How much can you lose on Medifast?

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My 1st question is: How much can you lose on Medifast? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Anyone from Iowa??.

I am looking for local connection and support. If you are and interested in forming a group here, Let's set up a support group...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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I am in Nebraska. 20 miles south of Omaha...

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Welcome Iowa Gals!!! What do you all think, you want to do a weekly thread and maybe add some challenges that we can work towards. Makes the week go faster..

Feel free to tell us a little about yourselves..

I've been on Medifast since Feb. 3rd and consider myself a slow looser, but a looser none the less. My favorite Medifast foods are the soups, bars and brownies! Even though I like the variety of the foods. I recently moved back to Iowa after being in New Jersey for 10 years and now close to my grandkids. The #1 reason I want the weight off. I don't want to be the granny sitting on the side - I want to run with them!!!..

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Hi Iowa Gals:.

Hope you are enjoying this warm weather..

We went out for dinner tonight and it took me trying on several pairs of capris before I found a pair that either weren't too baggy or the smaller sizes that were still too tight. But the thrilling thing is the too tight ones, were not even zipping a few months ago. So I am excited, a few more pounds out with a size and into a new size!!!!.

I noticed tonight too, all my necklaces are too long! It's falling off everywhere..

LOVE MF. How's everyone doing?..

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I'm doing good! The last couple of weeks my weight loss wasn't that good. Looking back over my food logs I found where my mistakes were and now I'm back on track! Also I put on a pair of jeans today that I bought new a year ago and never worn. Now they zip with no problem..

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Thanks for starting this thread Gloria. I'm in the central Iowa area too, 30 min. or so from DesMoines. I've lived here all my life. I'm just starting week 5. I'm staying OP.

I want to be able to play more with them and not have trouble getting off the floor..

I love reading how clothes aren't fitting as well anymore after weight losses. I haven't noticed that yet in me that I need smaller sizes, but it will come and I'm looking forward to that...

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HOT in Iowa today, I want spring back, not the heat and humid weather!!!!.

Candi - good for you in the ZIP up! Keeping track really helps me. I have a condiment problem, but it's all because of my morning coffee, so I struggle there, because I haven't wanted to give up the stuff I put in. How long have you been on MF?.

Smlltown girl - hang in the smaller clothes will come. I have been on Medifast for 9 weeks now, and yesterday was literally the first I noticed what you would call changes. They say every 10-15 lbs. will cause a size change, but that's not always true - it's an individual thing. I have lost 25 and now just seeing it. I think I loose from the head down, my necklaces have gotten longer.

What's your favorite Medifast food?.

Stay cool and let's hope the storms stay away., NW Iowa really got hit hard last night, lots of damage...

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I've been on medifast since February 14 this year. Definitely not digging the humid weather today..

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Sure hope we don't get storms tonight! It's so hot and muggy. My favorite Medifast foods are chocolate pudding, chocolate mint soft serve made as a shake, and either kind of the puffs, oh and the peanut butter bars and s'mores bars are good too. Hope it's okay to have several favorites...

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You must have what we had in Omaha yesterday. It was 89 at my house!! Where is spring? It is cooler today, but I have to admit, we turned on the AC yesterday because it was so hot and humid in the house...

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Yes it is hot and humid. We have a sweaty 6 month old so we had to turn the air on, I feel so bad when they are little and cant tell you if they are too hot/cold. Super glad for the nice weather though I got a walk in even though it was so windy! Backs of my legs hurt~ I pretty sure it's from walking into the wind and having to work harder!!.

I will be 31 next Saturday. I have 2 girls a 4 year old and a 6 month old. I did Medifast for 6 mo. before getting preggo with the baby and lost 60 lbs. I have been back on Medifast since end of Nov and have only lost 30 lbs.... I am clearly losing slower this time...

I *think* I am doing better now....

I am below my pre pregnancy weight but after the babe it's all shifted and my body is obviously not back to what it looked like before (hangy stomach.... not that it was tight before.

) but you know what I mean ?! I think that has played into my messing around and taking BLT's.

Thanks for starting this thread Gloria! Looking forward to getting to know all of you!.

SOOO that is my story..

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I am glad we all connected! It's nice to know we are all in the same "State" of Mind!.

Welcome to a cooler Monday than yesterday and did you hear they mentioned that 4 letter word SNOW again!!!! Dora we will watch your weather and expect to have it the next day..

What is everyone's Weigh In day. I change my ticker on Wednesday, WI..

