How to deal with cold sores while on Nutrisystem?

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Got a nasty one forming from eating darn tomatoes (vegetable). Sigh.

Knew it did it but could not resist and wanted a change of my veg dishes.

Anyone have any sure fire remedies?.

I bought some real expensive stuff years ago and forgot name but was something like $15.!..

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Your question was: How to deal with cold sores while on Nutrisystem?.

Might have been Abreva? That stuff costs 2 arms, 2 legs, and 19 digits. Heh...

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Here some natural remedies for cold sores. One way to get rid of them is to apply ice to the area for a few minutes every hour. Another one is to use a tea bag for a few minutes on the sore, every hour. Lemon balm extract is a great one because it helps heal it quicker. You can even rub aloe vera or oil on the sores. hope you feel better soon!..

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Yep- it was Abreva..

I ONLY get them when I eat tomatoes- darn it..

(cooked are ok).

I will try the home remedies first- thanks folks!..

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The ice cube only works when you feel the tingle of the cold sore. Once it erupts, too late. I never had much luck with the tea bags...

Comment #4

Hubby applies rubbing alcohol and it works for him. Not too good for your skin, but we're weighing priorities here...

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If you don't want to go to the expense of Abreva (but to me, it's worth the cost for the quick cure), another old standard is Camphophenique. The sore has to be external to use it and if it gets into your mouth, the taste is horrendous But it does work...

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I get cold sores too and I ALWAYS have abreva on hand......what's REALLY bad is while I was growing up, I would ALWAYS get one when school pictures were taken.....never failed.

Now that I am older, I mostly get them when I am extremely stressed or if I have gotten a sunburn on my face.....but sunblock helps in that respect...

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LOL-yup, seems like ALL of my school pictures are blessed with a cold sore I still get them on occasion, usually under stressful circumstances or if I'm really run down and not feeling well in general. I've never had much luck with Abreva, personally I don't think it heals the sore any faster than Blistex, but that's just my opinion. I was taking Valtrex for awhile, but I had a dr tell me that it doesn't really get rid of the virus, so every time you take the medication your virus sort of mutates and gets harder todeal with(plus it can be hard on your system in other ways). So, now I just try to avoid trigger foods, especially when I'm sick or stressed, always have lip balm handy to keep any outbreak coated, and I take anywhere from 500 to 2000 mg of L-Lysine per day (it's an amino acid your body already produces, and it can help prevent or ease an outbreak). For now, if I was you, I'd just avoid tomatoes Good Luck..

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Thanx for the advice everyone! I am trying several suggestions of yours..

Yeah- no more tomatoes. I just miss and love them- oh well...

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Don't give up on tomatoes. I get the exact same thing from tomatoes. ONLY tomatoes. After I eat a tomato I rinse my lips with water and I use HL30 Herpecin L. It is right with all the other chapsticks. You can get it at Walmart, Walgreens, anywhere.

I have not gotten a cold sore in months and months. Actually I can't remember the last time I actually got one. Sometime I feel one creeping on. See a little red spot or glimmer of a sore. Slap on that herpecin L and away you go....

Tomatoes beware !..

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Ambisol the one cold sore is now 3. Realize now it is from the first sunny day we have had in eons. Saw the doctor for another issue and he said to get Ambisol Gel- once the bliseters are open and painful- squirt that on there and sure takes the pain away. Can also do Oragel but my sister likes the other better for tooth pain. (Noticed the Ambisol has a bit or a reddish color to it and it glosses a bit- so makes it pretty obvious- but sure helps the pain. What a great idea!!..

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Denny- you wrote.

HL30 Herpecin L. It is right with all the other chapsticks.

I was at Safeway and did not see it- but only remembered the HL30 and thought it was an ingredient in it- is Herpecin the brand name?.

I will check the other stores you mentioned..

Ambisol is helping pain but they sure are ugly..


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I have a prescription for Zovirax ointment as well as a one-time dose of Valtrex. If you get cold sores often, you should see a dermatalogist. These medications make the duration of the outbreak a LOT shorter..

Get better soon!..

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It is in a tube like normal chapstick. It is primarily blue with a big white HL and a red 30 on the front of it. Herpecin L is also on the front, but in smaller letters. It was originally called Herpecin and that was in the big letters, and the HL 30 was in small letters but a couple of months ago they flipped it. Better mass marketing with HL30 on the front verses Herpecin. It is made in Canada.

The website is If you can not find it, email me and I will buy and send you one thru the US MAIL..

Sorry for the late response. The lady, where we board our horses is on vacation, so we are taking care of the horses this week, so I have been a busy girl. You do not truely appreciate the work others do on your behalf until you have to do it yourself.

Thanks, Denise..

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Abreva Only Costs $20.00 And Alittle Goes Along Way...

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Oh no! Keep eating them!! Your body WILL get used to them and eventually you will not get cold sores due to them. I used to get a cold sore everytime I drank OJ. I got in the habit of drinking a glass every morning (still do!) because I knew that I needed the Vitamin C and fruit in my day. I can tell you that I have not had a cold sore for many years that I attribute to the OJ. My body got used to it!.

Now, stress, yes, it triggers the occasional cold sore.

CARMEX!!! Buy a couple of jars of this balm. It is cheap!! When I feel that cold sore tingle coming on, I start to slather Carmex on it. Sometimes I am able to catch it early and stop it from forming but if not, Carmex is soothing and keeps it from crusting too bad. You will find it in pharmacy and counters in many stores. It is a small jar w/a yellow lid. I keep one in my travel case and in my purse and in my bathroom.

Eat those tomatoes!! You will adjust! (it is the acid that is triggering the CS. Same as w/OJ..the acid!).


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This sounds gross but works. Cool mint Preparation H really works well. Not sure if it is totally safe but it works. Ice must be used at the first tingle but does help. Whoever said you don't get rid of the virus is correct. It is a herpes virus so usually if you had chicken pox you get cold sores. The virus never ever leaves your body no matter what you do...

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