How to get motivated to do Nutrisystem?

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Hello everyone. My name is Rob, I am 48. I had to take several medications in the last 2 years that cause me to be extremely hungry and not feel full. They are rare meds, but there are no alternatives and I have to keep taking them and these side effects related to weight and hunger are documented for these meds.

I started on this program 5 weeks ago and lost 4 pounds, but think I gained it back. Every 2-3 hour period seems like a huge challange to me, much less a whole day. I gained most of my weight on meat, because I love beef. I was eating Jack Links beef jerkey 5-6 bags at a time, which in calories is not awful but enough to gain 100 pounds in the 2 years. Plus, with those I was taking in about 9,000mg of salt a day. I am lucky I did not have a heart attack.

In any case, I would eat 4 to 6 times the amount of food that we are given in a Nutrisystem dinner before I started this diet. This was in addition to all the beef jerkey. I have tried every day for 5 weeks and had about 3 good days. Emotional rollercoaster with feelings of failure. I am very depressed and because of my weight (which used to be 150 and is now 260) I have secluded myself. I go shopping and get haircuts, but nothing with friends because I am so down on myself.

I was put on Lexipro (anti-depressant), and that helped a little with my mood, but I just can't seem to find the strength to get started and stay on this diet. If I make it through a day I blow it at around 11-12 at night.

I joined a gym 2 months ago that is about 10 blocks away, and have been there once. I believe part of this is due to a chemical depression and my psychologist is having me see a psychiatrist next Thursday to try and find a med combo that helps me out of this. Maybe then I will have the strength. But then again I am fighting 2 medicines that make me hungry. I could eat a 7 course meal and want food an hour later, even with my stomach feeling like it's ready to blow up..

I read the Facebook page for Nutrisystem and see people losing so much weight and I then get down on myself and wonder what the heck is so different about me that I can't seem to get through a few good days in a row. There's alot of food, but I do admit that I get very down when I put my dinner on the plate because it is so small. At least from what I was used to..

I am eating all of the required foods. The other day someone on the boards talked about making stir fries with the "unlimited" veggies. I am doing that in the morning and putting them in Tupperware containers for that hunger in the evening. I am going to push myself to get to the gym tomorrow (Friday) and do my best to start anew. But that's what I've been doing for 5 weeks..

Are there any other members who had this problem at first and found a way to get into the program and follow it? How did you do it? What did you tell yourself to make up your mind once and for all. I feel very unattractive, it's very hard to even bend over to tie my shoes, I had both hips replaced a year and a half ago so this weight isn't helping, I get sore carrying all this weight around. Anything you can offer I would really appreciate. Thanks so much. (I am calling a Nutrisystem counselor in the morning to discuss this as well)...

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Your question was: How to get motivated to do Nutrisystem?.

Wow, thanks everyone for your responses. I am feeling much more positive since reading them. I see some of your weight loss graphs and I am amazed and realize that I can do this too. The thought that the one thing I can control is what I eat really is empowering, and I am going to use that..

Linna62, I am so proud of you, what a wonderful job, and anyone that loses 10 pounds should be very proud as well. I will keep up this thread for a while as I make a new start. Thanks again for all your kindness...

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Good luck on your weight loss.rome wasnt built in a takes longer for me to lose a few pounds because I had my thyroid removed,but I follow plan and am happy that i'm watching the weight will eventually come off but I don't give it a time frame.and I just went to your page,is that a picture of you?your a good looking person dont feel down,were all in it here together,just keep fruits and veggies around at all times and lettuce to make a salad,its very of luck.donna..

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You eat salad until I get tired!.

But seriously, there is nothing wrong with having 10 portions of veggies a day instead of 5. Especially for a man. That's an extra 125 calories and if anything, the extra fiber will make things move through the gut more and reduce efficiency of digestion of other foods. Seriously...will fill you up too..

Do a huge mixed salad at lunch (may separate it and use as a minimeal). Huge equals large glass mixing bowl. Probably 4 servings or so. Do some veggies mixed into your bellavita eggwhites as another serving (4 veggie servings is fine). Then do 2-3 servings of cooked (stirfryed in Teflon and Pam tastes good) veggies for mixing with a saucey entree for dinner. the for "second dinner" have another ginormous salad, with your chips crumbled on top.

The above is actually 14-15 servings. And that's fine too. But if you have a little less and just have 9 or so, I can be cool with that..

If you eat like this, you will not be cheating. No room...

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Unlimited is truly unlimited. No one gets fat eating veggies Dan! If you are hungry, go ahead and eat 10 cups of broccoli (ick)!..

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I just started my 10th week and I have a HUGE salad eveyday for lunch.....i was using a med. sized mixing bowl, but have switched a larger plastic mixing bowl and I fill it up with lettuce and baby spinach and Walden Farms fills me up and sometimes I can't even eat it all...... then I eat alot of green beans at dinner time....i swear, those things are magical. they really help mve things along...if you know what I mean..

