How much tea is OK on Medifast?

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So I can't find anywhere if tea is limited on MF. I think we're supposed to limit caffeinated drinks to 2 or 3 a day, but what about herbal tea?..

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Herb tea...Drink away! Great way to get your water in...especially when it's getting cold!.


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They usually qualify that you don't count it toward your water intake as I recall though. Herbal teas come in all different iterations too so it wouldn't hurt to run the particular brand/flavor past Nutrition Support either.....

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So I posted the whole 'why doesn't herbal tea count as water' debate to NS. The responses were not helpful. Basically they said "just because," which to me is a bunch of crappola:.

"Congratulations on your weight loss!!.

Medifast generally recommends a minimum of 64 oz. of zero-calorie fluids per day, ideally of water, with other zero-calorie beverages consumed in addition to this amount. This helps maintain proper hydration and helps to establish a healthy habit.

Hope you find this information helpful!".


Hi, this is Jennifer again.

"Herbal tea with zero caffeine and calories does add to your hydration, however, Medifast recommends at least 64 ounces of plain water per day, ideally. This helps maintain proper hydration and helps to establish a healthy habit.".

Umm, how is plain water healthier than herbal tea? I found this response really unhelpful. I'd understand if herbal tea added calories or carbs, but it doesn't. I completely understand not counting caffeine free sodas, caffeinated drinks, and other diet drinks... Yet Nutrisystem helps people add laughing cow and pizza to their plan?? I just don't get it...

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I believe it's the habit of the 64oz they are going for. Regardless of what else you choose to drink they want you to make the 'habit' of 64 oz of plain water a regular part of your daily life. All too easily people can start replacing water with other things.. and it's a slippery slope I guess for some. I just make sure to get the 64oz in everyday and I also have a few glasses of tea.. a little extra hydration might not be a bad thing..

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The thing is the herbs in "herbal tea" are not inert. They all have sort of effect on the body beyond simple hydration which is why they are so often used medicinally. There is no possible way for Nutrisystem to address all "herbal" teas in any specific way. A simple mint "tea" made of water and mint leaves is very different than tincture designed to cure a cold, etc. Not to mention the possibility of certain flavored teas inducing cravings. That is why it is safest and easiest for Nutrisystem to recommend plain water, no complications..

I think the best thing to do would be to make sure you know the effects of what you are drinking. Google the ingredients and see if you might be causing any unintended consequences. On the bright side recent research reported in Natural Health magazine suggests Green Tea and Ginger aid in weight loss so drink up!..

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Water has nothing in it and herb tea it's going to make your kidneys work harder if you drink a lot of tea and plus you do need lots of plain water to flush out your kidneys so they can function healthy....that is my thought for the day.....

Be true to yourself.


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Thanks posters! THIS is what I was wanting to know from NS...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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