Jrenecc - our bodies do change as we loose and gain back. It always seems to come back differently. In 2009 I lost 47 lbs and unfortuantely as I gained 35 of it back, it came back in the stomach(belly) area. In my case I think it's an age thing - I am 58 and in the past when I gained it didn't come back like that..

Smltowngirl - I am like you in my favorite foods - I like many of the Medifast meals; which is a good thing. I love planning out my day of what I will eat and get so excited when my new box of food comes each month..

Do any of you use a health coach?.

Have a wonderful Monday and remember we are changing here; and more than just our weight - our way of thinking! This is our Last time we will go through losing weight, we will change our lives!..

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Way to go, Gloria!.

I weighed this morning and had lost 7 pounds since I started last Wednesday. Pretty awesome! The thing I have noticed the most is that I'm much less grouchy, have more patience, and much more energy!.

Glad to see others from the DSM area. I am just 20 miles northwest of DSM...

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I'm from Iowa too. I live about 30 miles from DM out in the rolling hills and gravel roads...

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Elizabethann - that's awesome! I know I have a new skip in my step too..

Welcome to our group Muffy!.

I am so glad to be connected to some locals! What are some of your favorite L & G Meals. I am having a tuna patty tonight. I mix 1 T of egg beater with the tuna and crunch up the Soy Crisp Snack to add some crunch and then fry it with a little Pam. mmm, I love it! Then I make a salad for my green. Do any of you try recipes or keep it simple?.

Today's weather needs to be bottled (minus the wind), we worked in the yard all day, so lots of exercise!..

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Hi Gloria,.

I've been on Medifast for 1 1/2 months (lost 11 lbs and 14.5 inches..whoohoo). I live in Ames but teach in Des Moine area. I too was looking for a way to lose the weight because I want to keep up with four grandchildren too! Don't want to just sit and watch them but want to get down and play and swim with them! What better incentive is there!! :-)..

WHO Radio personality, Bonnie Lucas was where I hear about MF. She's been on Medifast since Thanksgiving and has lost 22+ lbs..

Love the idea to have a "local connection"! Need to send an invitation to Bonnie..

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Welcome smia and harrisonroad..

I heard Bonnie talking about it on the radio a few weeks ago. That would be cool if she stops on the page. Let's look into that!.

11 lbs in 1 1/2 months is awesome, don't you just love it!..

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It has been and friends are starting to notice and clothes are fitting so much better. I'm 5' tall so being 158 (highest weight) those extra lbs really is hard on my body, joints and bones. The last 3yrs have had stress fractures in my feet...which made exercising and walking difficult...but doing lots better now! Whoo Hoo.

I'll send her a message on her blog on the Will keep you informed!:-).


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I am from the Ames area .... jsut ordered my first shipment of Medifast today and cannot wait to get started. I need some help on how to get started - but I hope I have as much success as the others I keep reading about. I would love your advice and suggestions - I just can't wait for my shipment to get here so I can get started!..

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Harrison, I sent her a note too through the WHO site. LOL I asked her to stop by and share her success..

Welcome Molly! Medifast is great!..

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Welcome to the newest Iowa members! I started Medifast after hearing Bonnie talk about it on the radio..

Molly, there are so many helpful threads if you're getting ready to start MF. I think for two weeks I spent every free minute reading up about the plan and tips on how to best make it work...

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I started Medifast after watching a friend shrink before my very eyes last summer. When the time for new year's resolutions came around, I placed an order..

I have lost 23.4 pounds since Jan 7. I would like to lose about 12 more to be at my goal. I've learned many things on this journey such as the importance of drinking water and that I really do like spaghetti squash. I hadn't heard that Bonnie Lucas was on Medifast as I don't listen to talk radio, but that's great that she's having success and encouraging others..

I don't use a health coach, I simply order through the website and consult with my doctor...

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HI! Yes what great weather we are having today. I walked ODD to preschool then took YDD on a one mile walk. It was WONDERFUL!!.

My favorite L & G is cauli mac and cheese. My quickest L&G is a can of green beans and frozen turkey burgers. I need to try that tuna patty recipe, it sounds great!.

Funny how many ppl head about Medifast on the radio! I dont listen to talk radio either. I had looked into doing Opti trim, but did not like the idea of so much weighing in at the clinic... working full time and having 2 small kids that was not realistic for me. I ran across Medifast during my research of optim trim. I also poured over the boards and knew Medifast in and out, had made some quick reference cards and when it came I hit the ground running!!.