Rob you can do this.... I swear I was addicted to food. I LOVE TO EAT!! i'm trying to lose about 40 pounds, but it is hard when there are so many things that I would love to eat. also, it doens't help when my husband can still eat whatever he wants. and does. I think my willpower is getting stronger and it has taken me 10 weeks to build it up..

Stay on these boards and you will get the support you need ad lots of ideas to help you along your way!!..

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Hi Rob, like Ginger, when I started I had about 100 lbs to lose. I've lost about 1/2 of it by sticking to the plan 100% every day (except for 1 day), and by sticking to these boards like glue. The interaction on these boards is priceless. Be engaged with the Nutrisystem community. The people are wonderful and very supportive..

Listen to Michelle, Linna, Poly, and the other vets - they know what they're talking about. I cannot tell you how much I have learned from the Nutrisystem vets and maintainers..

You can do this. One bite, one meal, one day at a time. We are all cheering for you...

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Yes I can tell by the posts here how good these boards are for support, and everyone is so thoughtful and friendly. Yes Mommyface that is a picture of me but 2 years ago before I gained the hundred pounds. Tomorrow I am having someone take a few pictures of me now and posting those instead. I just wanted to have something up until I had a few taken.

So tomorrow morning starts my program. I've been 5 weeks on but I am going to make tomorrow my first day. I will weigh myself I don't think there will be any weight difference. I am going to eat everything on the list, and as recommended huge salads. I also went yesterday to our grocery store and spent $75 on veggies (unlimited) for a stir-dry. I am going to make up alot of that and heat it in containers when I get hungry.

Thanks everyone and big hugs. I'll report here on my first day, now I am off to check out some other threads here...

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Can't wait to reflect on how far you've come in 6 months. What a Happy NY you have ahead. We are all pulling for you!..

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Breaking up your foods into mini meals (eat every 2 hours) really makes the difference plus it will keep your metabolism in high gear for better fat burning. I can't stand to feel hungry. I'm a foodie and love everything about food (Italian heritage) tastes, textures, smells. Veggies are a wonderful option and I hear that a company called Walden Farms has calorie free salad dressings and many other foods that you can use to dip veggies in, put on salads, make cabbage slaw and so on. I have limitations too and don't exercise due to Moderate osteoarthritis and my weight still came off. I also take BP meds & anti-anxiety meds which slow my metabolism down and in turn made my weight loss slower but I did it, so can you my friend!! I wish you much success, it will get easier for you. We are here for you Rob!!..

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I personally use low sodium, low fat chicken, beef or veggie broth for the liquid in my stir fry instead of oil, that works well for me. We are limited with our fats so have to watch how many we use. Also the soy sauce and teriyaki sauces are high in sodium so I don't know if you want to use them. You can season with fresh garlic and herbs of all kinds. Mrs' Dash has a bunch of salt fee seasonings that I use on everything to spice it up. These ideas work for me, maybe they will work for you too...

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I eat an entire 12 oz bag of salad mix every single day, plus about half dozen additional veggie servings. I break up my meals so I am eating every couple of hours. And while I definitely do not suggest that anyone view me as a role model on this, I have lost all the weight without engaging in any formal exercise. Just do the best you can each day to stick to the plan, and if you screw up one day, don't give up - just try harder the next day. As said before, this is not a "diet" - it is a permanent change in habits and lifestyle (and mental attitude toward food). And the water really is important...

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Rob, you are dealing with several issues. Anyone who has not dealt with genuine depression, natural or created by drugs does not truly understand how it can rid you of the strength to handle what others seem to do easily..

You have a large goal to achieve and that is a large number of pounds. Let's not focus upon the big number. Break that big number down into smaller goals. If you want, make it five or ten pounds. Make it achieveable and one that can be reached within a reasonable period of time to give you a feeling of success. There is nothing like success to keep you motivated..

As far as the time involved, break that down into goals also. For your first day and any afterwards, tell yourself that you will eat breakfast according to NS. When you do that is a success. Then focus upon the next mini-meal, etc. When that is done, it is a success. Then focus upon the next, etc.

When you reach the end of the day, you will have achieved each eating mini-goal!.

You will feel better when you feel that you are more in control. Achieving each mini-goal will tell you that you are in control and that you have the power..

You may slip at times. Don't fall back; instead, learn from it and follow the plan. Find alternatives that help you deal with the frustrations you find that cause you to slip. Nothing is a failure if you learn from it and make changes for the future..

Tell yourself each morning that you are worth it. Tell yourself that frequently! You need to hear that you are worth it. Keep in mind that you have to eat so why not do it in a healthy manner? People here will provide you the support. You Can Do It!..

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YAY!! I am so glad you had that light bulb moment of realizing that you truly ARE in control of what goes in your mouth!! It sounds silly, but this is HUGE.

