How much does Medifast cost above your normal spending?

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To stay on Medifast over an above your normal spending? Me and a friend who is also on it, calculated it up, and I've figured it isn't costing me, really, any more to get thin, than it did to get fat. No, lunches out, no McD's in the a.m., no Dunkin Donut stops, no "bad extras" at home, plus I was paying $50 a month for a WW Easy Pass that I wasn't even using half the time. For me, it is pretty much a wash. Oh, also those WW "special" desserts and such were very pricey....


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I'm actually saving money b/c I'm making one trip a week to the grocery store not 5. My dh is deployed so it may be different if he were here but I think he'd probably do this with me if he were home. We never get fast food anymore either, which is helping also...

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I figured out that the cost of a month's worth of Medifast food is only about $50 more than what we were spending on eating out each month, which is not too bad. It's worth every penny to me...

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I'm saving money. Exactly like you said...No fast food, no chips, candy, ice cream, pop, etc from the grocery store is really adding up!!.

Another benefit for my family is that my kids are eating WAYYYYY less fast food and junk. Maybe...Maybe once a week. I have had no complaints either. My 9 year old decided she only wanted to eat off the food pyramid so I bought a nice laminated poster and it's hanging on the wall. She checks to see if what she is eating is on there. Sometimes she will actually put it back for something that is. Granted she just had a cinnamon roll for breakfast but she's 9!! And very active and thin..

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I am saving money. I used to spend about $35 per day on junk food! MCD, DD, chinese, etc......YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

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We're saving here too.... no eating out except once a month at a steak house. There are no fast food drive trhoughs... very little frozen pizza or orders...... if we are not saving, it's because I am buying organic meats and veggies. Just being healthier all the way around. Being here longer in life is very much worth a larger grocery/mf bill for the rest of my liife...

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I have to buy groceries for a big family. What I eat barely puts a dent in our food budget. So, Medifast is an added expense for us...

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I'm saving money by not going to the movies for 6 months. I don't want to smell that popcorn and not be able to have any so, we haven't gone. I haven't calculated if I am saving or not...I just know that I am not going to the grocery store nearly as much as I used to and the savings from not buying junk food, Starbucks,,etc. has got to be substantial. Now I know the money I have spent on new clothes has far surpassed any money saved elsewhere but at least I have something to show it for besides another layer of fat...

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Yes, I doubt I am spending any more than before considering I would eat out all of the time and have large quantities of fast food trash most days of the week. Even if I am not saving money, I AM saving my life. But I think I am saving money AND my life! I dont think it can get much better than that!..

Comment #8

I seem to be in the minority here - I'm spending more as I never went out to dinner anyway. Which is why I just changed my goal weight - only one pound though. I need to start transition sooner than planned because of the cost. I am very happy with where I'm at though and need to work hard at maintaining my loss. These boards and the plan tools help a lot and I plan to continue using them...

Comment #9

I think we're saving SOME money, just because neither of us is eating fast food at least once a week. My husband does still have it about twice a month, but before there were times that we would have from one place at least once a week, plus have something delivered once a month, plus go pick up from a restaurant a couple times a month. We didn't actually go OUT to dinner because we have 2 little kids and that is a logistical nightmare... but we bought a lot more crap from the grocery store..

Now my husband is running 3x per week, we eat a LOT of salad, and tend to buy both meat and veggies at BJ's Warehouse Club just because we can get the volume we need there..

I am just in the past month needing to buy clothes, because I had several sizes in my closet... as is common I think for women. I'm trying to only buy a few of each thing though, because I've already noticed the layering t-shirts I bought a few weeks ago getting loose. I'm OK with wearing clothing slightly too big, but I'm kind of at the point where my warm shirts are 2 sizes too big, so I may be hitting the after Xmas sales myself!..

Comment #10

I'm spending at least $200 LESS on MF. No Starbucks, eating out very rarely, no alcohol, and the groceries that I bought were clean eating (organic, lots of lean protein, fruits and veggies, whole grains only). Whodathunk I'd save money by dieting?!..

