How strictly should I follow the Medifast condiment list?

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I am just curious as to how strictly you follow the Medifast recommendations for condiments...

I know alot of people don't count condiments, despite MF's suggestion. I don't douse my food in condiments (and most days I probably don't go over the recommendation) but I refrain from counting. I find that maybe that extra serving of lemon pepper will make the plan easier, and help me stick to it. So I don't sweat the "small" stuff. Has anyone seen any major fall backs due to extra condiments? For low cal condiments like Crystal Light or seasonings, should I be more focused on counting these?.

I am just curious to how everyone else feels about this.....

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I am quite religious about condiments and other things regarding MF. I feel being casual about things is what got me here in the first place. I just would rather go through this process the way the process was written...

Comment #1

I stay within the condiment guidelines. I need the structure at this point. I agree that "coloring outside the lines" is what got me where I am. For now, I'm assuming they know what they are talking about.


Comment #2

I don't count condiments...then again I don't abuse them, either (I probably go over the allotment a few days a week). On a daily basis, I like to use the SF syrups with my shakes and sweetner in my hot tea. I use spices and herbs as needed. Then again, I don't weigh my proteins or my vegetables. I'm bad, I know it (but it's working for me)...

Comment #3

I don't measure the seasonings but I also literally take a "pinch" of them. However, I don't use any of the caloric condiments - no cream cheese, actually I don't even know what is on the condiment list since I don't use any of them!..

Comment #4

I don't count salt nor pepper, to be honest, but I use them rather lightly. Everything else is measured.

8-(\ /).

=( '.' )=..

Comment #5

When I was on the 5+1, I did not measure dry herbs and spices, but I did measure anything that was high in sodium (hot sauce, soy sauce, etc). I never had things like creamer, milk, cream cheese, etc., because I did not want the extra calories/fat/carbs. If I used Crystal Light I did make sure to limit other condiment choices that day...

Comment #6

I don't count them. I need to be able to stay in my real world. I don't abuse them except for Splenda, but I rarely have a "snack" so I guess it evens out, I hope...

Comment #7

I use SF products for my shakes, syrups and salad dressing. I don't count them. In the beginning I did keep more of a keen eye on them. I undertand where you are coming from......some of their products need the doctoring in order for me to remain on Medifast for as long as I have, and be happy and have success..

I guess if you are concerned, it would be good to document them, then compare the results to see if it hindered your loss at all...

Comment #8

I do not really 'count' them.... I always put a splash of lowfat milk and one equal in my coffee in the morning... I do not count dry spices... but I do not use alot of them other than salt and pepper. If I use a smudge of cream cheese, then I do not use salsa... I try not to use them alot....

I know many ppl are religeous about them... but I usually don't use more than 3 on any given day anyway... and my smudges of cream cheese are more like a teaspoon.... just try to balance it out.....

Comment #9

I don't count them. I don't over use them. Like someone else said, a pinch here and a pinch there.

I do LC cheese (I've cut down to about 3 a week) and SF syrups (pretty much every day). It works for me. But others need to do what works for them...

Comment #10

Yep, when I was on MF...I counted everything. I figured that Medifast gave us the 3 condiment limit for a I was gonna adhere to that like everything else...

Comment #11

I don't count them. I use a lot of splenda, SF syrup, and WF stuff every day. I also use a few tsp's of Just Whites in my shake cakes every day. It's not that stuff that made me fat, and I lose at a rate that I'm comfortable with. But, I'm 100% fully supportive of people who follow the rules w/o wavering (and admire them!). Plus I workout for 70 min a day every day, so I don't worry about it...

Comment #12

I figure that Medifast puts a "condiment limit" on the program for a reason. And they know this stuff better than I ever could. I am very sure that you don't need to count them (especially if you don't abuse them) to still lose weight...but, if you did count them and limited them to three maybe you would lose MORE weight. If you don't try counting them and limiting them to three - how will you ever know what you're capable of?!?!?! Just "food" for thought :P..

Comment #13

It depends on the condiment for me. Things like mayo, cream cheese, sauces - I make sure I don't go over the Medifast guildlines. Things like Splenda, Walden Farms products, SF syrup, and other no calorie stuff - I don't go crazy with them, but I don't count them as much. Spices as well, except salt-based products..

My mom and I differ grately when it comes to this topic. She's very diligent and rarely goes over. I on the other hand probably go over three to four times a week. The reason being - the less things I miss during Medifast the less likely I am to fall off the wagon from frustration of missing them. If using condiments more than the plan says is going to add another week or two to my weightloss then fine - getting there will be much smoother..