There are a million reasons people gain weight. I'm a nurse and I do know that some meds cause weight gain, but they don't HAVE to. Your meds might make it harder, but you are still in control. You have to CHOOSE to make weight loss and fitness your priority..

I know so many women my age (40s) who use the changes of perimenopause to excuse weight gain, sometimes huge amounts of weight. They also use this excuse as a reason for not LOSING this weight. BALONEY! I did it, I am keeping it off without starving myself to death, and am even training for a 1/2 marathon (my first!)..

My point is, regardless of what circumstances are stacked against us, we can control our food intake, and we can lose and maintain weight. It isn't going to happen over night, but it will happen!..

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Hi Rob!.

I'm just popping in to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS! You started, that's your first victory! Now, you gotta Want to continue more than anything else. You take your meds because you know you have to. You see your doctors because you know you have to. So, you continue on your food plan because you have to. My point is try to keep it as simple as possible and YOU WILL DO THIS!.

When I started I was a ticking bomb waiting to explode....literally. I was carrying around more than 150 pounds of extra weight and was so bloated from all the sodium I ate that walking was a chore for me....I didn't walk...I couldn't walk. I finally decided I wanted to live and not just exist until my body gave up, so I ordered NS. When the box came I ate what I was supposed to and drank my water. That's it. After a few weeks I tried walking and let me tell you, just 1 block and I thought I would pass out, but I didn't.

I still felt like I would pass out, but I did it. As time went on it got better and a little easier. I did a 10 minute walk and was excited. I very slowly increased it to 30 minutes. Now, I still only do 30 minutes but the distance I can go is greater.

Am I happy with my loss so far? Of course, but the big thing for me is that I feel so much better. My doctors are thrilled and so is my family. I am living!.

You can live too! I know it!.

You've got a lot of good suggestions from people about how to stay feeling full. I have just one more, try something hot. A hot cup of FF/LS Broth does wonders. Something about the hot liquid in your stomach gives you a full feeling. And go ahead and add in some unlimited vegies. It really does work.

Start off with a soup (just not a cream based)and you won't want to eat more than a healthy portion of your entree. A hot cup of tea works too!.

So, forget what the meds do to have to take them right now. Just follow the planner, drink your water and use the suggestions for the hungries and you're doing it! If you screw up, so what, just get right back on track. It only becomes a tragedy if you totally give up.

As far as being a good looking were, you are and you will continue to be one! Looks are important, but more important is how you feel about yourself. The better you follow the plan, the better you feel. The better you feel, the better you look!.

Good Luck!..

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Rob, you got some of the BEST advice from some of the BEST posters on here! Listen to it. Print it out and read it over and over! FORGET what you used to eat, FORGET what the meds do to you...doesn't matter.

Yep the portions of Nutrisystem food are small, frankly, you will be hungry for a while. But fortunately hunger never killed anyone. It sucks and it's not the best feeling, but I always thought of it as my body chewing up the calories! IT WILL GO AWAY eventually. You get tough and set your mind to the fact that YOU control what goes into your mouth. It's a mind game and one that you can win!.

Eat a Poly salad as many times a day as you head, or 2 heads of lettuce! UL veggies added on. Go to the Walden Farms website and order about 20 bottles of zero calorie salad dressing that you think you will like! Honey Dijon is my favorite! Stop eating salad when you jaw gets tired! I bet it takes a while!.

I had 105 pounds to lose and I'm happy to say I am down to my last 39 pounds...till my first goal, but I'm going lower if I can! Just plug away every day and keep working on the things you can control! Talk to the new docs and get whatever meds you need for the despression...but I can honestly say that even if I don't feel like exercising everyday...I still make myself start because it really does make you feel happier and more energized when you are done! I take beta-blockers so I never hit that target heart rate, but I figure if I'm breathing hard and sweating like a piggy...I must be working hard!.

Good luck to you!..

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Wow Rob, WOW Everyone! Great thread..

My name is Julie aka baddog, (which is how I feel most of the time, lol. ).

I had a total right hip replacement 6 years ago, at age 49. A year later I developed excruciating sciatic pain down my left leg. No one could diagnose it so I spent a year on Oxycontin and morphine (which by the way didn't seem to help much, I was still functioning fine at work but still in lots of pain) before they determined I have a synovial cyst on my spine that needed to be removed. Ug, back surgery! So I had that done 4 years ago, and the day I was released from the hospital I decided that I had smoked my last cigarette. So, cold turkey, here I came.

Quitting smoking was so far the hardest thing I'd ever done, and I had to turn to an anti depressant/anti anxiety drug, which I take to this day. Thank God for it, I am still smoke free for 5 years. Spent my time not concentrating on smoking by learning to make animated signatures for message boards and carving artificial pumpkins, mostly of people's dogs, but also sports teams, i.e. Broncos, Cowboys, Bears, etc. I'm pretty good if I do say so myself. Anyway, the point of all this is, I spent alot of my time on my butt, eating and drinking and not paying any attention to the woman in the mirror.

