How soon to stop minocycline before Murad Acne Complex?

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Hey, all. My derm just prescribed me with Murad Acne Complex, although I don't actually start it until next month because of iPledge. He told me to take minocycline (an oral antibiotic) until then. However, the iPledge book says to make sure you don't take oral antibiotics while on Murad Acne Complex because it increases your risk of pressure in the brain. So what I'm wondering is: How soon before taking Murad Acne Complex should I stop the minocycline to make sure it is not in my system?My second question: I plan on getting laser hair removal when I'm finished with Murad Acne Complex. I asked my derm how long I should wait after stopping the Murad Acne Complex before I get the laser done (as he also does laser hair removal, so I figured he should be in the know!).

He told me I only had to wait six months for invasive procedures like dermabrasion and that I only had to wait about a month for laser hair removal. The iPledge book says otherwise. Who do I believe? Any advice?Any other tips you guys have for me would be greatly appreciated, like: What's the best chapstick to use? The best lotion? Supplements? Etc?Thanks, everybody!..

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Your question was: How soon to stop minocycline before Murad Acne Complex?.

Thanks for the info. I feel better about the antibiotics now. (I wonder if they will help? I just started them yesterday.)Nobody has any ideas on the laser hair removal thing, huh? Nobody's tried getting a wax or something after Murad Acne Complex? Darn... well, I suppose I can just have the laser technician test a spot of my skin before doing an entire area. Now that I think of it, they test a spot anyway. Ha ha, well, that's good!Any more tips on products to use? I hear a lot of buzz about Aquaphor and Carmex for lips... which one is better? I've got a whole month to research the best products to use, so I'm trying to prepare myself wisely...

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For my lips, I use cherry Carmex. I'm really pleased with it because it has helped my lips so much. I also use(on really dry days, like now in winter) the medicated Chapstick. For my face I use OLAY complete all day moisture lotion spf 15. I really love this moisturizer!..

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I actually was in the middle of my laser hair removal treatments when I decided to start Murad Acne Complex. I had finished 4 but still have 2 more to go. The med spa I go to also told me to wait 6 months after I'm done with the Murad Acne Complex to start with my final 2 treatments. I guess it sucks to wait so long but I'd rather not chance getting burns on my face or having some other kind of horrible reaction..

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Im starting acutane next month as well! I am addicted to this site, there's so much great info. I actually already went out and bought cleanser, moisterizer etc so I have everything when I start to dry out like crazy. From reading almost every post I went out and bought Cerave moisterizer, Bio-Oil (oil for stretch marks,scars,dehydrated skin,uneven skin) and Cetaphyl cleanser. So far it seems like these are the most used. (so affordale too, average is ten dollars each at drug store)The bio-oil seems amazing, lots of natural ingredients. Im on doryx and duac gel right now, which hasn't done a thing. Im so excited and cant wait to dry out like crazy!! Im prepared, bring it on! Good luck!..

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