How much cottage cheese can I eat during Medifast?

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Hi Everyone,.

I am a little confused about serving sizes. Last night for my lean and green meal I had 1-1/2 cups of cooked stir fry veggies and 1 cup of 2% cottage cheese (I just can't stomach the 1% or skim versions). I spread it out over my plate and put hot sauce on it. As I was enjoying my meal, my husband commented on the fact that it looked like I was eating a lot. After shooting him a nasty look, I thought to myself, this does seem like a lot. Now I was just looking at the faqs on the main site and noticed for cottage cheese, it says 1/2C to 1C of cottage cheese per serving.

Thanks for your help!.


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I am glad you asked this question, because I am a little confused too! The quick start program indicates that a serving size of the morning star burgers (meatless option) should be 2 burgers....however, depending on what kind of morning star burger you enter in your meal plan program, it gives you different "servings." For example...the Morning Star Flameless burger (or something like that) I had today... the program calls for 3 burgers at a total of 270 calories, but the quick start says any Morning star should be only 2 burgers. I played it safe and only ate 2. My calories are a little low for the day...but a little safe than sorry...of course now I am worrying that the total equation may be off as the program is designed. Hope that didn't confuse anyone!!!..

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Oops!!!!! I missed that second post!!! Sorry Juli! Thanks for your tips!! Next time I will read the entire thread! haha.

All my best.....

Sharon having a tired moment!!!..

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Thanks so much! This will help a lot. I printed it out and will put on my fridge. You are right, the 2% cottage cheese servings are contradictory. I am thinking 1-1/2 cups of seems like an awful lot and that we'd better stick to 1C, which is still a good serving. Thanks again for your help,.


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The L&G meal that you had was perfectly fine. Our L&G meals do look big, but, remember - they're not full of fat.

I always just log all my Medifast meals for the day before I make my L&G and that way I can play with the numbers until all of my stats are ok..

Example: last night I wanted to have egg substitute and cucumber salad for dinner. So, I logged all of my Medifast meals for the day including my PB2 and sugar free whipped cream. Then, I logged 2 cups of egg substitute, 1.5 cups of cucumber, and 2 grams of molly mccheese. well, I had plenty of carbs and cals so I added some tomato in. still had room to spare so I added more cucumber. Ended up with 2 cups of cucumber and .5 cups of tomato.

But, I was under 100g of carbs and under 1000 calories. They're just guidelines. I won't always be able to have 2 cups of cucumber and 1/2 cup of tomato in my salad but if I eat egg substitute as my lean and the same combo of Medifast meals then I can. What you can eat really does change every day and it depends on what else you ate...

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