I'm not even sure what woke me up, but I wonder where I was for those years? Who in the world is that person? How did I get this fat? I was the kid they all called "bird bod" because I was so thin....

So here I am now. I decided to take control of something so I ordered NS. I got my box 2 weeks ago, but havent started the program yet, because in the meantime, I have been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and the Dr. said I get to spend at least a year on prednisone. Lose weight now? Are you kidding me? Im thinking Ill be large enough to fly over New York in the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade!! (IF SOMEONE IS STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD THE ROPES!).

So Rob, I think we are twins separated at birth, and I think we can do this. The support here is wonderful and encouraging and I plan on spending a lot of time here. I go back to the Dr. Monday and she will probably start me on the meds, and once I find out what my plan of action is, I am going to show them that I CAN lose weight on these drugs. (I am also on a water pill).

Ok, so this is me, nice to meet you all. Now, since Ive written a book, Im off to find a publisher!..

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Julie hold onto that sense of humor, it will serve you (and us) well- welcome aboard-..

Comment #17

Dogg: Good luck. Post a lot. That is highly correlated to weight loss. Engage and get held accountable. Make this one more project (as you've done with other projects). If you attack like that, no doubt, you will rock this transformation. Kick ass and have fun...

Comment #18

Excellent advice Jean! (and everyone else too). Julie and Robb, we will all be here for you. Just take it day by day, and if you stumble one day you haven't lost the war. Keep on taking it one meal at a time, because every meal and every day that you eat correctly, it is one less meal or day that you didn't eat the wrong things, so it is one more little victory, and they all add up...

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WOW, that's all I can say after reading all the new posts here. I am now printing this thread out and I plan to read it 50 times a day if I need to. After reading this, I really feel like I can do this, you people are all so special and you can't imagine how much I appreciate the time you have taken to respond to my post. So far today I have followed the program, with thoughts of crappy food coming in but they seemed to go right out too. You have all really energized me, very much!.

I do want to make some comments for some of the posters from yesterday and today so tonight when I have more time I'll post again. In the meantime I have this thread printed and I plan of re-reading it frequently..

Thanks and hugs to everyone!..

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You won't like everything they offer, I only eat 5 dinners myself. I eat about 14 grilled chickens each month. Here's how:.

Take the grilled chicken breast and use 2 forks to shred it's super easy. then put a little bit of BBQ sauce in there and mix it up. Nuke it for 1 minutes or until steamy. Buy some Sandwich thins...they are a staple in my house. I pile that shredded BBQ on the roll with lettuce and it's fabulous!.

Lots of folks pile up the veggies and pour their dinner over them. Someone suggested pouring the Mac n cheese with beef over broccoli for cheesey broccoli. MY friend adds a wedge of laughing cow cheese to her Mac -n-cheese to make it even creamier..

Try everything once and hone down your choices! You will do fine, just stay on the boards and you will stay inspired!..

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There is so much great advice here, so I'll just say this. Making this decision was humbling for me, I went through various times in the last few years when I thought I could just pull myself together on my own. The thing is, WHY would I want to do that when there is no need to? Starting this program has helped me figure things out as far as how I want to eat, what I should be eating and it is so versatile. Because I mainly needed to focus on veges and fruits, the hard work of cooking entrees was gone.

All of the great ideas and positive comments and even the grumpy comments. It all helps me every day. My 1 year anniversary is a week before Thanksgiving. When I started this I had no idea how much it would change my life for the better. And I had plenty of weeks where I didn't lose, or I gained, or I binged on stuff I shouldn't have. But here I am finally under 200 lbs and looking forward to a 50 lb loss soon. And some day soon, My wii balance board is going to say I'm just over weight rather than obese! Oh that will be a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #22

You'll get there, Jillian! And so will you Robeemn!! It's a great program, and is so versatile - you can do little or no "cooking" and eat the entrees "as is' or you can make wonderful creations out of them (like the bbq chicken recipe Judy posted)...

Comment #23

Tonight I had the Beef and noodles in Teriyaki sauce and poured it over a huge plate of the "unlimited" veggies that I had stir fried. Today is the first time I can say I am truly full from dinner. So far a good 1st day (even though I started 5 weeks ago I am considering today my first because I didn't have any real good days before).

Tonight I plan on the frozen chocolate fudge bar, which I love (I found that the Skinny Cow low-fat brand in stores has exactly the same ingredients and nutrients, fat, sugar, carb, salt, ect. as the Nutrisystem bar and instead of being almost 3.00 a bar, they are 6 for 3.50...I have to try and save money any way I can because these veggies and fruits along with the Nutrisystem auto plan adds up fast). I also have a nice ripe peach set aside from the fruit I missed earlier (I love fruit).

I have discovered something today. I visited this thread 4-5 times and read posts during the day and it really helped me to get through the day. I plan on being very active in these forums now, it's like a miracle, great support!..

Comment #24

Wohoo! Great 1st Day!!! You're rockin it Robeemn!!.

