How much weight did you lose on Nutrisystem?

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I was admiring before/after photos in another thread, which was great inspiration. As I admired, I had some questions of folks who have been on the program for a little bit (I am on Day 3, so I am very new!). If you're willing to share, I'd be most grateful!.

1. How much weight have you lost? (Start weight/current weight?).

2. How long has it taken?.

3. How much physical activity do you typically have in a week?.

I know everyone loses differently, but I'd love to get a gauge on the range out there.

About me: I am finally committed to losing the 35 lbs of extra weight I packed on when pregnant. I was somewhat immobilized during the pregnancy and also had gestational diabetes, which required me to eat WAY more (and more frequently) than I normally would. After I gave birth, I focused so much on my child and husband and career that it was easy to ignore myself. However, I really miss ME and am working to get ME back.

I love the inspiration I derive from all of youand your stories also help me to set realistic goals for myself..

Thank You!..

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Your question was: How much weight did you lose on Nutrisystem?.

Libra: Impressive! How long did it take you to reach your goal? What kind of exercise did you incorporate?.

Tess: WOWcongrats! I'm amazed that the weight was coming off without any exercise (which is a testament to NS, for sure). Thanks for the welcome. And beware of the VINCES! LOL!..

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I'm down 60 lbs in 5.5 months. I do cardio for 45 minutes 6 days per week...

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I lost 70 lbs in about 14 months. No exercise for the first 2 months, then added walking and strength training. A few months later, added exercise videos (The Firm, Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, etc). Now I do Zumba in addition to the others and run as often as possible...

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I'm one of the big losers - over 200 lbs. I started at 329 (5'2") in Jan. 2006 and reached lowest weight of 109 in Sep. 2007. Have been maintaining between 120-130 for roughly 2 yrs. now.

Started w/just a few minutes on the treadmill, but now walk 6 miles at least 6 days a week. It's my "me" time - time to think, etc. Nutrisystem literally saved my life. You'll find lots of encouragement here on the boards and answers to just about any question. PamSB another longtime member offers terrific guidance.


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I would just like to caution you to judge yourself only by yourself. I had only a few lbs to lose and I only lost a few. It took a long time for me, sometimes a month for one lb because I did not have a lot to lose, going on the program did not change my eating habits that much, and at my age the metabolism really slows down, and I had been exercising anyway. When I would hear of other people losing multiple lbs per week it was frustrating but it is just the way it is, and I have to deal with it. No matter what is going on, stick with it because it works...

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Bill: Thanks for sharing. You've inspired me! I'd like to ramp back up to exercising 6 days/week (which I used to do once upon a time). This first week, my goal was 4x, and I've hit 3 days, so, I'm feeling great.

Vicki: That's incredible! I love Zumba, too, though I have to re-engage in it. That and pilates are my favorite.

Cindy: Thanks for the encouragementand you're amazing! My jaw dropped over your photo! Hearing your story makes me feel like the weight I need to lose is very do-able.

SmallerSixty: Thanks for the caution. Thankfully, I don't feel competitive when I read others' stories. Knowing what's possible energizes meand knowing that others lose more slowly is reassuring. I love knowing that, no matter what, people do lose weight on NS...

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Wow, simply impressive Cindy. You are quite an inspiration...

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I've lost 59 lbs on Nutrisystem from April to December 2009. I've been maintaining since then and continue to exercise 6-7 days per week. I do workout videos at home and walk with my dog Oreo..


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I lost 45 pounds in 6 months and have kept it off for 15 months. I work out for about 90 minutes 5 days a week...

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Jen: That's fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I'm hoping to get to a point where working out for 5-6 days/week is the norm. I plan to ramp it up to 6 days/week initially, just to get the butt in gear.

Michelle: Thank you. You've helped me to feel, again, like my goal is absolutely achievable in the time frame I have in mind (4-5 months)...

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I've lost 30 pounds in a littls less than 4 months. This is with MINIMAL exercise. I still need to get moving! I am gonna start the couch to 5k program soon - prolly next week.

My average is 1.58 pounds per week. I love this program. It works, and I feel like I can keep doing it without getting bored or feeling deprived..


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LMAO - yup, gotta keep you eye on those damn Vinces..

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Okay, you are a role model to me! My goal is to lose 35 lbs in 4-5 months. I've started exercising again (already 4x this weekwoo hoo! I'm quite proud of myself for that!), so I'm feeling very good about reaching that goal..

I agree with you, too, that I don't feel deprived.When I was a single gal who worked out regularly, I ate as I am eating on NSexcept with less variety. I wound up making a healthy entree and having to eat it over the course of a week (since I lived alone). I keep joking with my DH that this is getting me back to where I wasexcept it's like I have a menu to choose from every night. He's a bit envious, as he's a triathlete (for "fun" LOL) and so his diet is very regulated and controlled. Poor guyswith his grilled chicken breast and salad and strawberries last night while I got to have a salad and strawberries AND flatbread pizza!..

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Yeah, because one (Vaughn) reared his head again in that thread! Yikes!..

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I'm only like 65% to goal but i've lost 32 pounds from 175.5 to 143.1 and i've been on the program since January 1st. I do an hour of card 5-6 days a week and walk a lot recreationally. My loss is probably a lot slower than yours will be as I have type one diabetes with insulin resistance. Good luck on your journey, with sincere effort anything is possible!..

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You're an inspiration. Thank youand thanks for the encouragement...

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