How severe is Murad Resurgence's initial breakout?

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How severe was it?how long did it last?and from what ive read, ive heard breakouts can be continous while on Murad Resurgence?can you guys please post experience?..

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Your question was: How severe is Murad Resurgence's initial breakout?.

Dont worry about it too muchWell mine wasnt too bad, lasted about 15 - 20 days. And it was just a FEW more pimples than usual. Didnt make too much of a differenceDont worrry ! And good luck..

Comment #1

I'm on my 12th day on Murad Resurgence and my skin was pretty much clear before I started and it is breaking out now, but nothing like it used to. One thing I think is was kind of odd is that it's all along my left jaw area where even at my worst I never had too many pimples. But it's not bad at all, nothing to stress over and if my skin had been like it was at it's worst I doubt I would have even noticed much of a difference. So, to sum it up, don't worry too much. Best of luck on your Murad Resurgence course!..

Comment #2

My breakout has lasted 10 weeks... and I'm clearing up on week 11... but I dont know if it is completely over! some people do breakout their entire treatment and dont clear up until AFTER they stop. it's different for everyone. I think it depends how much acne is UNDER your skin. I knew I had a lot of cysts under my skin... so I was expecting a horrible IB..

Comment #3

Ive been on acutane three ib started last week and id say as of now it isnt that bad but it's getiing worse......

Comment #4

My IB is just now starting to get pretty ugly, hue cysts on my forehead and side of my face. My face is dry as hell too, lips extremely chapped, we'll see, and I'm only on day 7, so it's happening quick.....

Comment #5

Honestly I barely got was pretty much the pimples I already had filling quickly..

Comment #6

Mine wasn't to bad it lasted for about 4 days ....... But in the 4 days I was pissed everyday..

Comment #7

NOt bad..I really never got one. Just a few pimples extra. Nothing serious..

Comment #8

I'm currently on mine. I have worse skin than I ever had. And I'm embarrassed to leave my room or talk to anyone. My only saving thought is that I'm setting up a contrast; I feel so bad now I will feel amazing later! And I will look amazing later too (at least in comparison to how disgusting I look now). I'm on day 19. Worst thing is I'm breaking extremely close to my lips.

Christ. At least I don't have to find an ugly friend like girls do. I'm my own ugly friend!..

Comment #9

Why would you go on Murad Resurgence if your skin was 'pretty much clear'?on topic, mine was badbut I started right off the bat w/ 80mg/dayi prolly should have got an antibioticim about to start my 3rd monthi cant tell if it's getting better or notmy face feels really smooth in some parts & I know that my pores are shrinking in some places (nose esp.)but I just got over a huge pimple on my left cheek & ive got some actives on my neck/jawlineits hard to tell b/c how I feel about my skin seems to fluctuate day to dayi feel like it's calmed down thoughi dunno..

Comment #10

I am on week 5 of Murad Resurgence, started on 60mg a day. Derm said initially he was going to up it to 120mg a day, bbut after first checkup he has said he was very pleased with how it has responded and I am staying on 60mg for the next two months.My initial breakout was BAD, and well, still is. I suffer from chest and back acne. Didnt get any new cysts but the ones that were already there became tender and excruciatingly painful. Also started getting bad cysts on my neck, under my arpits and on my arms of all places. Got some new very big cysts on my chest too, although these are not painful.One thing I am noticing is preMurad Resurgence a cyst would appear and stay untill it burst, would then die down, refill etc.On Murad Resurgence I am finding that within days of appearing the cysts (which by the way range anywhere from o.5cm in diameter to 2cm) start to dry out immediately...

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Because it wasn't always pretty much clear. I recently had a really bad breakout. Really really bad. And I now have the red marks to show it. But I was diligent with my topicals and took crazy amounts of supplements and got my skin to a good place, but I didn't want it to ever get that bad again. It was caused by a medication I started taking and I'm not taking it anymore so I'm sure my skin would have cleared up on it's own but I didn't want to take any chances...

Comment #12

Don't put too much into the IB I was so worried when I first started Murad Resurgence because of the IB. I almost backed out because of all the horror stories. this is day 70 and really no IB (yet)..

Comment #13

I just started so I havent gotten anything but I'm prepared for it (i think) lol..

Comment #14

Omg were twins lol. I think I'm having my initial breakout anddd it's like day 17ish? and I have one on my forehead which is usually clear. and a bunch around the mouth area. it sucks...

Comment #15

Didn't really have an initial break out. I guess it depends on the person. Give it time, I've been on it almost a month and it is already working!..

Comment #16

My IB came in around the 3rd month. I had cystic acne before I started Murad Resurgence and once I started I got maybe 1 or 2 cysts during my entire course. My IB was mostly small pimples on my forehead, cheeks and jawline. They went away entirely after I stopped my course. Try not to think too much about the IB I find when people are stressing about getting an IB they definately get an IB. Good luck!..

Comment #17

Hey, I'm on my third course of Murad Resurgence been on it for about 10 weeks and I have only noticed that it seems to be getting worse, has really pissed me off, got my next derm appointment xmas eve lol!! Anyway just to say I know how you feel!..

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Ummm month and half straight was pretty bad for me..

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