Keep going!!..

Comment #25

Thank you Nancy! Holy Cow!!!! 106 Pounds lost? You are doing awesome! You must be so proud I am SO happy for you!!!! People like you are so inspiring to me. That goes for everyone who has posted here, whatever your weight losses are, even a single pound is an inspiration...

Comment #26

Not much I can add to this thread that hasn't been said, but you can do this. I consider the progeam very easy to follow as long as you take it one day at an time. Ever mess up, then forget about that the next day and just focus on the current one. As long as you do that, you'll do great. I look forward to reading your success story one day...

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Congratulations! You are in control of your destiny; you make the decisions. You are being successful. Establish a reward for yourself for your first five or ten pound loss. Yes, you will get a bear from Nutrisystem but what would you like personallly? It doesn't have to be expensive. Perhaps it might be nothing more than tucking a $5 bill into an envelope to save for a future smaller clothing purchase of any kind..

At the end of the day, tell yourself that you were successful. Tomorrow morning, tell yourself that you made it through one day successfully, and that you will do the same again. If you get the urge to eat, down the water, nibble on a free food and post, post, post. Remember success is a great motivator. You can do it!..

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I had reported that Sunday was great but it ended up not good at all..

BUT....MONDAY I made it through my first complete day (in 5 weeks) eating everything on the list and nothing bad. I tried a recommendation that was made in this thread many times..... I started first thing in the morning, and just went down the list in the meal planner book when I wanted something. I changed a few foods from later on to early and so forth, but stuck to the list. I was eating all day. I filled in all items by the evening around 10pm.

Instead of having everything at the meals, I spread it all out. It worked perfectly..

I had made stir fry of the unlimited veggies and separated into 18 plastic containers. Last night during my TV hours I ate 2 of them and was really full by bedtime.

Between the support of the people on this thread and my day yesterday, I am 100% more confident now! I found something that works, and that is eating many times during the day and the day went by with no frustrations and I was not such an angry person either.

I had printed this thread and read it several times yesterday.... that helped. Now, today my goal is to get to the gym and also have a day like yesterday with the food. I joined the gym over 2 months ago and went once. But today, I actually FEEL like going!!! I'll report back..

You are all awesome and you know, having been in the NA program for a long time, I am finding that this forum works like AA (or NA) meetings. It is necessary for me to be here to talk with people because I have a food addiction. Drugs were different, you don't have to have them to stay alive like food, but the support works exactly the same. I have been sober off drugs for almost 10 years now, and I know if I got through that, I can do this. For the next week I am going to post my progress here on my thread. This thread and the people in it have helped me to make a different mind-set and way of using the program that I really think will work..


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Robeemn, Congratulations it sounds like your starting the week off so well. I'm going to take some advice and make up some of those those stir fry containers!.

All I can say on the exercise is that is great you are going for it going to a gym. I still haven't forced myself to do that. I work out at home and when I started, my goal was 15 minutes a day, and I swear every 5 minutes I was looking at my timer thinking I must be close to being done!!!!!!! I'm not saying that was a great goal but I had been so sedentary it was all I felt I could commit to. Gladily, happily and as others here predicted I do much more now and I look forward to it and like it. And bonus, I'm not in constant pain anymore. I had such a back problem, exercising has pretty much taken care of that 100%.

I hope your day goes really well, but speaking from the perspective that my first days of exercise were not so fun just keep taking steps forward and you'll be so happy you did!!!!!!!!!.

Take care!!!!!!!!!! Jillian..

Comment #30

Jillian: Thanks for the kind words. I looked at your charts and you are doing just fantastic, keep it up! You should be very proud of your progress..

A few tips on the stir fry that worked for me:.

1. I took some foods like Cauliflower and microwaved them until they were a little softer, same with the broccoli. I also did that with the snow peas. I also added zucchini, red peppers, artichoke hearts (packed in water, not the oil ones, Ididn't stir fry them, added them to the containers later), mushrooms, onion in larger chunks, Asparagus (boiled these until a little softer), Green Giant beans, and some fresh okra (I find the frozen to be slimy)..

You will note that a one or two of these are not unlimited veggies, so what I did yesterday was skip a veggie from dinner which was used when I ate the stir fry. I used much less of the limited veggies so there is only one serving in the container, that way when I skip one veggie at dinner I am getting it in this. I then added stir-fry sauce during cooking in the wok, but what happens is that because of the water that comes from the veggies, you will find most of the sauce ends up on the bottom of the wok with the water that comes from washing and cooking the veggies and it becomes a watery sauce. I dumped the sauce out, so the veggies only have a hint of flavor, I would say about 90% of the sauce is gone and the veggies only have a hint of flavor from the stir fry sauce but enough to give it a very slight flavor.

Then when I am ready for one I take it out of the Refrige and microwave it for one minute, lossening the top a little to give it some air during microwaving. Perfect and delicious and healthy!.

