How much does it cost to do Jenny Craig or Medifast?

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My first question is How much does it cost to do Jenny Craig or Medifast? Thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Yeah....I think I got enough chemicals to choke down, between factory produced medifast, and "how is it possiable" Walden Farms, I'm good for now. Still can't stand vanilla shakes. eww...

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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I ordered from them and they are good. This is my third go around and I won't order anymore. You might want to try them...

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Can't take credit! I found a reference on an old thread while I was poking around...

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Thanks, KJ! I'm glad that someone liked them! lol!.

I've found that I'm not crazy about the vanilla shakes, but another poster recommended adding some cinnamon. It changed everything!.

I got the carbella cinnamon coffee cake. I figure that just a touch of that with the cinnamon and I'll have something worth writing about. (good or bad!)..

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I love Capella drops! The trick is to use enough.but not TOO much. The directions say to add 3-5 drops per 8 ounces and 6-10 in 16 ounces, but I always use a couple more than that. Also, you have to mix them in and then wait a minute or two for the flavor to really come through. The drops are not sweetened, so they.


Add flavor..

I have a breadbox full of bottles of drops. Early on they came in tiny glass bottles, but now they are squeezable plastic, and it's much easier to measure the drops..

I like a lot of different combinations - marshmallow in chocolate or vanilla shakes and puddings is one of my favorites! Pumpkin is great in the vanilla. In fact, almost.


The flavors are pretty good in the vanilla. I love the chocolate raspberry in the chocolate shake. Oh! French toast flavor is super good in the vanilla shake! And New York Cheesecake.yummy!.

I use Torani's and Da Vinci's, too, but Capella Drops are really totally different..

I haven't tried the water flavors yet.but probably will soon..


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Holy crap! I just went to Cappella and made a phony order for one bottle. With shipping it's over $8! I don't care if this stuff is pure ecstasy in a bottle, I wouldn't pay that, and I'm not a cheap individual. I'll stick with the semi-tasty Medifast dollar burners.....


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A bottle flavors a LOT of shakes, etc. Also, I never order without a discount coupon. They have one that expires today, and it's for 25% off, and it's right on their ordering pages...

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