How to fit all Medifast meals in my schedule?

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I'm fairly new at this and having trouble fitting in all the meals with my scchedule. It varies day to day. When I do, I lose weight, when I don't, I either stay the same, or even gain a pound. I do have insulin resistance. I.

Have lost 5 lbs, and 8.5 inches which is great, but the weight needs to start coming off. Any suggestions would be most helpful..


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Thanks! I'll give that a try. I drive Amish and can be on the road for a long time. Trying to fit all these meals in have been hard. And I get so hungry, one barely makes a dent..

I'll let you know how it works for me..

How did you do all the special tickers?.


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You can always make up shakes and put them in a thermos to keep them cold. Just shake the thermos before you pour some out. Otherwise, there are recipes on the recipe board where you can make the packets into muffins, cookies, chips etc so they can be more portable.

Also, on the tickers. If you go to the community home page, there is a ticker setup on the right side. There are step by step instructions (first message) on the "New to Medifast" discussion board.

My question: "drive Amish" What does that mean? It sounds very interesting to me...

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I sometimes make my shakes in the morning in the blender, then I pour them into containers and take them in a small ice chest..

MF has a great shaker jar that would be another option. You could buy or take bottles of water..

Where do you drive the Amish?..

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My schedule is kinda weird because of some health issues so I sleep 10-12 hour nights. It puts me real behind, so I double up my breakfast and try to spread the rest of my food to every 2 1/2 to 3 hours..

You could possibly cook up some of the soups and put them in a thermos to take with you. There are also two kinds of cold drinks that you can have. Another easy to carry item for a thermos or cooler..

I've been working with a Diabetic Nutritionist at my doctors office and she has me eating about 1200 calories. You'll see by my ticker that I am losing even with that many..

It took a couple of weeks for me to feel I had a handle on how and what to eat. It does get easier...

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Good for you Lisa. Sounds like you and I are doing about the same thing...

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Thank you all! Those are great ideas. I just got back from SC and while I was not able to do as well I had hoped with the meals, I still lost a pound and even greater was another inch.

Driving Amish, I live in Lancaster County, PA and when the Amish have to go somewhere where the horses aren't allowed or too far for the horse or just faster, I take them. I only do for my friends. I've been here almost 8 years and most of my friends are Amish. My family is among the few are have been taken into the Amish culture. We've been to home church, workings, frolics, ect.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. Will let you know how it goes..


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