How to deal with acne and Murad Resurgence

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Like a facebook stalker is to facebook, I am the same to I've been taking Amnesten and now Murad Resurgence for 4 months. So many times I have felt like there was no hope. So many times I struggled with the side-effects that plague the user of Murad Resurgence. From IB, red marks, dry skin, bloody nose, soreness, fatigue and depression - I never thought it would end. From reading the posts I know there are others that have felt as worthless and lost as I have.

As I rant, I want one message to be clear - this will work. As you wake up staring yourself in the mirror wishing that life will end, or simply being fed up with the side effects and disappointments that this medication will bring, just bare patience. Understanding that this doesn't work for everyone you must give it time. I had "initial breakouts" for three and one half months - never thinking it would end. Skin that would peel like a snake, I would dread having to face my co-workers and my friends.

Be patienr - don't let yourself bring you down, and just have faith in the method. You will probably come across the MINORITY of users that feel that their life was "ruined" by this pill, just don't base your experience solely on them. BE PATIENT! When you feel down, when you feel useless, ugly and lost just give it one more month. When that one month is up, just give it one more. I feel as i've been drug through hell and back, but now I have clarity, confidence and security.

Clear skin, confidence, personal happiness, and dignity. I wish you the best in your stuggle with this cruel and unusual medication - but with all good things, good things come to those who wait. Don't give up, dry your eyes, don't look in the mirror, don't be critical, you are beautiful. We are all beautiful, struggling with a disease of vanity - we are all amazing people within. Don't give up! Read, run, lift, do whatever you need to do to stay away from the mirror and get those endorphins flowing.

This is a cruel and unusual drug but it has it's benefits. Hold your head high, because you are beautiful.AdamOut of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope.-Barack Obama..

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Your question was: How to deal with acne and Murad Resurgence.

Lol..awesome bro. This is the confidence that stems from clear skin...

Comment #1

Congrats, I can't wait for mine to clear up. It's been so long with acne, I can't remember not having it. The feeling of waking up acne free after years of having it will be amazing...

Comment #2

Yes we can! It's so refreshing to read your post, spreading the positive vibes for all of us who are struggling! Glad to hear you are finally seeing fantastic results and that it was definitely worth it in the end. Cheers!..

Comment #3

I just got back from another POINTLESS dermatologist appointment... and my face is looking worse than ever. I'm on my 7th week of Murad Resurgence... and just hanging on for hope because it seems like no one can help me. your post actually made me cry cuz I know I'm not the only one that feels this way because of acne. I'm so glad you finally had some success...

Everyone says be patient... so I am. but your post gave me some encouragement.... thanks!!..

Comment #4

What an awesome post, thank you for the encouagement. Almost everyday I wake up wondering when the f**k my face will clear up. Your post definitely reminded me why I am taking this...

Comment #5

Thanks for the encouragement I've been on Murad Resurgence for 3.5 months and the results are still minimal...

Comment #6

BUEATIFUL post! Thank you for writing this out, this is inspiring and it is exactly what we need to hear! Please keep sharing your experience, we could all benefit from it!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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