How much does Medifast really cost?

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Got a quick question: How much does Medifast really cost? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Blech!!! I got the WF bbq sauce and it's so gross that it just makes me gag yucko!!!.

Well, there is like 12 bucks thrown in the trash LOL.....

Ive learned my more WF for me..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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I had a bad experience with Medifast foods and learned my lesson - SAMPLE PACKETS! lol!.

I'm sure that WF would be happy to supply you with a few if you're ever interested in their products, but don't want to take the plunge..

I love the chocolate and blueberry syrups. I've ordered blueberry jam so I can mix that with the Medifast vanilla shakes and have blueberry! (I'm a sucker for blueberry!).

Be warned about one thing though - really shake the syrups. Bitter stuff settles on the top. I didn't shake it well enough the first time I tried it and almost gagged...

Comment #2

Oh yeah...NO more for me! I should of learned from my first experience with the salad dressings LOL..

Comment #3

Steph....don't throw it away yet! Think of one of the Medifast meals you hated at first and now like. A lot of the WF products have to grow on you. Most all of the WF dressings I now love I had to use as cooking flavorings first. Try cooking with the BBQ sauce first. Doctor it up a LITTLE bit, maybe with SPLENDA or some hotsauce, and then wean yourself to it straight. Or find a recipe to try it in that has other strong flavors.


Comment #4

LOL..packets or any product from wf I'm out still feeling sick to mystomach now..blech!..

Comment #5

Thanks but no thanks! They are in the trash lol...there is nothing that can make me change my mind about those products..I though I would like them..but ewww...i still feel sickish to my stomach!..

Comment #6

I thought the Medifast pancakes were disgusting. The brownie was ok, but not too great either. I love the pretzle sticks! I feel like I ate something and it takes a while to eat them. I love the soup too! And I'm new what is WF?..

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You can go to and find out about them,.....they are NASTY!!!..

Comment #8

They are NASTY at first! But I like several of them now. The Asian and Sesame Ginger are great alternatives to soy sauce, if you water them down, and make great cooking sauces. The Creamy Bacon and Chipolte Ranch are great on salads. And the blue cheese, I use 2 TBSP with 2 TBSP Franks Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce and shredded chicken to make "buffalo chicken salad." If you decide to try them and don't like them for what they are, try them a different way. (like dressing as cooking sauce, or a mayo substitute.) ((HUGS))..

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Walden Farms has a 100% money back guarantee too will send you a check for the purchase amount (even if you've bought more than one) and I've never heard of them making you send the product back to them regardless of where you bought the product from...

Comment #10

Call the 800 number on the bottle where it says 100% guarantee (it's near the bottom of the label) and just tell the customer service person you just really didn't care for the taste or whatever. They'll ask for you name, address, and how much you paid for them and maybe something else off the bottle... I don't quite remember...

Comment #11

I agree, the bbq is nasty! I have tried cooking with them, yuk the pancake syrup I eat almost everyday, and the chocolate is ok....Salad dressings were really, really bad...I tried the honey mustard again last night, it is just way to gross......

Comment #12

Thanks so much! Yes their offices are now closed so ill call Monday mornin LOL..hey 12 bucks is 12 bucks..

Comment #13

I cld only imagine how their syrups taste yucko l9l..

Comment #14

The pancake syrup is pretty good, but I don't like anything else I've tried...

Comment #15

Lol - I just ordered a few things and now i'm like uh oh!..

Comment #16

Steph29, Totally agree..WF yuck. BTW i'm not on boards much but didn't you have the monkey pic?? loved that pic. It made me laugh everytime I saw it...

Comment #17

I agree the peanut butter is digusting .I will not order again...

Comment #18

WF is like Medifast - you may need to try the different items a few times before you like - or tolerate - them. I know the WF is mostly chemicals but it's not forever! And it does make the Medifast foods and L&G more flavorful..

Note that Wishbone makes "light" dressings, <2 g fat and <5 g carbs but around 300 mg sodium; Maple Grove Farms of Vermont has a yummy FF lime/basil vinaigrette, 90 mg sodium and 6 g carbs - a little high but good for a treat!..

Comment #19

Yeah I wasnt a fan of that, or the asian salad dressing..

Only thing that I am ok with is the syrup for my pancakes... but I think Ill just buy sugar free at the grocery store when Im out...

Comment #20

LOL yes you will have said that UH OH lmao!..

Comment #21

I would say we would be better off with "sugar free" LOL..

Comment #22

I think that is so funny how different people are! I really like the WF BBQ, Italian, and Balsamic dressings. Use them all the time. I'm amazed that they taste good to me as I usually detest anything Fat Free. In fact, these have been a real life saver..

Now the Medifast Cappucino......YUCKO!!!! (to quote someone I admire....).


Comment #23

Eggbeaters do that to me, I was nauseus for days! Poor Steph! But I do like their Creamy Bacon with some fresh ground pepper. And it doesn't make me sick!.


Comment #24

So far the only WF product I like is the pancake syrup. I tried multiple dressings, dips, and the BBQ sauce YUCK! I am willing to try the BBQ again, but it just has a chemical taste to me that I can't seem to get past...any suggestions on how to doctor it up?..

Comment #25

OK, WF=Walden Farms. That stuff is GROSS! I tried some of the stuff when I was on Weight Watchers. YUCK is right!..

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