne on your cheeks, they're exactly like mine. although I heard that getting acne on your cheeks was something to do with your hormonal problems.. oh wells..hope it helped..

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Ya!! it's only on my cheeks!no wheres else. it's soooooo frusterating.and yeah ive tried aloe vera. didnt do too much. just helped a bit on day to day redness but nothing to fully get rid of it!hmm never heard about the hormone theory! know any more info on that? I'm interested. aha!..

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I noticed after Murad Acne Complex everything takes slower to heal...

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That is the exact same thing as me man. red marks that look like acne, but isnt acne - how frustrating is it!? skin is as smooth as it has been for years yet I still have these red marks. tried emu oil for a few weeks but didnt have too much success with it. might give bio-oil a try. you heard of any other good products?..

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Noo not really! I'm looking for things but I havent really found anything that worked!sorry!..

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