This is going to be my night time snack, and boy it really filled me. I used tupperware and filled it up to the 18 oz. level (they make tupperware in this size, not necessarily a brand name, I used Target's brand, it's cheaper). I bought 21 of them and filled them. It was not cheap, the veggies cost about 70.00, but it will last 3 of the weeks. I figure I'll go one week without on assorted days. I hope I can afford to do this every month...

Comment #31

Hi Robeem!.

So you had a good day yesterday......Wonderful! I like your routine. That's one of the good things about NS...You can eat on your own schedule! Keep it up!..

Comment #32

Thank you!!!!!!! You just saved me a lot of trial and error time!!!!!!!! I'm so doing this! I have those days where I am hungry and I'll eat a whole head of califlower. As you might imagine that gets old real fast!..

Comment #33

Weighed in today after my first 4 good days in a row, I lost 2 pounds in those 4 days. I am SO excited. That makes a total of 7 pounds, 3 of them in the last week because I have stuck to the diet now. I am very excited. I am eating those stir fry unlimited veggies whenever I get hungry. Yesterday I ate 3 containers of them.

I spent 70.00 on veggies and it made 19 containers. But I figure I was blowing that on junk food before the diet anyway..

I am also taking the advice and today I am making a whole turkey, so that I can have turkey meat for my 3 protein servings daily. It's not expensive and will satisfy my meat craving, which was my big problem. Thanks for the advice on that one! I am also switching to the diabetic program so I will have 4 protein servings daily, which means 4 oz of meat. I would much rather have that than carbs, so that program might be the best for me..

Thanks to everyone for the continuing advice. With the loss of the 2 pounds, I am even more energized and my goal today is to make it to the gym for the first time since I started the diet...

Comment #34

You're most welcome let me know how it turns out for you! If you read my last post (before this one), you will see how much these stir fries are helping me. And it's amazing how full they make me, and it is so much tastier than eating the veggies raw. I can only down so much of the raw, so these slightly cooked ones are doing wonders for me...

Comment #35

Congratulations on your weight loss!!!!!!!! I'm going to check with someone on something for you. I'll be back or she'll be here. Not trying to sound mysterious I just don't want to give wrong input!!!! Stay tuned! LOL..

Comment #36

Wohoo Robeem!! Great Loss!!.

You're doing so good. Glad the stir-fry thing is helping. You would probably like roasted vegies too. The flavor of some vegies change so much with roasting. I love it. Just put your cut vegies in a bowl and add seasonings (I like garlic powder and sometimes a bit of Mrs Dash).

Bake for 1hr at 300, then about 20-30 min on 450. Ready!.

Keep up the good work!..

Comment #37

WOW Robee you've come a long way in a very short amount of time. Congrats and keep it up! A couple of tweaks that might help.....

Be careful about canned veggies most of yours sound fresh but you mentioned Green Giant. Be aware that canned veggies usually contain sodium. I avoid them due to that..

Also look carefully at the stir fry sauce you are using. Does it have sodium? If so try to find something low sodium..

Now for your protein....I'm confused. The diabetic plan gets one more protein serving than the basic. But you said that means 4 ounces of meat. In reality, if we are talking roasted white meat turkey without skin, you can be having 2.5 ounces per protein serving. The stats would be 99 calories, .9 g fat, and 21.4 grams of protein (which is EXCELLENT!). Remember that your protein serving can be up to 100 claoires, no more than 3 grams of fat, and at least 7 grams of protein.

So you can have anywhere from 4 to 10 ounces of turkey in your add-ins. In my opinion, 10 is better. For sure get at least 4 though...

Comment #38

Car-Singer, thanks for the recipe, I will try that when this stir fry runs out, it sounds delicious..

I blew it (I think). Today I made the turkey and tonight I ate 2 small bowls of it, I did not measure and think I ate too much, so I don't think having large amounts of meat (which is my weakness) is going to work, that's it for turkeys. I was doing better before I made it. I count this as a learning experience, I know now I cannot have large amounts of meat around. Although M2Marsh, I don't quite understand what you were saying about the ounces, the 4-10 ounces confused me. The book shows 1 oz of turkey per protein serving.

On the diabetic, it shows as 4 servings, but I think I will stick with the silver, it worked for me for the last 3 days (minus the turkey LOL)...

Comment #39

Hey Robeemn, this is what I was referring to when I said I'd check and would get back to you. I only understood this better recently myself. If you look at your online food diary it shows protein/dairy as a serving.

They are not all created equal. So for instance I may have a greek yogurt that has 90 calories for my protein/dairy serving. OR, I could decide to have a straight protein choice which might be two ounces of chicken, or two ounces of boca crumbles......... It would equal roughly the same calories as the greek yogurt choice..

I had a few months where I was really hungry and really working out hard, and I wish I had realized that I could have had more protein then 1 oz per protein/dairy add in. I think it would have helped me so much.

I read a lot on this plan I just missed that part somehow!..