I need to start reading though the BEck Diet Solution again. It was pretty helpful in changing my self talk!.

Have a great day!!..

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Jill I am reading The Beck Diet Solution. One thing I have to do besides loose the weight is understand how I got to this point and to never come back here. I had looked into Optifast also, but way toooooo expensive!!!!!! LOVE MF..

This weather is PERFECT, OMG, give me weeks of it! LOL We just finished staining the deck and then back out to work some new garden areas. Better workout than the gym that is for sure!.

Keep the sun shining!..

Comment #24

*GASP!!!!* HOME!!!!!!.

I'm an Iowa girl too! I'm in Ames! Maybe we'll have to do a healthy L&G get-together sometime!!! OOOOOO!!!! I'm so excited for this thread!!..

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Welcome amelie!!! I am so happy so many Iowans have found the "Connection". It's nice to be supporting each other..

Today is my WI and I am pretty excited. I had a 4 lb loss this week. I have a pattern going with a big loss, med loss, barely moving the scale and then start over. It makes it more acceptable for my little losses to just keep working the program and it will sooner or the later release. I think my body hangs on to whatever amount of fat it can until it realizes I am not giving up this time!.

Another perfect weather day, before it all changes on us. Go out and enjoy!..

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Hey there I'm from iowa also here..have lost 8 lbs in my first 10 days but have a jeans dont feel any looser? Is that normal? Im guessing I need to wait about a month to start feeling some of the effects of this diet due to the fact it may be water loss?> Ide love to hear your experiences on when you noticed these kinda things!..

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Also am loving the 70" weather out today am going to start back with the walks now.

I hope this will boost the weight loss as well!..

Comment #28

Forecast today: Sun, partly cloudy, high a beautiful balmy 72 degrees, low 49..

Forcast Saturday: Clouds, Rain and snow, windy, high 45, low 31 (a degree below freezing)..

Makes you dizzy...

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Way to go Gloria on your 4 lb. loss. Isn't it great seeing the numbers on the scale go down? My weigh in day is Fri. and I tell myself to only get on the scale on that daybut I get on every morning. Showed a loss last Sat. and nothing since.

Smbia, I've been OP for 4 weeks and I don't feel a big difference in my clothes. Guess the pants and my winter coat feel a little looser..

Welcome Amelie, it's nice to see so many Iowa people on board MF. I'm keeping my Medifast pretty hush hush, but I did discover a lady at work who is on it so I told her that I've started too. Talked to her this week and she's now at goal. It's good to hear things like that..

I dread the weather change they say is coming. I want to go to garage sales on Sat. morning but I'm not sure if I want to go THAT bad if the weather is rotten...

Comment #30

Hi All! I am so excited, I found out my first shipment will be here on Friday I will finally get to start on Saturday. I am trying to do all the reading and preparation I can so I can get off to a really good start. Any advice would be very welcomed!!.

Congrats, Gloria, on your 4 lb loss. That is great!.

Did I mention how excited I am to get started on Saturday? I really, really, really want to stick with this and make it work! I really need to and want to lose weight and get to goal! Like you, smltowngrl, I am keeping this hush hush to my friends and family as well. I have tried so many diets and never stuck with it - so I don't want to disappoint again! I just want to surprise people with looking and feeling better!.

Hope you all have a great evening!.


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Welcome Molly! I'll be thinking of you on Sat. I read and read the board for a good couple of weeks before my food arrived. I still read a couple of hours a day. I did get a 3 ring binder and copy info that I think will be helpful to me and put it in there. I didn't have any major problems the first week, but I know some people get a headache or feel bad. Just hang in there-it is so worth it...

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FYI: this AM while getting ready for work...I hear Bonnie Lucas (WHO radio personality) say that she had received several e-mails from some Iowans who were on Medifast. So we did get her attension! WhooHoo..

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Hello Ladies! I just found this thread.

I am from a small town in Southeast Iowa (Bloomfield), it is about an hour and a half south of Des Moines. I now live in northern Missouri, just a few miles from the Iowa border. We come to Des Moines shopping a lot - I love Jordan Creek! We actually lived in Des Moines (Altoona) for the first 10 years we were married..

I would love to join your group, I started a group earlier this year, but many of the gals have drifted off, so I have been really lonely on here..

I am 45, married 24 years, 2 boxers and 3 kitties. I am a teacher and finishing my masters degree. I teach kids who are in a residential drug/alcohol treatment facility..

