How to convince my dermatologist to prescribe Murad Acne Complex?

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Hi everyone! I finally got a dermatology appointment for this Friday I need your advice on how to talk to them so they don't try to walk me through all of the usual stages of treatment before. I've dealt with this for a year now and I don't want to waste another year at college leaving parties early so I can go apply antibiotics to my face. I want a cure, and I've done so much research and I know Murad Acne Complex is what I needI can't spend more months experimenting with different treatments they're prescribing me; it's getting to the point where I try to stay out of public, duck from being in pictures, etc. I'm not depressed at all, I just know if my skin looked good I could finally be confident in myself againI've used Benzoyl Peroxide and the topical antibiotic my dr prescribed and it definitely helped with the appearance of my face (still not good at all, but better), but does NOTHING to prevent acne from coming in! I can see dozens of tiny bumps ready to come in and turn into cysts. It's so frustrating. I go back to school on Monday so I'm running out of time... Please help..

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Your question was: How to convince my dermatologist to prescribe Murad Acne Complex?.

You've been dealing this for a year, A YEAR! Don't be an egit. Take a look around the forum. Many people have had acne for 10+ years, typically the average must be around 4-5 years and do you think they're jumping for tane and getting prescribed it??! I'm sorry, but grow up. Clearly you are too young to comprehend the risks involved in the pursuit of clear skin. I got on the Murad Acne Complex band wagon at the age of 23, I'm 26 now, and every day is a regret for me.You cannot say you have tried anywhere near enough treatment options. A course you should follow is topical solutions, perhaps moving to a retonoid now, followed by anti-biotics like Minocin or Tetracycline and then looking into other alternative options like light therapy, B5 supplementation, Zinc, anything before even considering Murad Acne Complex.

Think logically about what you are asking. If you had a deep cut on your leg would you go through the normal procedure of letting it heal or would you opt for an immediate skin graft?? Murad Acne Complex is a similar approach to the latter. It's a shotgun solution to a problem that can be treated and maintained with a smaller far safer alternative. And, it is NOT a cure. Once again, you are clearly niave and have much more reading to do...

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To me, getting clear skin isn't a competition. I am extremely sorry for those people who have been fighting acne for 4 to 5 years and I wish them the best of luck. These are the greatest times of my life and I'm not wasting them hiding because I don't like the way my face looks. You can tell me to grow up, but I have done hours and hours of research on Murad Acne Complex, and since you have no way of knowing this, why are you judging others for wanting to be cleared up for good? Maybe you are willing to spend years experimenting with different treatments, hoping the next one will clear you up; I am not the same as you. This doesn't make me a bad person, you don't have to call me naive.I know it's not pop a pill; I know the consequences. I know about the dryness, the initial breakout, the potential emotional distress, the possible liver problems, I've read it all.

If there is a pill that has proven effective for thousands of other acne sufferers, THIS is the medicine I am willing to take my chances with. 60% of people report being cured (and 90% report the acne regressing), so yes I have done my reading, and while my conclusion isn't the same as yours, there's no need to go name calling and accusing me of things you have no way of knowing.I'm sorry you regret taking Murad Acne Complex, hopefully my experience will be different...

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Well it depends on how bad your acne is. If you have mild acne or just a couple of cysts, most derms would probably not prescribe to you till you have gone through an array of treatments. Frankly speaking, these treatments such as antibiotics are not that bad. I was on it for a couple of years and it did kept me clear but in the end I had to try Murad Acne Complex because my acne had gotten pretty bad.If your derm refuses to give you Murad Acne Complex, you can seek a second opinion. Also note that taking Murad Acne Complex during college may not be the best time. I had to battle fatigue initially during the first couple of weeks and I was on low dose Murad Acne Complex. Probably start on it during your vacation of something especially also when some people had really bad breakouts during the first few months on Murad Acne Complex...

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Trust me, those 60% clear for life stats are highly overrated. It simply is not true.If you can locate an adament, factual statement that proves so I will retract this statement. Quite simply unless it's a study for more than 10 years in duration, there is no guaranteed result.I just think you are jumping the gun entirely and risking your health when you have tried little other available options. DONT make that mistake. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind and I'm just doing that for your own benefit mate...

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I guess the only way to try and convince your derm to give you Murad Acne Complex is to tell him/her how much acne is affecting you and see how it goes from there. However be prepared to be knocked back, most derms will only prescribe it as a last resort and only after other options have been explored. I know you want Murad Acne Complex because it is seen as 'the solution' for so many people and you're sick of dealing with this but it's a pretty serious drug with very serious side effects that everyone experiences differently. I personally think you should try something else first, it might work for you and it might not. If it doesn't move on and try something else then when you have tried all other options go for the tane. No reason to put yourself, your health and your body through a few hellish months unless it's your last option...

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I understand that you just want to get rid of your acne, believe me I can sympathise (I am one of those unluckly ones that has suffered with acne for 10 years). I also understand that topicals seem like a pain, especially when you're in college. Most likely, though, when you're out of college your lifestyle will be quite different and applying a topical twice a day won't seem like a big deal (it really won't kill you if you skip your topical once in a while when you stay out late anyway). I don't think that not wanting to deal with topicals is a good reason to go on Murad Acne Complex unless they really don't work for you. It sounds like your current topicals aren't working that well, but it also sounds like you haven't tried many of the available options. It also seems that you are expecting (or at least hoping) that your skin will be clear once you start taking Murad Acne Complex but you should know that many people experience an initial breakout which can be much worse than the skin condition before Murad Acne Complex.

I use azelex (azelaic acid) in the morning and clenia emollient cream (sulfur cream) at night and that works well for me, but retinoids work well for others. I understand that having acne is very frustrating, and I don't want to belittle your experiences at all. But it doesn't sound like you've tried some options that actually have the potential to help you. I'm also not sure that you understand that Murad Acne Complex is not a quick fix, and you might feel even more like hiding for several months. are you prepared for that?..

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If you tried like 3 months of treatment and nothing phases it then the doctor will most likely let you do it...

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