Everyone is different, and I don't think it's fair to say that one way is better than the other. Some people have to stick right to the plan or they will fail, others can make it their own and do just fine. Find what works for you and do it - if it works, it shouldn't matter what our opinions are..

Comment #14

I measured in the beginning, but over time I used less and less. I only really used herbs/spices and hot sauce anyway-no artificial sweeteners or syrups. Now it's just occasional dry spices...

Comment #15

I don't count salt, but I am conscious of every other condiment. I have low blood pressure and drink 120+ oz of plain water a day, so I do not stress about salt. I only use it on my L&G, and not even every day in that case..

I track Crystal Light, and the only other thing I regularly use condiments in is the Medifast "Bagel" recipe, and those carbs/calories/etc from the dry spices/baking powder are built into my Private Food entry for the items..

I guess that is a benefit of being a very plain eater, I don't have a lot of desire to use condiments...

Comment #16

I don't count condiments. I use a small amount of butter whenever I have cooked vegetables as a side, and I eat a snack everyday wheater I'm supposed to or not. I also usually eat up to 20 green olives on days I eat chicken or fish. I am not a 100% medifaster and my weight loss has been as good as I hoped it would be. Good luck!.


Comment #17

I don't measure condiments, but I also never have snacks/pickles/olives/MF crackers etc. And here's a dangerous one...I don't measure my Romaine lettuce either. I make a huge salad almost every night as the green of my L/G. I absolutely KNOW that I did not get fat eating lettuce. I use Galeos dressing, which I measure.

I am now trying to get to the point where I am not measuring my water, too. Just trying to grab a glass every time I get a chance.


Comment #18

I don't count condiments but I do try to be careful with what I use. For me (and this is just me), I need to have variety and taste so not using condiments would have a negative impact on my progress. I rarely snack and when I do it's usually some PB2 on my brownie or something like that. Hopefully it all evens out in the end...

Comment #19

I haven't counted spices, Tabasco, or 0 calories SF syrups. I do count anything with calories, but honestly I'm using very few condiments now days. The longer I'm on Medifast the less I want to doctor the foods. I do use half and half in the morning for my coffee and Tabasco sauce on my eggs and chili and that's pretty much it.

BUT, I'm thinking about counting most of them. I just checked what a teaspoon of basil is-4.9 calories and 1.2 grams of carbs. The calories are pretty much nothing but since some days I'm high in carbs from eating a maintenance bar I probably should count the dried spices. Tobasco has virtually no calories and no carbs so I probably won't ever count that...

Comment #20

Interesting! I don't count my condiments. I use 1 packet of splenda in my coffee, which lately I've actually cut down to 1/2 packet LOL. And then I don't doctor any of my Medifast meals, I save the other condiments for my L&G. And those are usually dry spices for my meal. I don't go crazy with them either and try and keep it as simple as possible. I have been toying with the idea of counting them, but I do feel that if I have an extra pinch of garlic powder, it really isn't making me gain weight.

Good thread!.



Comment #21

I don't count condiments, but like others said, I don't use the "high calorie" ones. I figure that the cinnamon in my muffins or the Adobo seasoning on my meat isn't what pushed me up to a high weight...

The only time I ever have a snack is when we have the leanest fish for dinner, and I need another "healthy fat" - I count that T of peanut butter as both snack and fat, and you have never seen anyone eat a T of peanut butter so slowly in your life. Even then most of the time I just skip it..

I have noticed that I use LESS condiments now in the Medifast food (just spices/baking powder in the muffins and a splash of hot sauce in the soups). When I first started, I had to salt everything just to be able to stand it!.

More power to the people who can follow the 3 condiment limit. If I didn't have a muffin every morning, I think I would be under, but I can't stand the oatmeal,shakes, or eggs any other way!..

Comment #22

I keep a very close eye on condiments, with exception to some dry spices. I use very little of the spices while cooking though, so I don't see the point in telling myself that I can't have a packet of splenda in my coffee because I used a little dry seasoning on my chicken breast. Other than that, I make sure I don't go over the daily allotment. I remember getting loose with the condiments the last time I was on Medifast (a little extra salad dressing, a little extra creamer in my coffee, etc.) and it slowed me down considerably...