I originally started Medifast almost 2 years ago, have lost almost 70 pounds, but never reached goal. I got really comfortable and lost my motivation. I gained around 20 back last fall and decided it was time to get serious. I am super excited to be back and am determined to reach my goal this time..

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!.


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I will catch up and do better shout outs tomorrow but I had to say I LOVE LOVE the quote you have on your sig about regret weighing a ton~ will be my new favorite quote!!!! ~how true~..

Comment #35

Welcome Janell, we drive through Bloomfield a lot on our way to visit our son in St. Louis..

I too heard Bonnie on the radio this morning talking about receiving emails about MF..

Have a great day...

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Hi Janell,.

Welcome to the Iowa group. It's nice to know "locals" are also on this same journey. I live in north Ames but teach in Saydel (school district north of DM and south of Ankeny)..

LOVE MF! With my crazy teaching schedule (moving between two buildings and no access to kitchen/teacher lounges), Medifast really is easy to do....especially with the convience of the bars and snacks. I wait until the later in the day when I get home from school (5pm or after) or weekends to have the shakes, soups, pancakes etc...that takes prep/cleanup time..

Good luck on your restart...great to have you back!..

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Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I've been in a funk lately so not posting as much. Talk to you soon!..

Comment #38

I know the feeling, but that is exactly the time you should be posting! Lurk on the boards get inspiration, verbally vomit whats going on with you on the boards~ it amazing how much it helps!!!.

Your doing great so far!! Keep up the good work!!..

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I travel for work too, and I agree the convenience is wonderful!..

Comment #40

Thanks for the warm "IOWA" welcome ladies! If any of you are on facebook, look me up. I have a bunch of other Medifast friends and we have a private group there. Many of my old Goal Getters group post there instead of here on the Medifast boards, which is great, but I miss everything these boards have to offer. I visit the success central thread all the time - it keeps me going!!..

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Welcome Jannell. I would have never guessed we would have such a big group of Iowans on here without this connection. I love it!.

I didn't hear Bonnie this morning - but how cool is that she mentioned it! Maybe she will stop by! I'll keep WHO on in the morning to see if she says more..

I didn't mention that I have only lived back in Iowa for one year today to be exact. I am originally from Guthrie County but moved to New Jersey 10 years ago when I remarried. I am so happy to be "home"! I enjoyed my time on the East Coast, we were only 10 miles from NYC but I clicked my heels 3 times and came home! Both DH and I are fortunate to be semi-retired in our 50's - but we took part-time jobs to just keep us out and active..

After my big lost for the weight, I had a gain today - I really shouldn't be a daily weigher, but I just can't help myself. I really expected it, because I do go up and down; especially after having 11 days with some type of loss each day even if it was .2 lbs. I keep my head on about it, and know it will go back. I felt bloated and ate later than usual last night, and missed 2 glasses of's amazing how in touch we become with our bodies through this process..

I know some of you talked about not seeing the change in your clothes even though you have dropped 10-15 lbs. It took me up to 20 lbs before I really switched a size. I have read where some will drop 2-3 sizes when they have lost that much. It just reconfirms to me each of us have different body types and our bodies loose it differently, not only in the amount, but in the places. Never let it get you discouraged, just stick to plan, and the results will come..

It's kinda like the movie Field of Dreams....If we build they will come. Our motto can be,.

If we follow it, it will fall!.

Goodnight Ladies...

Comment #42

Hey all!! TGIF!!.

So, I am eagerly awaiting my shipment today and so excited to get started tomorrow. I am so determined to make THIS the ONE that works!!! I am so completely down on myself for how I look...and hate it! Jsut today as I was having an English Muffin and a glass of chocolate milk, I thought to myself "oh, how I am going to miss this food". Then, I thought .... being thin, losing weight, and feeling better is going to taste so much better than that stupid chocolate milk and English muffin!!.

I love the idea of the 3-ring binder. I am going to go get one today. That is a GREAT idea! I have seen some good ideas on here, so now hoping I can go back and find them and print them out..

I bought a personal blender and the sandwich maker this week - based on some things I read on these boards - so I have that ready. Oh, and big ziploc baggies to put the days worth of food in - will plan out my week when my shipment arrives..

Can you tell I am ready .... Medifast and weight loss ... here I come!! (And I will need ALL of your support to keep me this motivated!).

Have a great weekend all! I will be on here a lot over the weekend!.

