How to adjust to social life when on Nutrisystem?

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Today is Friday and I am a little sad. I am not sure how to socialize or have fun with my bf without eating. We used to go to fabulous restaraunts and eat yummy food but now that I am not allowed to eat or drink alcohol I don't know what to do. My question is does it get better and how is everyone else handling their social life?..

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Your question was: How to adjust to social life when on Nutrisystem?.

I never stopped socializing. When we go to our favorite fancy restaurant, he gets the steak frites. I get Shrimp cocktail or grilled shrimp and the sauteed zucchini or a salad with dressing on the side..

I get one glass of wine and a glass of water. I take two sips of water for every sip of wine.

I even went to a place with a lobster roll special. Lobster roll and fries for 9.99! I got the special and also a side salad. I put the fries on hubby's plate and didn't eat the roll - just the lobster meat. So my dinner was lobster meat, mixed in mayo (but only a little as a good lobster roll should be - counted as a dinner fat) and a salad.

Our other favorite place I got crab legs and instead of potatoes, two servings of veggies. What's not fancy about crab legs?? But they are pure protein and hardly any calories.

You can do this - just think it through...

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Robin, as always, excellent advice!.

Going for a walk with my DH in the early morning, and/or late evening, is now one of my most enjoyable times of the day...

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Thanks guys. We're pretty active and often go to the theater, biking, museums, etc. but we usually end all of our activities with a yummy dinner or brunch. The problem is that since I started Nutrisystem he thinks that I am not supposed to eat anything else but salad I am not sure how to explain it to him that I can substitute anything else. I know he is trying to be helpful but it makes me feel like I can't live the life we used to live. I feel like I am trapped in diet world! Makes it so lonely...

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Has he seen the food you are eating on NS? Maybe once he sees what you can really eat and the variety, he'll understand more how it works and that you're not limited to just a salad...

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Thanks DMW66. Also, thank you DCA girl for the suggestion of filling up on fruits and veggies with little calories so that you can allot them for dinner! You guys have all been most helpful! Now to convince my bf that it's not cheating...

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If the restaurant has it's menu and nutritional info available online, check that out before going. If not, check out some that do to give you some general idea of the best things to select. The dining out guide under Tips and Recipes gives some good suggestions. You can dine out; you just don't do it the same way by making wise choices...

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Repeat after me: "Nothing tasted as good as being thin feels!" Again! This has been a mantra for me sin(e Jan. of '07..

My DH & I adore fine dining & good wine. We're very pi(ky about whi(h restaurants we (hoose, & how mu(h good wine we drink, nowadays. We (elebrated our 20th anniversary weekend in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, whi(h, mu(h to our delight, has a daytime (afe/ evening restaurant that serves lo(ally grown fruit/veggies from organi( farms, whole grain breads they bake themselves, & wonderful (uts of meat. OK, I did indulge in a little extra bread & good wine that weekend, but it didn't adversely affe(t my weight loss. I've been 100% Nutrisystem ever sin(e then. We also love (ruise va(ations, whi(h (an be very dangerous to an Nutrisystem lifestyle, but have managed to return from 3 su(h trips without gaining any weight, & one on whi(h we returned with 2 lbs.

A happy so(ial life (an be enjoyed while on 100% NS. We just have to be (reative & sele(tive. For instan(e: I'm safer at Ruth (hris, than at Outba(k. Outba(k's food is waaaaaaaaaaay too salty for my taste, as well as my Nutrisystem lifestyle. Generaly speaking, I'm better off at fine dining restaurants than "family" ones, be(ause there's less grease, salt, & sugar in the food, & the fine dining restaurants will serve your food as requested without an arguments...

Sometimes you just have to eat your Nutrisystem before you go, & sip a no-(al drink at the soire. People don't usually pay attention to what others eat at big parties, but, if they do, feel free to tell them that what you eat is your business, & your business alone. Don't allow a bf's prejudgement to mess with your mindset. Enjoy yourself within the perameters of your Nutrisystem lifestyle, let him eat/drink as he pleases, then enjoy the results of your Nutrisystem lifestyle, as you eat the stuff that's good for your body, while dropping sizes. Give it some time.

Who knows? He might just follow your good example & get healthier/drip some weight, too!..

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I've not cut back on my socializing at all. I'm very careful about what I order and always check on line for the menu if we're going to a new restaurant. I've only been one place where there was virtually nothing I could eat (weird kind of tapas place). I've also continued to drink wine, but in moderation. I'm very please with the pace of my weight loss so far..

Don't feel like you have to hide at home. This is a lifestyle change, so learning how to "go on with your life" is important...

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You might also try to make him understand that while you appreciate his support, what you eat is up to you. Sticking to the program is your responsibility, not his, and if you don't do it for yourself, then it's not going to work long-term. So make clear that you'll speak up if it's a place you're not comfortable eating, but that otherwise he needs to trust you to know what you can and cannot eat...

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Thanks guys! You all are awesome. I agree that once I start losing the weight we both might have different mind sets. It would be most helpful if he had a weight problem but the dude has a six pack (he's super skinny all muscle) and eats 1,000 calorie meals without batting an eye lash! Thanks again!..

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Thanks Dogmatx cause it really drives me nuts when he says,"Are you supposed to eat that?" As someone who lived with a controlling mother that put me on a diet at the age of 9 it takes me back to that and makes me want eat out of spite. Obviously I am not a child and can control myself but the comments make my skin crawl. I should definitely talk to him...

Comment #11

My dad was like that, and I hate it, too. Some people do it to control (like your mom and my dad), but I think some just think they're helping. Since he's never had to worry about it, that's probably all it is with him. So he just needs to know he's NOT helping...

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Ahhhh, so it's *him* that says thing are changing and can't be the same. Sit him down and tell him that you want to try and live a "normal" life, so he can eat what he wants when you go out, but that you will pick and choose what you want to eat. And he doesn't need to be your food police. He has to respect you that way. Explain to him that changing your lifestyle around is not easy, and that you need support, as far as you picking where you eat some/most of the time, and not making the meal after the activities the focus & maybe just going out for something else afterward like a fat free latte (you could even take an Nutrisystem dessert to have with it). And the alcohol is out, so that's a hard adjustment for some people.

When things change for one person in a relationship, it impacts the other one, so I hope you guys works together!.

Keep strong and keep going!..

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I eat before I go...that helps me from getting gaga when I see food/snacks but under no conditions do I go to a movie LOL. that being said, someone suggested to me to prepare a crunchy snack for the movie that is within the Nutrisystem guidelines. Great idea but saturated buttered popcorn and raisinets are my weakness...

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I went out to Applebee's last week with my DH, oldest son, his gf & her daughter. I ordered the most delicious looking choice on the menu and asked if the seasonal vegetables were the same as the ones she described to my son. The waitress told me that I had ordered a low-calorie, low-fat Weight Watcher's entree so the vegetable choice was steamed broccoli. Imagine that off dieting for 2 years and still eating like that and enjoying every bite.

I was the only one that did not complain about the meal, too. The steaks were too tough, the vegetables were soggy, the rolls were grilled chicken was perfectly seasoned and tender, the broccoli was great, and the unsweetened iced tea is pretty good after drinking just water all of the time...

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