Comment #11

I think we're saving a fortune. Used to be breakfast at Starbucks, lunch at a local taco place, and then we'd have pizza, chinese or takeout chicken for dinner at least a couple of times a week. We had a ton of desserts and snack stuff around the house for weekend football watching. We spent a lot..

Now there's no take-out or crap in the house and, as an added benefit, my husband has lost 6-8 pounds without even making an effort.

We're way ahead of the game financially and healthwise...

Comment #12

I am saving money, because I was the dummy who would buy groceries with good intentions, and then end up spending about $20/day on fast food. So I would say that I was spending at least $800-1000 in food a month for a family of 5. Now it is about $650 including MF. Gotta love it..

Comment #13

I'm saving money too. It was really expensive to eat junk all the time, LOL. In order to justify spending the $$ on Medifast to my husband, I added up how much we (mostly I) had spent going out to lunch every day, getting pizza, was like $400 a month. Ridiculous! No wonder I've gotten so big, ya know?!..

Comment #14

I didn't eat junk for or go out that much, but I do notice HOW much food is always in the fridge!!! I will cook for my family, and then days later be likewhat? that is still in here? Guess who was eating all the food?!?! I don't have to shop as much, and I haven't calculated, but I know my health is worth it, not to mention all the DR's visits and medication that could someday be my life!!! I know it is a hardship for some though, not to make light...

Comment #15

DH and I used to eat every meal out (yes, that's 2 or 3x a day) - so despite the fact we are both on MF, we are spending way less on food...

Comment #16

I'm saving $80 a month on bp medicine that I no longer have to buy. I figured the long term savings in priceless..


Comment #17

Both of us are doing Medifast and we are saving but I haven't calculated how much. The 5 Medifast meals amount to about $12.50 a day. We were both stopping on the way to work to get breakfast, both going out to lunch (XL value meal runs ~$7) then were going out to eat for dinner...

Comment #18

I haven't calculated the savings, but I do believe it is costing me more money overall. I'm buying more quality food for my lean and green, but I've accepted that this part will become a new "cost of living" for me because I want to put more quality food in my body on a long-term basis. I'm helping to balance it out by not buying clothes, and the clothes I'll by for transition will be cheap. I will, however, make up for the savings once I start investing in a permanent wardrobe. NOT complaining about that, though...

Comment #19

Less money spent on starbucks runs..

Less money on lunch at work..

Less money on take out (still get chicken kabob salad) 1-2 times per week..

Less money on snacky food.

That is the day to day stuff....

Big picture: better health = less healthcare cost, better job opportunities, etc.

For me, Medifast is a win-win!..

Comment #20

Great thread. I have so much more money in my checking account since 9/22. I underestimated how much I spent on fancy meals out, happy hour with the girls, casual meals out, Starbucks, fancy meals at home. I will always be a foodie, but I realize that is going to be an occasional splurge and no more stopping at Baja Fresh for Tres Tacos after the gym...

Comment #21

Gee, I'm impressed with the savings. It sounds like none of us are helping the economy to recover.... except for MF...


Comment #22

I'm another one saving money. I was spending at least $10 a day on fast food and candy pre-MF...

Comment #23

Oh, no worries-I am definitely helping the economy recover through increased clothes shopping..

Comment #24

I was a binge eater and the amount of money I spent on my binges was prodigious. I'm at least breaking even on Medifast, if not saving...

Comment #25

I am definitely saving money, binge eating is expensive and then I would add extra real food to the cart so the checkout girl wouldn't ask me if I was having a party. I would also make extra trips to the store so I would have an excuse to pick up some candy or junk food and of course other stuff always got purchased just because we were there. If I bought the kids cookies they like and then ate when I was home alone I would have to go back out and buy them again so no one would know. I am also spending way less on clothes even though I had to replace most of my clothing. I don't just buy clothes because they fit like I used to, hurry up and grab some black slacks that look roomy. Now I shop much more and buy much less but it is way more fun...

Comment #26

Medifast is in an increase in our budget. There are five of us so I still have to shop for 3 growing kids and the hubbie...

Comment #27

I am spending more, I feed a family of 5 others, my 2 daughters, my son, my hubby and my grandson and I am the only one doing this, so it is an added cost, we never really ate out much, maybe pizza or something once a week...

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