Oh! And, wannabethin ... where do I find your FB page/group? I spend way too much time on FB, but would like to find your group..


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Hi Molly - I make the pancakes in the sandwich maker and I LOVE IT!!! No mess, no fuss, just adorable little pillows of heaven.

I am excited for you to get started losing!! My signature has my facebook info on it - I LOVE FB, and am on there way too much as well!!..

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Good Morning Friends! It is cold and windy in Missouri, but I hear you Iowa girls have SNOW! YUK! I was hoping to do some landscaping today, but it needs to warm up.

Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? We are stayng close to home, going to do some cleaning projects and I am excited to be donating a bunch of my fat clothes! I have never been so excited to clean my closets...

Comment #45

Good morning all!.

So ...I am off and running. I had a dutch chocolate shake this morning, and it was good! I won't have any problem with those! For lunch I am going to have chicken noodle soup. Dinner will be grilled chicken and a salad. I will have two crunch bars in between and either a brownie or soft serve tonight..

Right now I am sucking down the water - which is womething I do pretty regularly anyway - I always carry around a water bottle..

One question - how do I change my starting weight and weigh in day? I weighed in this morning and am down 2 from when I entered my first starting weight which was last week. Also, I was going to make my weigh in days Thursday (that's what I always did with WW), but because I started today I want to make my weigh-in days on Saturdays. OH! And how do I get a "ticker" across the bottom of my signature?.

Jannele ~ it's cold here in Iowa - and windy! No snow, lots of cold rain yesterday - but just cold, windy and icky today! Thankfully I don't have any big reason to go out - so will do lots of indoor stuff - I have a lot of homework to do!.

Have a great Saturday!.


Comment #46

**** I need t learn to spell check before I post!! ***.




Comment #47

Molly sounds like you have a PLAN! To get a ticker go to the community page and in the lower left hand corner you can put your original weight and set your goal weight - that is what will be used on the ticker. Once you complete the ticker by selecting the tape and your icon click finish and then copy the first code that is there. You then need to come to a discussion board and click on Quick Links, Edit Signature. Paste that code there. Each week you will need to go through that step and be sure to delete the old one each week..

I record my weight daily in "My Weight" and it changes it on the community page, but won't show up on your ticker until you actually copy and paste the code again - which you can do on your Saturday WI. Hope that helps and I didn't confuse you..

Welcome Jannell!.

Wannabethin - hope your weather is cooperating and you are getting some landscaping done. Great way to burn calories. Our sun is out now, but pretty chilly..

Candi - doing more than lurking may help with your funk! We are here to support you, no matter what the issue. That's the beauty of having a great support group here. Please feel free to talk to us!.

Hope all you Iowa Gals are having a great OP on weekend. I am doing good, slow on water today, so need to start chugging. I have been cleaning the house all day and watching the Yankees (I am a HUGE fan of the Yankees) and get them on my computer through MLB (major league baseball). I had lived in NJ for 10 years and it's one of the things I brought back. I love baseball overall and most sports, even though a Twins fan for wins the Yankees won my heart!..

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Good afternoon Iowa friends! I was up and out going to garage sales by 7:30a.m. this cold Iowa morning. Brrrrr. We had lunch at a Pizza Ranch which we quite often do every Sat. Before Medifast I would be scarfing pizza, but now I eat a large plate of lettuce with my own dressing from home and chicken breast without the skin. Even after lunch I told my hubby I was still feeling hungry and I'm usually never hungry after a meal.

By the time my lunch is over. Weekends are so hard for me to get my water in. Tonight will be a fun evening as we're going to DesMoines to the Iowa Events Center to watch a roller derby! I used to watch those on TV as a child..

Do any of you watch the Decorah Eagle Cam? I love watching what good parents the eagles are. Well, better get a move on. Have a great weekend...

Comment #49

Hi All ~.

So ... Ihad my shake and then for lunch I had the chicken noodle soup. I read on the site somewhere to use chicken broth and cook on the stove, which I did and it was really quite good. I then had a lemon meringue bar for a snack. So far so good ..... lots of water already consumed..

Now off to get some homework done. Ugh!.

Have a good rest of the weekend!.


Comment #50

Hi Molly - another great idea for the soup is to put it in a wide mouth/soup thermos and let it sit for a few hours. The soups are much better if they soak. I boil water and mix soup/water/seasonings/broth in the thermos in the morning and it is perfect by lunch...

