How much does jenny craig cost? is it cheaper than Medifast?

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Got a quick question: How much does jenny craig cost? is it cheaper than Medifast? Thanks for any response. My 2nd question... For all of you who successfully reached goal and went on to T&M, did you continue to lose any weight in the T&M phases or did you really just stay where you left yourself on 5&1?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

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Thanks for the tip! I'm about 5lbs away from where I wanna be, so I'm anticipating what's to come.....

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Sure cant wait to get to t&m...but no rush LOL.....

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Carlie - I have seen people lose on t&m and I have seen people gain. It's a very individual thing and it's not the same for any 2 people. Me personally? I dropped 2 during weeks 1&2 and gained 3 in week 4. I suggest that you transition only when you have hit the weight you want to be at and feel that you can successfully maintain. It is much harder to go back to 5&1 after you are into t&m to get off a few straggler lbs. If you drop a couple more in transition, you can, as Freya suggests, always adjust your calories to accommodate any unwanted losses. I know that sounds weird, but I have actually known a girl that continued to lose at a ridiculous rate and had to fast forward to maintenance and really increase her calories/carbs to stop losing...

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I've lost 2.5 pounds in the first two weeks of Transition, but like De said, I'm not worried because I know Grain is coming. If I continue to lose (which I doubt), then I'll have to step back and regroup..

I considered calling it goal when I was 5 pounds away, simply to save the cost of another 2-3 weeks On Plan. But the mental JOY of reaching my goal weight for the first time in my dieting career has been more satisfying than any off plan food binge you could think of. Seeing that number day after day on the scale (and then an even lower number) has done more for me than all the compliments in the world. It is priceless. And very, very motivating...

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I didn't transition the way that you should. I shortened it a bunch, which I don't recommend. I also agree with Freya, get to the weight you want to be so that you don't have to go back on 5 & 1. I got to a healthy BMI the first time around and now I'm trying to drop an extra 15 and it sucks. I love Medifast, but getting back in the mental game is hard when you've been off for 5 months and maintaing..

All that to say, I didn't lose any when I transitioned (probably due to my quick form of it) and I gained about 4 pounds back (I started training for a half marathon and weight lifting a lot). I've kept it off with reltive ease (calorie counting still), but food will always be my struggle. Now I am aware of that. Before I was not...

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Totally agree with what De said. I also continued to lose in the first two stages/weeks of transition. I expected to during the first week, but the second week was a surprise. I kept losing like I was still on the 5&1 and actually dropped almost 5 lbs below goal. After that, it stayed about the same in week three, and I eventually gained a few back in week four..

Definitely stay on the 5&1 until you have totally reached your goal, as it is harder to go back. Medifast even advises you to stick with the 5&1 for an additional week after reaching your goal, before beginning transition...

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Someone talk to me about this "tweaking" to maintain. I'm short, so I'm wondering whether I'll be able to eat everything listed in T&M and still maintain my weight. How bad is it if you decide that grains are just not going to work for you? Or maybe it's dairy that causes you to gain - whatever. Would you need to adjust your veggie, fruit or protein intake to be able to get the dairy or grains in? How does that work?.

Of course, this is all quite a bit in the future for me so I don't know why I'm worrying about it now - I'm a worrier, I guess, LOL!..

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Hi tabgar, for us shorties, I called Medifast and they helped me tweak week 4 to ensure I didn't gain and it transitioned me seamlessly into a good maintenance plan. Once you hit T&M it's all about calories in and calories out. I rarely eat any grains. 99% of my carbs come from veggies and some fruit. Basically you adjust your eating to fit your calorie budget and still keep it balanced...

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So despite what the "health experts" and the food pyramid say, I won't DIE if I don't eat grains, right?.

Thanks, MT. Good to know that Medifast will help me with this when I get there. The thought of Transition just scares me. I am so afraid of putting the weight back on. I'm loving my new self and don't want the "brat" to get the upper hand ever again!..

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Good for you! The more you get that brat to practice good manners, the easier it gets, too!.

I won't say that maintenance isn't a struggle. It is, but if you have a plan, it gets a whole lot easier. I make my plan for the week, shop accordingly and that's what I eat. No extras. I also make sure I have things like protein bars in my purse for those "just in case" moments. No matter what comes up, I know I won't have to resort to my old bad foods, I can eat well and still be on plan...

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THIS is EXACTLY why I didn't give in's one of the first MAJOR days I struggled, mostly because the weight loss has SLOWED in the last 2 weeks, and for the last week to 10 days I"m gaining and losing the same 1/2 lb. NOT seeing as much movement and being SO close to goal felt overwhelming today, but I talked myself "down" from the desire to binge on some bad food choice..realizing I SOOOO want that feeling of "I DID IT..I got to where I haven't been in YEARS and really wanted to be but honestly wasn't sure it would happen". I want to see it happen. I'm close to goal (135) I fluctuate between 140.2 and 139.2 (started at 188.5)...

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I continued to loose the first few weeks......gained one back last it's like the other's have said, it's an individual thing..

I also say get to your goal then start transition..........if you loose too much just remember we're all pretty good at gaining so that shouldn't be a problem...LOL..

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I lost 3 more pounds in Transition.,,maintain between that lowest point and goal. I really think our bodies find their "set point", and that is the weight we find easiest to maintain...

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Oh! I too almost called goal when I was 3lbs away. I even posted about it. I said something about being happy where I was.....and blah blah blah...........But I'm really glad that I didn't do that because like the previous poster said reaching my goal was just a really great feeling!..........

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Kathy I recall reading about I am following the same pattern it appears. I was wondering if it crept off until the end, or did it creep off then one week you had a better weigh in that pushed it over goal? I know we're all different, but ...hoping that this creeping along will pay off with a 1-2lb goal in a week or 2?!..

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Ditto on absolutely hitting your goal first, unless you think your goal may have been set too low. I've lost an additional 6 pounds over the last 6 weeks of T&M, I think partially due to being slow on the uptake to increase calories (I have added grains and fruit as scheduled). It's only been the last week or so that I'm finally hitting 1,500 calories. At first it seemed like a ton of food and I just didn't have an appetite. Plus, I was/am probably a little too dependent on the meals (PB and Chocolate Mint Bars and HM Pretzels - LOVE them!)..

The next 10 days will be interesting - I'm on vacation and won't be accessing the internet much so expect to put a few pounds on (which is ok). I just want to maintain +/- 5 pounds of goal...

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I lost two pounds in the wait week and the additional vegetables week. I'm having berries tomorrow!..

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So IF there is a gain, most people gain it in week 3?? I just got both the quick start and theT & M guide with my last order and I am sooo confused,.

What is it about week 3??? is it the increase in calories or the kindof calories?.

Kay, who hopes someone will share their knowledge...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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