How to deal with fatigue while on Medifast?

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I have been on Medifast for 7 months and have lost 80 pounds. I have been so happy wth the program and no longer feel like a carbaholic! I can cook and be around all kinds of foods that are off plan and not feel the slightest temptation. The problem is - I feel like crap!.

I never did have that energy that others talk about but in the past 6 weeks or so I have just been feeling so fatigued. Not sleepy, except in the evenings, just feel sooo worn out. Some days are better than others. Some days I feel like I am in a fog and it's an effort to move but I am a mother and work full time so I have to keep moving. I sleep fine, getting 7 hours a night, though I can't seem to sleep longer than that. I'm not in pain though sometimes headachy.

I went for complete blood work and urinalysis. Everything looked good except for the ANA test so my doctor recommended I see a rheumatoligist. I have an appt for 6/15, earliest I could get..

Here is where I need some advice please! I am so impatient and 6/15 seems so far away. I have no aches or pains except for a slight stiffness in my fingers, the feeling you get when you are retaining water and your fingers swell (though my fingers are not swollen). I know fatigue is part of RA and fibro but wouldn't I also be feeling some pain and having trouble sleeping? I don't have that at all. I know there are members here who have RA and fibro and they seem to have pain and sleep issues..

I am wondering if I am just not eating enough for my body. I have tried to add in some extra calories like having a maintenance bar, the Medifast snack, adding some extra protein (not all in each day). Still staying below 100 carbs and sometimes going a little above 1000 calories and still losing weight. My husband wants me to start transitioning off the program but I would still like to lose another 25 pounds to get me into the normal BMI range. But I also don't want to risk my health. When people comment on the weight loss they always say "you must feel great" but unfortunately physically I don't..

Sorry for the long post but this is very disheartening I have finally found a program that works for me and I can stick to and would like to see it through to the end...

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Thanks bikinibysummer! I have a feeling you are in the medical profession! That is what my health coach, who is a nurse, said - nonspecific. The rheumatoid factor test came back fine as well. My primary care doctor didn't seem too concerned, I think he's sending me to the rheumatologist as a precaution, esp since I mentioned my hands.

The diet may just be catching up to me. I have been strictly following the 5 & 1 and am nervous to change things, but I added some additional food starting last week and still seem to be losing. I may try the 4 & 2 to take off the last 25 pounds. It will take longer to get there but hopefully I will get some energy back...

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I'm not a medical profesesional at all, so this is just my personal experience..

The reason I gained a lot of weight because I was feeling so tired, so weak and I thought if I ate more food I would feel better. It didn't make me feel any better at all - just caused me to gain weight..

I have MS and fibromyalgia..

I don't know if you are exercising but I am not exercising while on the plan. I just have to believe that 800-1000 calories is sufficient to lose pounds. If I add in exercise I start to go crazy when the scale doesn't move, stressing over if I need more calories? Do I need more carbs? Do I need more protein? So, I am waiting until t&m to add back in formal exercise. I still take the dog for a walk..

Vitamin D is the "in" vitamin right now. I don't know if they tested for that. Mine was low and I take a supplement. 1000 mg from Trader joes; really cheap..

I hope you feel better soon, Kim..

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Thanks Kim. Yes, I already take vit D and that was tested and my levels are fine. Not anemic, thyroid, sugar, cholesteral, the urinalysis all were fine. They even did a CEA test which tests for cancer. On paper I look the picture of health except for the ANA test.

I have been exercising. For years I have been riding a stationary bike every morning for 30minutes. Not much of a workout though - mostly an opportunity for me to read my People and US Weekly magazines! In February I started going to a gym 3 times a week - walking 30 minutes on the treadmill and doing some weights, trying to firm up. After losing 80 pounds I need a lot of firming You may be right, it could be an activity issue. I feel the worse on the weekends when I am on my feet the whole time - running errands, housecleaning, laundry, keeping an 8 year old busy, etc...

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800-1000 calories is just not a lot if your exercising, in my opinion..

I know some people order the Medifast 70 shakes, which have more protein, or eat one of the green wrapper maintenance bars with higher carbs, or do the 4-2-2 which is the 2 l&G to balance out workouts..

I just can't do it all. I surrendered to focusing on being 100% op and drinking tons of water. When you figure out a successful way to feel better, I hope you will post what you did. I'm sure a lot of people are feeling the same way as you and would benefit by hearing what worked for you..

I like to read people mag too! I'm a big fan of Epson Salts in a bath. It is magnesium, something that our bodies don't absorb orally very well. But, soaking in a bath with them on a regular basis (at least 12 min and 2 cups of the epsom salts) is soothing and restful. This is where I read my books and magazines! Take care~Kim..

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I really hope you feel better. Keep us posted...

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