Comment #51

Dang it's cold here today. You are right more than lurking may help. I just get down on myself so much that it's hard to realize the great distance I have come since starting this journey. Stay warm everyone..

Comment #52

Update: On my WM day (weighin and measurment) yesterday...I had lost another 2 lbs and lost another .5 inch! It was a great day! Clothes are really fitting so much better! Was able to get down on the floor and roll around with the grandchildren was had by all!.


Cindy (I'm going to try to post my "ticker" xing fingers that it works!)..

Comment #53

Happy Sunday Evening ~.

So, I am down two days on Medifast and so far so good. I've been a little tired - but that's sort of normal for me ... I am a crazy mother of 3 teen-agers! But, I know part of that is the unhealthy way I have been eating and this extra weight - so I am looking forward to having more energy!.

Question ... what's the "rule" with diet pop/soda on MF? I love my Diet Pepsi - and really didn't think about how much I drank until I started MF. I used to drink at least 32 oz a day and sometimes 64 oz! I never thought of it being that much because I just stopped at the local convenience store and picked up a 32 oz fountain soda - and some days I would stop twice. I am thinking that is 2 Diet Pepsi's! NO! It's 64 ounces! Yikes! That is a lot!.

So, I bought a 20 ounce bottle and split it between yesterday and today. I will try to get away from it all together - but I sure looked forward to it today. Any thoughts from all of you on this subject? I still drink tons of water....

I have had a ton of temptations between yesterday and today - pizza, cookies, McDonalds, breakfast pizza, brunch at church ... I have passed up on all of them and been 100% on plan. Feels good!.

So far, the food has been good. I was a little hungry this morning, but worked through it and then this afternoon when I got hungry I took a short nap between my daughter's softball game and my son's basketball game..

Hope you are all having a great OP weekend!.


Comment #54


I'm not from Iowa, but, I too am a dietpepsiaholic. I am actually very surprised, but 4 weeks into the program now and I drink no more than 1 12oz can a day if that, it has really surprised me that I don't really notice I'm not drinking it, I drink way more water than I would normally, but I don't miss the DP at all. Hopefully you will get the same way, oh yeah, I would sometimes drink close to 2 liters a day of the DP, I don't drink coffee or tea...

Comment #55

Hi Carole ~.

So glad to know that I may be able to kick this DP habit! Good for you! I also love iced tea - but I like to put in a couple of packets of Sweet-N-Low. Hoping I can get myself to drink the tea plain..

Cindy ~ I forgot to congratulate you on the great WM day! Awesome! I bet you had a great time with your grandkids!.


Comment #56

Thanks Molly,.

The day was a lot of fun. My son and daughter-in-law were working on landscaping...and need us (my husband and I) to watch the kids (3yr and 1.5 year old) The younger one is finally old enough to "play". it was so cute and she was so cuddlely and giggled the whole time! So much fun..

I too love diet pepsi....but before Christmas I started to have acid reflux so cut out all diet pepsi...which helped some. This was one of the reasons I decided I need to really look for a way to lose the weight! And so far have not had one reoccurence of AR...xing my fingers. I still drink cup in the morning and sometimes one in the evening....but that so far hasn't ever bother my stomach..

I find the amount of water required seems to take care of desire for DP. Hope you find this true for you too. Good luck this week!.


Comment #57

Good morning Iowa friends. A new week is starting and another week to stay OP..

Cindy congrats on your 2 lb. weight loss. Aren't grandkids just the best! We're expecting our 7th any day now. We need another little girl as the current count is 5 boys and only 1 little girl..

Molly, it sounds like you're doing great on MF-good for you..

I'm not a diet Pepsi person, but I am a huge diet coke fan. With all this water I'm drinking I hardly ever drink pop anymore. If I do it really seems like a treat..

Have a great week everyone!..

Comment #58

Happy Monday and Happy new week of loosing ourselves..

Good idea if you can give up pop. Even if it is diet it increases the desire for sweets. I went cold turkey on it 2 years ago and don't drink it now at all. (I use to drink 3-4 diet cokes a day) so I know it can be done! It will only help with your journey if you can give it up..

I have started drinking the Essential 1 and Calorie Burn drinks. They don't count as a meal, and it's a refreshing treat..

Have a great week everyone and hope to see less of you soon!..

Comment #59

Happy Monday all ~.