Comment #23

INNNNNteresting.....condiments are the ONLY thing I count!! I do not log my food, I do not track carbs or calories, because if I did I'd drive myself crazy. BUT condiments HAVE mattered a lot to me. The first 3 weeks I didn't count my condiments. UNTIL this week. And while my weight loss was nothing to turn a nose up at, Week 4 was a HUGE difference!! (2.2lbs(Wk3) to 4.6lbs (Wk4)) Now, it COULD have been due to something else...but I'M a gonna count 'em! (Note: I do have a tendency to overuse my condiments if I'm not counting them. But my condiments are typically Truvia, Equal, SF syrup...those with NO calories! and it STILL made a big difference!).

Maybe it's how sensitive to carbs you are.....Do what works for you!..

Comment #24

Dry spices I don't worry about so much. The amount I use is so small so I don't think it has an impact as long as they are sodium free. Everything else I micro manage. I do believe it makes a difference for me and it is good for future practice when I won't being using as many Medifast supplements. The weeks I have used less condiments I see better results. I found that when I reduced my use of SF Davnci Syrups I saw an improvement.

I was abusing the syrups big time. Once I stopped that went away.

I am a stats/daily log freak. I won't eat my L&G until I sit down, enter it all into my log, and try to get my numbers for carbs, calories, fat, and protein right where I want them for the day. I even pick my evening Medifast meal based on those numbers. I also look at my avg numbers at the end of the week too..

I know this will be the way it is for me even after I get to goal. I will always have to track my exercise, condiments, weigh/measure my food, track and log everything I put into my body in order to keep that awareness going. I had reasoned out in my head pre-MF on other diets that I could just log every so often as a check-in but that is when things start to slide for me. It's the same thing for the scale too. I weigh myself daily now. Logging feels like #1 tool that gives me control over my food addiction/unhealthy relationship with food...

Comment #25

So this thread made me re-think and I went and googled the nutrition info for garlic powder. Well, I'm cutting it out! Who knew 1 tsp could have 27 CALORIES and 6g CARBS. BUHHHH BYE, BABY!!!!! I definitely do not need the extra cals or carbs from a silly spice!.

Thanks for the much needed wake-up call!..

Comment #26

Music Gal - I'm glad you posted this - I figure the Medifast gods knew what they were doing when they told me that I should only have three condiments a day, so I listened to them lol - I figured spices (even "dry" ones) had carbs, but never took the time to look it up - I'm going to have to remember your post when I'm in maintenance and living the weight loss battle every day, but don't have the restrictions of the weight loss phase of Medifast imposed on me. YIKES - 6 carbs that is CRA-ZY!..

Comment #27

Just as an FYI. One Tablespoon has 27 calories and 6 g of carbs. One Teaspoon has 9 calories and 2 g of carbs.


And one teaspoon of garlic powder is quite a bit. I know when I use it, I sprinkle it on lightly...

Comment #28

Whoops!! You're right! I read it wrong. But still, it scared the beejezus out of me... enough for me to say good-bye to it! Thanks for catching that..

Comment #29

A lot of the recipes for L & G call for a good amount of condiments. I made the chicken veggie soup out of the Medifast cookbook and was surprised by the number of condiments in the recipe. Some days I'm inching towards 100 g of carbs because I eat a maintenance bar everyday, so I really do have to watch the dried seasonings...

Comment #30

Now that I think about it, I haven't been very good keeping within the 3-condiment limit..

Condiments I use regularly (but not necessarily every day): salt, pepper, blackening spices, Splenda, SF syrups, Crystal Light..

I will sometimes (every other week or so) use ketchup or mustard..

I log the Splenda and Crystal Light.

I should get these back on track. This was a good post for me to read to get me refocused...

Comment #31

I only use dry spices on my L&G that we grill and that's about it for condiments. I also don't do a snack. I might once a month have Peanut Butter but that's about it. I am having way too much chicken not to use some spices...

Comment #32

I keep sort of a rough count in my head, but I only stop to specifically log oils or fats or other caloric things, for the most part. (And I eat a lot of seafood and poultry, so sometimes I have to consciously grab a healthy fat that way.) Part of this is because a lot of the condiment recommendations are way bigger than I'd use, so trying to keep track of a sprinkle that totals less than 1/4 tsp of a seasoning, or 1/2 tsp of SF syrup, or 2 second spritz of cooking spray, or 2 TBSP of bouillon, would make my tired little brain explode. So my guess is that some days I get up to 4 or so, in increments of half- and third-size bits, and a lot of days I'm under. And I almost never eat snacks (sometimes I have a single piece of sugar free gum, which I chew for a looong time, to tide me over if I'm feeling nibbly.) I also usually drink 100+ ounces of water a day (and have naturally low blood pressureI've been told in the past to eat MORE salt), so I don't worry over much about sodium. Then again, I consciously only weigh in once a week, so water weight fluctuations aren't something I care too much about. I've been pretty happy with my rate of losses and how easy it's been for me to stay on the program in general, but I think doing the condiment math would be more stress than reward, for me personally...