Comment #40

Ok so I am confused now. The daily planner book says for most meat proteins a serving is 1 oz, so how do you come up with 2 ounces? And how would I figure the calories of, say, slices of turkey (from a home-made turkey)? I need to figure this out...

Comment #41

How do you guys log the Salad with Unlimited veggies? I've found that logging my food (I do it on-line & in my meal planner) is the only thing that is helping me keep on track but I'm confused about how to log it when I make a salad...

Comment #42


Do you have a farmers market in your area? I have one that is only open Thur, Fri and Sat. On Saturday they close at 6. I go at 5 on Sat and they mark the produce down. It's all fresh stuff. You would not believe how much I get for 35-50 dollars. I was spending almost double at the grocery store and not getting as much.

From reading your posts I can tell you will do great, just stick to the program...

Comment #43

It sounds so much more complicated than it really is. So, really simple a dairy/protein serving can be up to 100 cal, trace fat, 12 carbs & 8g protein. In your Nutrisystem planner is a "guideline list", or "serving suggestion"....meaning the minimum amount to eat. Say you have 1oz of Turkey....when you log it online it probably comes up as 40-50 cal, no carbs and at least 8g of protein. You could just have that and you would have gotten the protein you need for that serving for only 50cal. But, since you can have up to 100 cal worth, you can have another ounce, or even 1- 1/4 ounces making the serving 2-1/4 ounces!...again getting tons of protein (which keeps you feeling full) for the max of 100 cal.

You had big deal an extra ounce of protein will not screw things up. Just keep in mind to have only 9oz total next time.

If you use the on-line planner, to record homemade turkey, or any other homemade items, click on the line that says "add more food" and you'll see a tab on the top of the window display that says search other foods. Just type in turkey and it will display a variety of turkey prepared different ways. You will find most there. I love this feature and use it all the time.

Another cool feature under "add more food" is the tab that says "My Additions". Here is where you can put in maybe your specific salad dressing that you use so you don't have to do a search for it every time you have it..

After all that, if you need some time to absorb it all (it can be a lot), just know your limit on turkey is 9oz for 4 servings in a day. If you stay on the plan that has only 3 servings, than limit to about 7oz.

You're doing great!..

Comment #44

Robeem -.

I just looked up turkey with the online planner and 1oz is only 29.5 calories, so the maximum you can have for one serving is 3.5 ounces!! Wow! That means 3 servings would be 10.5 ounces!!..

Comment #45

It is kinda confusing. The planner lists the MINIMUM you have to have for a protein serving. But you CAN have up to 100 calories, but no more than 3 grams of fat and AT LEAST 7 grams of protein. Turkey is a very low calorie and fat, high protein choice. So if you get low sodium deli turkey, you CAN have 3 ounces..

Here is a note from Mary Gregg, the head Nutrisystem Dietician.....

The meal planner lists the sizes for protein and dairy foods that are used to calculate the averages for the meal plan. These are the protein servings and dairy servings from the American Diabetes Association which are commonly used as serving guidelines. As you know, the calories and fat of these choices does vary but the protein is generally at least 7 grams..

We try to list many options and each time the meal plan is printed, the list increases. But members are always asking about additional choices that are not listed. That is where the guideline of no more than 100 calories, at least 7 grams of protein and no more than 3 grams of fat came to be developed. That is a safe guideline that allows members to make other choices. The calories do not have to be 100; that is the maximum.

If you are choosing turkey for a protein serving, for instance, the meal plan serving size is 1 oz. This is one of the lower calorie options, so if someone is hungry and wants to take the calories as high as 100 with a larger serving, that is ok. If someone is using a high calorie yogurt, she may want to make one of her protein servings a low-calorie choice. The meal plan is flexible, based on whether someone is hungry and how well they are losing weight..

Hope this answers the question..


Comment #46

That is right depending on the brand.

However, Robee, your home cooked turkey is probably higher in fat. Make sure you remove the skin. When I looked it up, 2.5 ounces appeared to fit within the protein guidelines...

Comment #47

Hey Michelle - I think we can both safely say that Robeem hasn't screwed up just because he ate 10oz of Turkey in one day. The poor guy is probably so confused right now. Thanks for the accurate amount.

Robeem - Listen to Michelle. She's been around much longer than me and is a wealth of good information...

Comment #48

Well, I had a terrible experience. Last Thursday I had the appointment with a psychiatrist, which my psychologist recommended to see if we could find a better antidepressant than Lexipro, which works but only slightly. He did not change that but added a drug called "Topamax." He said not only is it a compliment to Lexipro (as a mood stabilizer), but also is known for weight loss. Well, I had been doing well on my nutrisystem program so my main purpose was to help the Lexipro work better..

