How to dress up Medifast shakes?

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Ok, so the Medifast foods I LIKE are: oatmeal, soups, bars, puddings, hot cocoa. But I just can't stomach the shakes. I actually started turning my puddings into shakes (much creamier and not so gritty) but the actual shakes just gross me out..

I've tried adding 1/2 light coconut milk, sugar free syrups, splenda, ice, etc. to the shakes, and I ONLY make them in my blender. I just don't know what else to do with them. In the meantime, I have a ton of boxes of shakes that I just don't like.

Does anyone have any ideas for how to dress up the shakes so they're edible? To me they are just so gritty and even after I blend them for 3 minutes or more they still taste powdery.


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I mix mine in advance and let them sit for a minimum of 2 hours in the refrigerator making sure to shake them ever now and then. It allows all of the powder to absorb the water and is wayyyyy better. Especially the Dark Chocolate Antioxidant shake which I actually let sit about 3-4 hours.


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I make popsicles. Mix shake and pudding together. Let get cold in freezer for 30 min. Put liquide in ice cream machine (or just place in containers in freezer if don't have one). Place in portioned containers - leave overnight. Pop out like an ice cube from container and chew away.

My wife is on Medifast too and she keeps asking me to make them. She hates the shakes too...

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Make them ahead of time and let them SOAK for at lest 30 minutes! They become much creamier and the grit dissolves (more or less). I would stay away from the lite coconut milk. Something tells me that is NOT an OP option...

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I know this is not much help, but I just chug.......I used to sip more slowly, thinking I will get used to this, it's not so bad, tastes okay, etc. But, once I realized it's okay to admit that thats never gonna happen, just get it all down, it fills me up , I'm not hungry, I'm actually okay with that!!!..

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Like a couple others have said, soaking really is the key. I always have the dark chocolate shake in the evening so I mix it in the morning and let it soak in the refridgerator all day. It makes a HUGE difference. Give it a try, don't give up yet!..

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OMG I love love love the dark chocolate shakes. I do the same thing, mine soaks over night though...

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To me they don't taste diet at all. I almost feel like I am cheating. Sometime I have two of those in a day..

Now of course it isn't any fun when you don't have the lid snapped on tight enough and you go to shake it and it ends up all over you and your kitchen! That happened to me yesterday. All over the floor, the front of the cabinets the top of the cabinet, the paper towels, and ME! I had to take my clothes off because it was dripping off. So there I was in my kitchen in my bra and panties trying to clean it up off the floor before my 4 lb puppy ate it. She wanted it so badly and was mad at me when I kept telling her to get back!..

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LOL Pictures or it didn't happen!.

Poor puppy, he doesn't realize how sick he'd be if he ate it. I agree it doesn't taste diet at all. Some days I make it with cold coffee and then heat it up and omg that's soooo yum. MFing comfort food. Who'd a thunk it?..

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I know, that shake and chili cheese nacho puffs get me through pms!..

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That gritty flavor your describing is actually the taste of soy protein isolate, it's in most medifast foods, just not in shake form so your best bet would be to find a muffin/bread recipe, I'm not sure if soaking would be enough for you.

You might like the antioxidant shakes better because they use whey instead of soy protein much like the hot cocoa uses whey.

It's weird how everyones taste varies, I love the Orange creme and Strawberry creme shakes, but I can't stand the soups or eggs...

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My favorite is to take a Dutch Choc. shake and put it in a blender with 6 oz. water, crushed ice and a teaspoon or less or instant coffee and blend really well, sometimes I let it sit for a couple mins then blend again. to me it's like a Frappe..

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Thanks for all the great ideas! I think I'm going to try to Antioxidant shakes instead, and perhaps make up some shake cake.

And to the comment about lite coconut milk - I asked the dietitians on the boards and game them the nutritional info, and 4 oz. lite coconut milk = 1 condiment. Thanks for your concern, though..


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Tell me your recipe with cold coffee I love coffee so this could be the answer...

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I use cold coffee instead of the water. Some people add instant crystals. Either works...

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I like blending the choc and vanilla with cooled coffee..


1 package of shake mix.

1 package of pudding.

1.5 c - 2 c h20 (depending on how thick you like).

Whirl in the blender with water only Save 1/2 for another meal!.

Add ice to the remaining 1/2..

The pudding makes the shake taste good and the combos are endless!..

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This morning I made a delicious vanilla shake by adding 1/4 cup blueberries, 1 t. vanilla (the good kind), and 1/4 crushed ice, to the shake powder and water the recipe calls for. I blended all together for 1 minute and I slurped that baby right down. Yummy!..

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The texture was a problem for me in the beginning as well. I put mine in the freezer for about 20 minutes and the texture is greatly improved, very creamy...

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I personally like to use my magic bullet to make a "Chocolate Frosty" out of any of the Chocolate shake mixes:.

1 pkg MF.

5-6 ice cubes.

1 tablespoon Walden Farm's (no carb/no cal) Marshmellow Fluff.

About 1/2 the water normally used.

Blend until smooth and frothy..

Tastes like a Wendy's Frosty!!!..

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One Medifast shake (your favorite ).

1/2 t baking powder.

2 tbls egg beaters...or I use I egg white.

2 table spoon water.

Cook about 2 min in micro.. I think I had to do it just a smidge has been a while since I have made them.

You may have to play with it a little to get it just right and use non-aluminum baing powder works best. Good Luck..

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