Comment #33

I count most condiments in my head, but don't log them. I try to keep my carbs under 85 so that I don't have to worry about logging the condiments. I don't count salt as a condiment. I don't ever use splenda and only use SF syrups about once a month. But I do have baking powder and eggbeaters in a muffin once in awhile, so those days I don't do condiments with my L&G. I have to say my L&Gs are getting really boring, so maybe I need to use my 3 condiments with my L&G and have my Medifast meals unadulterated...

Comment #34

Extremely helpful thread! I sometimes use garlic powder and onion powder and had no idea they have calories and carbs - I will have to start measuring them more carefully now and make better use of my "1/8 tsp" measuring spoon...

Comment #35

I'm only a week in, but I haven't been tracking condiments. To be honest, I don't use them very much. I have added some non-caloric herbs and pepper to soups (but not that much), and I do measure my salad dressing (I only eat leaner or leanest options so I have the extra fat to play with). It's only the lean & green that it would be a factor.

'm not a sweets person, so the oatmeal, drinks, shakes, etc. are already on the sweet side for me. I have used actual peppers along with other veggies in my egg beaters for flavor...

I figure if/when I plateau, I'll revisit the issue. Right now, I'm just going with the simplicity of "add water, stir, heat (if necessary) & eat"..

Comment #36

I don't count them. I use SF syrup and cinnamon in my morning mug muffin and I use one packet of Splenda in my evening cream cheese for my brownie. These little things help me stay on Medifast foods rather than being tempted to eat junk. If I sensed that they were getting out of control or lowering my success, I'd start counting more strictly..


Comment #37

I don't count condiments, but then again I don't use many. A sprinkle of herbs or spices on my protein is about it. I have a Laughing Cow a couple times a week and I do count that...

Comment #38

In addition, I keep a journal, on paper, and write down everything I consume. I used to use the tool here, but my journal is more portable and I can include all sorts of notes about that day. I keep a running total of everything thing I use including a dash of salt, so I guess, even though I don't 'measure' salt and pepper, I do record it and what I used it on. I rarely use more than 1.5 or 2 condiments per day..

8-(\ /).

=( '.' )=..

Comment #39

I am glad I posted this thread. What everyone has to say has been interesting.

I really need to start checking out the nutritional facts on my dry spices! YIKES! I think I am going to start counting again, and see what happens. Though I am not doing to deny myself a measly condiment if it will save me from a bigger offplan break. If I notice a difference in my condiment counting I'll let everyone know.....

Comment #40

I have lost my taste for sweet drinks. I use less than a packet of splenda in a day. I do use a teaspoon of pumpkin pie mix when I make a gingerbread muffin-two or three times per week.

Since I am sick right now, I am using Emergen-C Lite...

Comment #41

Gingerbread muffin?!!!! Please do post this delicious sounding recipe!..

Comment #42

I use the pancake mix, 3-4 tablespoons of water (you can substitute a TBSP of davinci gingerbread syrup), and a heaping teaspoon of pumpkin spice. (If you like sweetness, you might want to add some splenda or stevia.) Place ingredients in the cheap shaker jar. Shake four times. Spoon into large cup. Microwave (mine comes out best at 2:25).


Comment #43

Ohhh very cool! Thank you! I don't use DaVinci syrups but might consider it for that recipe! Especially when I'm making everyone gingerbread cookies and I won't be having any LOL.



Comment #44

I keep a mental note of my condiments but don't track them. I don't use that many - usually just L&G as either a some vinegar and fresh pepper on a salad, or spices on protein..

I rarely doctor up my Medifast meals, because I feel like it would be my slippery slope to wanting them all the time to spice up shakes, etc. I try to limit that to my treat to having an occasional spicy hot cinnamon and cayenne brownie or shake..

But on the flip side, I started drinking diet soda again, so I can have it with my shakes when I'd stopped drinking it a while back...

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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