How much do you pay for Medifast?

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Quick question: How much do you pay for Medifast? Thanks in advance for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Since Easter is coming up, and also warmer weather which brings summer parties are coming, how to survive without looking like your dieting or making special request. I figured using my L&G for when you are at the party. BUT I'm stuck on Easter because we usually have ham.....any suggestions, any past experience, any secrets that would helPPPP..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Im not worried about anything (for now) but I take one day at a time and well Easter I'm going to probably have my normal...or I may have turkey breast as my family is making turkey and Ill just make mashed cauliflower perhaps...either way..everyone knows around me that I'm on a DIET and if I choose to cheat well I hear about it and just shrug it off...but Im not to worried about falling off plan!.

Now when July gets is going to be in town andill be off work for a few thats a diff story LOL...but thats a ways.....

Comment #2

Now what if there isn't any other type of meat there but ham, would I be able to have the Lean part at a different part of the day or does it have to be with the green? Can it be broken up like that. IF so I could deal with a salad on out gatherings and just do meat earlier in the day. didn't know if you could do that..

I usually do all the cooking but mother n law is very insistent on cooking this year which is great by me. I just have to make potato salad which will still suck I'll have to find another taste tester

Other thing about Easter weekend is my nephews first bday party too the next day...GOSH this is going to be a test of a weekend!!!.

Thanks for all the feed back so far...

Comment #3

My family sometimes provides some turkey for non-ham eaters. I plan to bring some of my own turkey breast, in case this hostess does not...

Comment #4

You can split your L&G if that works best for you. Totally not a problem...

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I can't imagine a dinner with family that wouldn't let you take your own turkey breast to stay OP. You can split your lean and your greens. It's better to do that than to eat off your plan..

I cooked thanksgiving dinner from scratch for 15 people, friends and family. You should have seen me running around my mom's house looking for tasters..

Fond memories...

Comment #6

That is something that I will be doing all summer!!! - thanks for the info I feel a lot better about gatherings now. Especially since I can split up my L&G to stay OP.. this is my 9th day and there is just so much to learn that can help you so much!.


Comment #7

Nutrition support has addressed the question of ham in the past and it could be incorporated as your lean on a special occasion:.

My name is Jessica; I am one of the Registered Dietitians of the Medifast Nutrition Support Team..

Although not found on the list of "lean" options, on occasion, ham (which is a "lean" type of protein) may be incorporate 5 ounces of ham as another "lean" option..

As a reminder, some hams are infused or coated with honey or brown sugar. These will add carbohydrate and should be avoided..

Additionally, ham tends to be much higher in sodium than other leans on the recommended list, so it may be best to incorporate this only occasionally (as higher sodium intake can lead to water retention which may affect "fluid status" within the body. This can sometimes appear as a "weight gain" on the scale (which causes people to often feel disappointed/frustrated) but don't worry, if this seems to happen just know that water retention is only temporary.)..

Comment #8

Wow, with all those caveat warnings, I would just stay away from ham...

Comment #9

You are welcome Dreamer. It so can be done!!..

Comment #10

My sister in law started Medifast right before Thanksgiving 2010. She stayed OP throughout the ENTIRE holiday season -including her birthday. I did the cooking and we always had a lean(ish) meat (turkey for Thanksgiving and prime rib for Christmas). She brought huge, gorgeous salad for Thanksgiving and I roasted some asparagus, radishes, and carrots (carrots were not for her, they are my Dad's fave). Then Christmas, she roasted eggplant, squash, onions, and mushrooms to go with the meat and we had salad..

If possible- offer a specific item to bring rather than ask an open ended question to the host/ess about if you can bring something. I learned from my SIL that asking directly was best for her and easier on me so I knew what to expect would be accompanying the meal...

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Well I take what I need, and that's that. If necessary cook chicken then reheat in the host/hostess' microwave with a veg or salad. Take a brownie for a later dessert..

This year I'm cooking, and although we usually have ham, their getting turkey breast in the crockpot..

No body messess with the cook without dire consequences......

Happy Easter!.


Comment #12

I'm starting to worry about thisso far, I have Passover, Easter, two showers, a baptism, two weddings, a vacation, DS's birthday and my own, my anniversary, various picnics and special dinners between now and July! I've done GREAT so far (nearly 30 pounds off in about 6 1/2 weeks!), but I have a LONG way to go!.

I'm going to take the events one day at a time, focus on having fun and visiting with my family and friends, and stay OP! I've got a game plan for Passover and Easter, luckily (my in-laws are very supportive of my diet and eat healthy, they always have turkey and roasted veggies, I'm bringing a salad), and we are going out for Easter (to a place with nice salads, etc. not the buffet we went to last year!).

