How Medifast changed my BMI

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I'm telling you, sometimes success just breeds success!.

Today I officially hit the Overweight BMI! While I truly think BMI is not the best tool for measuring overall health (I don't think weight is either, actually), it's still REALLY exciting to just be Overweight, instead of Obese... or morbidly obese, as I was when I started..

I'm now .2 lbs away from having lost 60 lbs on MF, and 92.8 lbs lighter than my highest weight..

I'm going to go run around in the snow in my size L shirt, and size 16M jeans now! And for the record, I bought this pair of jeans in 15 minutes... they were the first pair I tried on and the only reason I even pulled a size 16 into the dressing room was that I wanted to see how far away I was from being able to wear them! I don't think I've ever bought ANYTHING clothing-wise in 15 minutes, but especially not jeans!..

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OMGosh!!! Congrats to you!!!! That's so AMAZING!!! What a fantastic feeling! I had a similar jean episode in October and was crying in the Old Navy dressing room LOL. Gotta love those scale victories and non-scale victories!!.



Comment #1

WHOHOOOO! I love hearing the excitement in your post! Congratulations!..

Comment #2

That is truely AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work!!! one day at a time, one pound at a time!!! AWESOMEEE!..

Comment #3

Yay! Congratulations! Looks like it's almost time for you to do some more shopping!..

Comment #4

Congratulations! What a relief getting over that particular hump AND finding jeans lickety-split!..

Comment #5

Congratulations! It's posts like these that keep me motivated!..

Comment #6

YAY for overweight!!!!! That's wonderful - I'm so happy for you!!!..

Comment #7

Yea! I'm right on the edge30.08 when I weighed in on Sunday evening, and even though I don't think BMI is a great tool either, it is kind of exciting! I weigh myself using my Wii Fit and I'm getting psyched to see the little graph dip into the next category...

Comment #8

I remember how excited I was not to be in that ugly OBESE category! Congratulations on your marvelous success. What a terrific christmas present you have given yourself...

Comment #9

Love the dressing room victory! So often that's a frustrating placeso happy to hear you've turned it into a happy place that rewards you for all you've accomplishedthanks for postinginspiring!..

Comment #10

Congratulations! I'm excited for you! I know how great it is to only be overweight...I just obtained that this week, also. Great job!..

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