Well, good to hear the diet soda stories. I have tried to quit before and had terrible cravings for it. I will say that I really don't have the craving - probably because of the water. I will try to go today without any. I have heard many times that diet pepsi impedes weight loss and can actually cause weight gain probably because of the sweet cravings)..

So, I am on day 3 and feel I am doing really well. I have enjoyed the meals so far - love the bars, the soups are very good, the shakes are good - so far I am fine with it. I have resisted many temptations ... which is HUGE for me!.

Question - I got a little off schedule yesterday so pretty much combined my L&G and one Medifast meal. Is that bad? I had 6 oz of chicken breast and put part of it in the Medifast chicken & wild rice soup, and the rest of it on a salad with leaf lettuce and cucumbers with 2 TBLS of light balsamic viniagrette dressing..

Tonight I am trying Tilapia with salad and cucumbers..

Hope you are all having a great OP day!.


Comment #60

Hi Molly,.

The Registered Dietitians Support may be able to answer your questions about mixing L/G and Medifast meal. But from my personal experience (which I haven't researched for being OK on MF) .... on the weekends I sleep in so I will have scramble eggs and pancakes for brunch with my husband at around 9am....else I would be off all day. Because I the house at 6:20 am every weekday morning to get to work by 7:10...sleeping in on weekends is a must!! <smile>.

Smltowngirl...I bet you are excited about the new arrival. Xing finger for another girl...with six boys...the girls need to stick together! hehe.

Take care everyone and have a good Medifast day..


Comment #61

Molly you sound right on track! Glad you are enjoying the foods. In the beginning I tried them all, and now that I am down to my 4th order, it's loaded with only my favorites, which is the bars, soups, pretzels and puddings. I only do one shake a day, wondering if I did more I would loose more. I keep thinking of trying it, but there are so many things I like, I would miss them..

Tomorrow is my WI, I am usually low the week after I lost big, so hoping for just a slight movement!.

I did go down another size, so down 2 sizes and all the clothes in my closet fit again. Now to move past that so I can go shopping!.

Keep warm, and pray spring finds us before we move fast forward straight into summer and the heat and humidity. ugh!..

Comment #62


Congrads on going down 2 sizes...alway a happy day when things in the closet fit! Here's to wishing you a quick time until you "have" to go shopping! Yah!.


Comment #63

Hi Ladies! anyone else getting tired of this gloomy weather! I have been in a funk the past two days with the rain and the gloom! I gotta pick myself up and get outta da funk!! Hope you are haveing a great week..

Comment #64

Hi All ~.

Gloria ... sending good thoughts for tomorrow's weigh in!.

Janell .... yes, this weather is awful! I, too, have been in a funk! I am really ready for some sunshine and warm weather! It was really miserable in central Iowa today. And even worse farther north!.

So, I have finished up day 4, and am still really pleased with the program and how easy it is. I think I was not as good on my timing today - so need to watch that a little more carefully. I ate all my meals, but I not always in the 2-3 hour time frame - sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. Tomorrow I will really record that to be sure I time it better..

I still love all the food - and that is what I really like about this program. I still get confused with the whole "healthy fats" and "condiments" part. Still trying to get that all down. By the way - where does cheese fall? I got some fat free cheddar cheese that fits the calorie and carb requirement for a healthy fat - but is that what it is counted as? And what about cottage cheese? Those are the things that confuse me! But I love my boca burgers - I loved those on WW and was thrilled to see them on the Meatless list - I have had those the past two nights..

Might try a new recipe tomorrow night .....

Hope you all have had a great day!.


Comment #65

Hi Molly, do you have the meatless options sheet? You will see cheese and cottage cheese listed there, you can deduct from your lean and green. You can click on success tools above and find all of the program guidelines, including the meatless option sheet...

Comment #66

Hello Iowans!.

I live in West Des Moines, been on Medifast since December- ahhh yes, the weather! It is bringing me DOWN this week. It is APRIL!!! and 36 outside WHAT. anyway been kinda reading your thread and wanted to say HI!.

Molly- careful on the FF cheese, if it is FF is can not be counted as a healthy fat. (fat free) get the 2%, also fat free usually has more carbs than regular. For my healthy fat I add cream cheese to some of my shakes....YUM!! I do have cheese, just subtracted from the lean- AND you are doing GREAT! I know it's confusing at first but if you can stick to it for 4 days you are doing it!!.

I heard the sun may come out today, PLEASE DO!!..

Comment #67

Here Comes The Sun! (or so they say). Maybe if we all start singing this, it will work!!!!.

