How many times should I wash face while taking Murad Acne Complex?

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Well I finally got prescribed Murad Acne Complex and I just want to know how many times I should wash my face, when I should moisturize, and the best sunscreen while on tane. I'm also kind of nervous because my derm told me to stop erythromycin cold turkey after being on it for 9 months and to just start the acctuane. Is that a safe decision?..

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Your question was: How many times should I wash face while taking Murad Acne Complex?.

Hey fukacne thanks for the response. Have you noticed an increase in sun sensitivity while on Murad Acne Complex? If so what sunscreen do you use?..

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I still wash my face in the morning & at night before bed. however like pwpager said, i'm sure it's not a huge deal if you skip every once in awhile. yes definitely stop erythromycin asap... it will screw you up if you don't! if you take certain pills along with Murad Acne Complex, it can cause swelling of the brain and all kinds of other messed up shit. so stop it for sure. however, since you have been on it for so long, the transition from erythro to Murad Acne Complex may cause a breakout.

I'm on day 15 right now and my skin hasn't gotten dry yet, soo... hope this helps...

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Your skin is definately more sensative to the sun so use the highest SPF sunscreen you can find and even then try to stay out of the sun. I am a mexican and I tan not burn but man, I was peeling like a mofo and my skin was hot to the touch and I put SPF 75 sunscreen on every 2 hours so just be careful. Wash your face in the morning when you wake up (with a gentle cleanser) then moisturize with a moisturizer that has SPF in it, then wash again at night and then moisturize with a heavier moisturizer than you use during the day. I really like cetaphil face wash and moisturizing cream, during the day I use Oil of Olay for sensative skin with SPF 15 in it. Good luck and remember drink lots and lots of water and just when you think you have had enough water......drink some more!..

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Hey I was just wondering if spf 15 would be high enough sun protection?..

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