How much ground turkey can I have for Medifast?

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Can someone please clarify how much ground turkey I can have for my L&G? I thought it was 6oz, but when I put it in MyPlan it said my Lean intake was too high...

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Your question was: How much ground turkey can I have for Medifast?.

There are different measurements. It all depends on the % of fat content. If it is 99% fat free you get 7 oz...

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I used 93% fat free. How many oz would that be?..

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I am guessing, possibly 6. Yes, here it is:.

Ground turkey or other meat -.

95 - 97% lean.

Chicken - breast or white meat.

Without skin.

Fish - swordfish, trout, halibut.


And 1 healthy fat serving.

You can also go to the Success tools tab at the top of the page, click "Eat Right"; then more "more downloads" brings you to "Guides and tools"; you will see the lean link under the title "Nutrition"..

Hope this helps...

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Oops I guess it was really 5 oz for 93%. I always buy the 99%...

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For some reason the lower fat ground turkey is NOT in the my plan list I have added it in to my private foods..

You should definitely search the nutrition board but I usually go with 6 oz for 93% lean and 7oz for 99% lean...

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Shortee - I never paid too much attention to what the graph bars said, as they were usually wrong. Almost without fail my Lean bar either showed me over or under when I was right on plan...

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You might want to take a look, too, if it's ground turkey breast or just plain ole' ground turkey. I'm pretty sure that makes a difference for portion size. Maybe we should ask Nutrition Support...

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Yep. Unless it specifically states that it's ground turkey breast, ground turkey is mostlydark meat, which would explain the 5oz serving. (you can usually tell just by the color) If it's ground turkey breast, weigh as you would regular turkey breast...

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Thanks guys! I didn't even think to check if it was ground turkey breast, or just ground turkey. I just picked up a package of Jenny-O and was on my way. This was my first time ever purchasing ground turkey so I am now more aware of what to look for. It looks like I may have eaten 1oz too much, but hopefully that won't derail me.

Since we are clarifying...can someone please clarify how many MSF veggie patties are considered 1 lean portion (6g carb per patty or less). The initial information I received from Medifast states 2 are considered a portion, however I notice a lot of people here say just 1. I hope I haven't been over-eating on veggie burger night!..

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1 extra oz of protein isn't going to hurt you. Just remember in the future, the lighter the color the leaner the turkey..

Can't help with the MSF. Personally can't stand them...

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I'm seeing 5 oz. for ground turkey - surpising, I know!..

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There are different measurements. It all depends on the % of fat content. If it is 99% fat free you get 7 oz...

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