Meanwhile, I need to find a few cute new outfits to wear to all these events! Everything's getting big! A good problem to have!.

Hugs, Maria..

Comment #13

Nathansmom40 touches on a very good point there will ALWAYS be some sort of holiday/special occasion to prepare for..

Human beings are hardwired to want to celebrate big events with food. In the past, when food was not so readily available and people ate mainly to survive, those celebratory events happened maybe once a year or so, so it was a huge deal to have a big feast. Now, however, food is so readily available in the developed world that the specialness of a feast day has been lost. We celebrate anything and everything, and for many it is always an excuse to be gluttonous. Easter, Pascha and Passover are legitimate reasons to feast (especially if the one celebrating is actually celebrating the religious holiday with specific foods related to the holiday). Picnics, baby showers, etc, on the other hand, are not occasions to overeat they are occasions to relax, play games, have fun with friends and family and celebrate life..

But does feasting have to mean filling up with fatty, sugary, salty, high calorie foods? Of course not. We have the know-how on how to make delicious, healthy foods. You can have ham (it is actually very lean), but skip the glaze and get a lower sodium ham if possible. Make your roasted vegetables, just leave out the starchy ones and use asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, etc. Have your mashed potatoes, just use caulifower instead of potatoes. Have beautiful salad.

Feasting is not just about food, but also about the feeling one gets from being with family and friends on an important holiday. Keep in mind what exactly it is you are celebrating, let it renew and refresh your faith, and gain strength from knowing that it is not just an excuse to pig out...

Comment #14

Personally, I'm just planning to arrive slightly *after* Easter lunch. That way I can still socialize with my family, but not have to answer questions about why I'm not eating like I usually do...

Comment #15

We have a pork tenderloin-so good. I make biscuits and those that can eat those have the tenderloin on that..

Every party is different-many have veggies you can snack on-you can always bring those for sure. If it the event is at my mom's house I do not hesitate to just bring my own stuff-she doesn't care..

A lot of times I just make a plate and cut it up and then just throw it away when I can-I eat a veggie and a Medifast meal to fill me up before most events-then I can have the salad and lean if it is OP-if not I just eat it when I get home. Have a bar with you for the ride home!!!.

Have a wonderful Easter-.

Laura Lee..

Comment #16

My strategy when going to parties or anything else where there will be food but it isn't something where everyone sits down to eat in unison is pretty straightforward: eat my L&G right before I go, and just pretend the food table isn't there at all so I'm not tempted. At parties, people are just grazing anyway, and at picnics, people tend to eat at their leisure and will assume you've already eaten or just haven't eaten yet when you're doing something other than eating. I always bring a bar or some puffs along as well in case I get hungry, as the only people that will notice what it is are people that are familiar with MF, and they're hopefully on your side. I've NEVER had anyone ask me why I wasn't eating in any of these settings..

Other, more formal food-related gatherings are a different deal, and it kinda depends. I would just bring a side that I know is on plan, typically a salad. If I'm reasonably certain there will be a protein there that won't be embellished with a bunch of stuff I can't have, I'll make the salad green only; if not, I'll add some diced chicken breast or something. That way, you can ensure that you have something there that you can fill up on that will be on plan..

Will people notice that you're skipping some or all of the other foods? Who knows? Who cares? You've got to do this for you, and trust me on this, the minor discomfort that you get from brushing it off and saying, "Yeah, trying to drop some weight" pales in comparison to the awesome feeling of getting rid of that extra weight. I'm not even really close to goal yet, but I already feel dramatically different as a result of the progress..

I realize that's easier said than done, so another option I've used is to contact the host in advance and just be very up front about the fact that you're making an earnest attempt to lose some weight, and would they be offended if you brought a dish to make sure you had something on plan. In my experience, your friends will support your efforts and be happy to accommodate you, and will generally be sensitive to not broadcasting it to everyone else. At least that way, you're having this discussion with one person in a controlled setting, and not airing your diet plans to an entire room full of people, at the moment..

When all else fails, just own it. Although no one really came out and told me, I'm pretty sure that my friends were all aware that I had become a pretty big dude and the fact that I needed to change my eating habits wasn't exactly news to anyone. With that in mind, I've been pretty candid with my friends about my efforts to drop some pounds, and I've found pretty much everyone to be extremely supportive. Once I hit a point where I was noticeably dropping weight, it was obvious that I was doing something anyway, so I didn't see a lot of harm in being up front about it if the topic came up...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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