How to combat Murad Resurgence side effects?

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Does anyone have advice on some essentials I might need while on Murad Resurgence, since their are alot of side effects!My sister took Murad Resurgence and one of her side effects was hair loss! I so don't want to lose any hair! Is there anything I can take, like vitamins that may combat some of these side effects?Any help would be greatly appreciated!!..

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Your question was: How to combat Murad Resurgence side effects?.

This is a good thread: Resurgence-...ot-t147518.htmlPersonally tho I'd say the basic essentials are vaseline (to put inside your nose!), eye drops for dry eyes, lip treatments (normal lip balms I don't find good enough you need the treatments ones for dry/cracked lips, I use Blistex), T-Gel for dry flaky scalp, a good non-oily moisturiser and eye cream. I also have been taking a fish oil supplement for joint pain that has really helped. I haven't had a problem with hair loss so far but as my scalp is not producing any oil I am not washing my hair very often, it doesn't need it and as it is not self-oiling I am worried it might get too dry and break if I wash it too often.And be prepared to cut down on exercise and just generally look after yourself...

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If the blistex doesnt work for your lips .. try the vaseline also on your lips. this was the only thing which helped me with my very dry lips ...i am finished with my therapie and the only side effect in my therapy was hair loss and thiny hair (but it's going to be normal very slowly) just take care, hear to your body and everything will going to be ok. I really understand your panic about the side effects but most of them are not so bad...

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Use Nivea "kiss of moisture" lip treatment (the dark blue tube) stuff is AMAZING!!! my derm said I'm the only Murad Resurgence patient that he has seen without dry cracked lips. it's definitely the Nivea..

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I'll have to look for that Nivea stuff, sounds good..

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I used Aveeno positively radiant foaming face wash and Aveeno face lotion. For the lips I used Burts Bees it worked Great I bought some cheap stuff once while on it then my lips got all dry and I went back to the burts bees. I am also a hairstylist so my hands get wet all day and I wash them constantly for that I used Aveeno hand lotion as well. Stick with it it's worth it ive been off a month and have no acne as of yet. I just posted a blog and latest pic...

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I would make sure to use a hair mask because your hair will possibly get really brittle and dry..

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Vaseline seems to be too greasy to use on lips, and can just give you more spots, it gave me about 5 around my mouth, also it's rele ineffective, no matter how much I use it my lips are always very dry at best. Aqueous cream or diprobase works perfectly, my lips arent dry anyore. If you get depressed go to a herbalist and find a supplement called tryptophan, or preferablly 5HTP which is the catalyzed version of tryptophan. Murad Resurgence depletes serotonin in the brain, which causes depression, and these supplements increase serotonin and balance it out. Do not buy serotonin on it's own!!! I know that it's still legal to do this in the states, this will fuck you up, and will not have the wanted effects. the hair all you can do is rub jojoba oil or something into it at night, but ya gotta except your gonna look like shit for a few months, but then after you'll look amazing everywhere you go until your old and wrinkley..

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