What happened? After taking it for 2 days, I was sweating so bad it was as if I was in a sauna. Not only that I started to feel crazy and very angry at everything, and the worst part, I ate alot of food for 3 days (weight loss pill my *ss). I am not going to look at the scale yet. Yesterday I threw the pills away when I started yelling at my mother, something I NEVER do, as we get along beautifully. I think I may have gained some of the 7 pounds I had lost back..

I started Nutrisystem again this morning. For those of you following this thread I had my first 5 good days in a row in 5 weeks on the program, then this happened. I need to follow my gut feeling. I did not feel the Lexipro was working, I was on it for 3 months, so I felt it was very strange that he did not change it to another in the same class.

As was said many times by people that posted here, I am starting a new day today and letting the past go, including the last 3 days and not beating myself up for it. It was not my fault. But I imagine, considering the kinds of food I ate, I gained a few pounds since I gain so easily. I won't name the foods but they were very high fat...

Comment #49

Hey Robeem,.

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with meds. You may want to call your doc and explain what happened. It can only help.

In the meantime, great attitude about getting right back on plan. You're doing the right thing about getting past the slip days. Drink LOTS of water to help your body get rid of any extra sodium. (high fat food usually comes with high sodium) I know you'll do this! This was just a bump in the road and you're already over to continue down the road. I see "Happy Trails"!.

Suggestion: Your last weigh in was Thursday 7-1. Make today and tomorrow 100% days and weigh in Thursday again. Don't worry about whether it's a loss or a gain (you may even show no change). The purpose is to be consistant. Next weeks weigh in will be great, I can feel it!..

Comment #50

I'm sorry to hear of the problems with your medication affecting your hard work.

It sounds like you have exactly the right outlook on things. What is past is past. Things outside of our control can happen but when they do, just get right back on the diet..

Comment #51

Hi rob! Sorry you are having a hard time. Hope the program becomes easier as you progress..

You really need to forgive yourself. I just read on yahoo about the four reasons why a diet may not work for you. They were 1) you're not committed (which you ARE); 2) the plan is not sustainable; 3) you cannot forgive yourself for slip ups; and 4) you expect miracles..

Just forgive yourself and move on. Good luck, Rose..

Comment #52

He didn't screw up at all. There are minimum and maximum amounts for protein servings. But I believe in his first posts he talked about being hungry. Getting in the maximum protein servings are a way to alleviate that...

Comment #53

Bummer dude. But the key here is that you haven't given up. You are jumping right back on the train to better health and nutrition! YOU ROCK! Forget about the slip (regardless of whose fault it was) just focus on today. You can do this!..

Comment #54

You are going to work through this! I'm so happy for you to just keep on posting and sharing. It is a big part of the battle. Keep it up, don't shut yourself down or away! We're here! And we care Jillian..

Comment #55

Those who have not experienced meds that greatly increase hunger don't know what you are going through. Saying "It isn't easy for any of us" is beside the point. For you it is a major, major challenge but if you don't try, the consequences are major as well. I like the response that said if you want 10 servings of broccoli then have them. I think that's the ticket. When you have those incessant cravings, eat vegs or salad, anything that will stop the cravings , the biggest bulk with the fewest calories.

This is a tough situation to be in...

Comment #56

Well I have discontinued my Nutrisystem order for next month. I am seeing my doctor about these meds I am on and going to discuss all of this with him. I have been on Nutrisystem for 3 months and lost 6 pounds, and it has cost me over $1000 including all the veggies.I did not follow the program that well, and I know that these 2 meds I have been on are part of it..

I had my psychologist switch me from Lexapro to Zoloft, which I took many years ago and remember not being very hungry on it, it really reduced my appetite and I think Lexipro was really increasing it, aside from 2 other meds that have been proven to cause huge hunger. but Zoloft gave me energy and I felt better. I am going to get through the first month on the Zoloft, talk to my specialist in Minneapolis next week and then go from there. I figured not to spend another $270 until I get all of this settled..

I liked the food from Nutrisystem alot, and if all goes well I will re-join very soon. In the meantime I have learned quite a bit and there will be no splurging or beef jerkey and other junk, perhaps in the meantime I can lose a few more pounds. It's been 4 days on the zoloft and I have walked right by the old "junk" favorites at the stores and bought lots of veggies and fruit and I really feel a change, but I want to be sure about this med (and go through the side effects for the first month) and see my specialist about these other 2 pills that cause this major hunger, then go from there..

I do want to thank all of you for your support. I have this thread printed and read it every morning and I am using that to keep me on the positive side. I WILL be back! Hugs to all!..

Comment #57

Good luck and know we are always here!!!! Jillian..

Comment #58

Hi Robeem!.

I'm so glad to hear from you. It sounds like you have a good grip on things, great! Keep that positive attitude and we'll be here when you're ready to come back!.

Good Luck!..

Comment #59

I have to take Zyprexa, and it makes me hungry, but I am determined to lose weight. I now work out at the gym 6 days a week, two hours a day. Believe it or not, the exercise does not make me more hungry, actually the opposite. Best wishes to you, and don't give up..


Comment #60

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