WI today was -1.6 lbs. - I'll take any scale decrease!.

Welcome Bobbie; we are close, I live in Clive..

Molly dont' feel bad about confusing the condiments and healthy fats, I still do it and I have been on Medifast for 11 weeks. I may think I am OP somedays, but I know I am not because I am 'kinda' liberal on my usage of condiments. mmmm, thinking where I might be if I didn't do that..

Okay, everyone sing now!!! "Here Comes The Sun". la la la la..

Comment #68

Hello Ladies! We finally had a tiny bit of sunshine this evening, it was so nice! Unfortunately, it looks like chance of rain for the next 10 days YUK!!! Some good news, the Anytime Fitness finally opened - they were supposed to have opened in Feb, but many delays. We went and signed up tonight so I am looking forward to getting in to a regular exercise routine. I always fight exercise and I know it is going to be a big part in getting me to goal and keeping me there. They haven't officially opened yet, but we were able to take a tour and get all signed up for the grand opening. I will keep you posted..

Comment #69

Hello Medifast Friends!!.

TGIF! Sorry I haven't posted recently ... busy with work and school. BUT, today is day 7 for me and I have been 100% OP for all 7 days..


I have been off at all it would be in the healthy fats / condiments / lean thing. I give it my all - but I am still struggling on figuring that out and feel really stupid that I can't seem to get it!! I have looked at every informational sheet, the Quick Start Guide, Medifast and the more I read the more I get confused!.

Anyway, I was on the scale the morning of Day 4 and was down 8 pounds. So exciting! Day 4 and and Day 5 I had Boca Buders as my Lean and I have had Medifast soup for lunch every day. Well, the last two gains I have been steady in my weight. Frustrating! I thought maybe it was the sodium in the Bocas and soup. So, yesterday, back to chicken on lettuce for L & G. Today ....

Since it's Good Friday and I should be fasting, I am going to go with just shakes and bars until dinner for my L&G then will have Egg Beaters with some cheese and then some cucumbers and something else for my green..

THEN! I finally figured out the REAL problem started TOM! UGH! Tomorrow is my weigh in day, so I have to be satisfied with what I get since I always have weight/water gain, and quite a bit, during TOM. I also get horrendous cravings and could eat my own arm I am pretty sure. So between that and Easter, I will really be tested these next few day - but I am COMMITTED!.

I have resisted many, many temptations over the past 7 days, and it feels good!! I think I can keep it up through this little bump (Easter and TOM) and feel even better..

I will have 5 ounces of ham from the smoker on Easter and am making a spinach salad. That shoudl work!.

I hope you all are having a great day and have a BELSSED EASTER!.


Comment #70

Molly, I still struggle with the condiments and healthy fats, that's one of the reason I mentioned in an earlier post to keep it simple in the beginning and don't use too many recipes, it eats up the condiments quickly. I am a coffee drinker but have to have Splenda and creamer - so after 2 cups of coffee I have used them all up. I work on trying using one of the Vanilla Shakes, or the Capuccino, etc. or just one cup - but still struggle..

I get my 4th order today and I am as excited as the first one. Guess that is a good sign of the program! I am out of bars and have been for two days and I love having one in the morning with my coffee..

I heard, maybe, just maybe we might have a nice weekend. Hope it's better than it is right now..


Comment #71

Seriously ... I really need to use spell check when I post!! And proof read more carefully!.

Gloria ~ I, too, am a coffee drinker in the morning. I used to always use sugar free Hazelnut creamer and 2 Sweet'N'Low in my travel mug ... and would have at least one sometimes two travel mugs of coffee. NOW, I am down to one mug, with a little French Vanilla Medifast Shake added for my creamer and one Stevia packet. It was tough the first day - but by this morning it tasted pretty darn good! And, I am pretty sure, based on what I have read on Medifast that I do not have to use any condiments for that..

Two questions maybe you all can help with .....

1) If I use 6-8 ounces of reduced sodium Swanson Chicken Broth to make the Medifast soups, do I need to count anything for the broth? I have not been - but maybe I need to..

2) For dinner tonight, if I have 1 1/2 c. of Egg Beaters - how much 2% Kraft Shredded Cheddar Cheese can I add to that? Or I may use a litle less Egg Beaters and add just a little MSF Sausage starter and a little cheese. I am just not quite sure how to measure it to stay OP. Any help would be great!.

Wish the darn sun was shining here! We are so passed being ready for Spring!!.


Comment #72

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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