How to exercise longer while on Nutrisystem?

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Hi all. I'm new to NutriSystem and have been on the plan 3 days now. I like the food for the most part, and I figure this month will be a trial period to see what my favorite selections will be..

The d/img/avatar4.jpg? I just got on the elliptical (elipti"kill") and could only go 8 minutes. 8 minutes!!! In that short stretch of time, I managed to get covered in sweat and as I type this, I'm still out of breath. I had no idea things were this bad..

I am by no means giving up. I just can't believe I let myself get to the point where I now need to lose around 80 lbs.....

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Your question was: How to exercise longer while on Nutrisystem?.

That's okay!! Good job getting on for 8 minutes! Next time you can add another minute or two and you will be doing more in no time. I am only on my 4th week. Week 1 I was doing 10 minutes on the bike and treadmill. By last week, week 3, I was doing 40 minutes with the same effort. I just needed to get my body moving again. Yours will get going on your own schedule, but it WILL get going. Keep up the good work!..

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Thanks so much GARDENKAT! My whole body feels like spaghetti!!!.

And Jegaf - what an inspiration! You've already lost 16 lbs. in a month! Awesome!!..

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Now you have a starting point!.

Good for you kiddo- do what you can..

Now you can only improve..

Start a chart and watch it get better- visual always helps, hits you right in the face. You will be pleased!..

Comment #3 hats off to you my friend! I can barely go 3 minutes on the KILL and to boot - I couldn't even go 5 minutes when my weight was normal.

The elliptical IMO is one of the harder to accomplish and takes time. I gave up and I am using the wii training and love it. My goal will be to get back on it one day.

You are doing great!..

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Thank you so much! Be sure to look at my weigh-ins and you will see two weeks where I only lost a little bit. That's okay, just keep going if that happens to you. This week I watched my add-ins closer and have made sure to keep exercising, even if that just means walking around more. It seems to be helping. Iweighed in today, but my official day is still two days away......

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The first time I got on the elliptical I lasted 3 minutes. Now I go to the gym 6 days a week but only do the treadmill 40 minutes, then the Nustep 40 minutes. I really don't care for the elliptical, but maybe one day I will get on it again...

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MiniDonk - thanks so much for the support! I did just what you suggested. I added a weight loss ticker and will weigh on Friday to see if anything came off!..

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Thanks so much, BeachPoodle! I agree - the elliptikill is somewhat difficult to use, but I sure do sweat more than I did with my old treadmill! How do you like the Wii? Do you get a good work out?..

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Jegaf, I set my weigh in day to be Friday, so I'm trying not to peek until then! I noticed that the first day calorie total was around 1200, but yesterday I was at 1300. I'm doing the add-ins just as I should, so I guess there will be fluctuations. Not gonna get down if I stumble a few times.....

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When I first started working out, I could only go about 5 minutes on the elliptical. I can now go 30 to 45 It'll get easier, just add a minute or two at a time. I personally like the elliptical better than a treadmill because I feel like I'm really getting a work out If I'm going to walk, I skip the treadmill, and put the dog on his leash and away we go LOL. Keep up the great work, you'll be dropping pounds and adding exercise minutes in no time!..

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Amyjo, Keep going. I started at the end of last month. I started with short walks up the street and now walking 6-8 blocks a night. It was taken me 35-40 minutes, now it is around 25-30. Just don't over do your-self...

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Wow - you guys are all great motivators! Thanks so much for the support.

I will keep adding minutes each day, and I won't give up! Exercise has never been my thing, but I have to make it a way of life....

And the elliptikill definitely gives a great workout, thus the name I gave mine.....

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Amy, if you haven't exercised in a while, that elliptical (as you've found out!) will really remind you of it! Legs can get tired so quickly! But you just keep it up, and with that great attitude of yours, you'll be giving that thing a workout soon!..

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That's 8 more minutes than you would have done last week! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! Forget about what you can't do and used to be able to do, and concentrate on what you can!..

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This is my 4th day. I like the food too. I went to the gym on fri and hit the machines, bike, eliptical, and treadmill for 15 min each. That night I woke up with 3 charliehorses! I used to be in great shape, athletically, and it's been 10 years. I have at least 100 lbs to go. they say just get in 30 min...even if just walking.

Ive lost 6 lbs in 4 days....just keep the focus. the good news is that we will be better off than we were before!..

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Just do 8 minutes a day for a week. then bump it to 15 for the next week. then 30. Do that for a while..

And get outdoors and walk some.....

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Sounds like you overdid a bit. Even 15 minutes is fine to start with. You'll be able to work up pretty quickly once your muscles get in shape. Keep up the good work!..

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Congrats for even starting to exercise! It's the hardest thing to do but you will soon find that even the little bit you do will help you sleep better and feel better about you!..

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After you workout, eat 1/2 a banana or have a zero cal sports drink that has potassium to kill those cramps before they start -..

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I started at the gym about 2 years ago and could do 3 minutes on a stationary bike. I now can do 2000 meters on a rowing machine in 12 minutes plus walk the treadmill for another 20 minutes... It took a minute at a time to build up. The point is just to keep getting up and growing your endurance...

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Don't worry if 8 min is all you can do. for now.

I bought a new bike after being on the plan for a few months determined that I would exercise and drop weight faster. The first day I rode for 3 minutes and made it a quarter of a mile, I had to walk back home pushing the bike and really thought of taking the bike back to the store to get my money back. Instead I went for a walk on the bike path and did that for a week. A week later I tried the bike again and rode for a mile,but had to walk pushing my bike up hills. I have continued riding over the next few months and have built up my energy and distance. The past 2 days I rode for 7 miles each morning for an hour each day and riding up all the hills.

Build your stamina at a steady pace but don't over do it.

Do not get discouraged just as weight loss takes time so too does exercise..

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that you are doing something...

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