How many started smoking after starting Medifast?

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Ok....time to cough up the truth (pun very intended).

How many of you retired smokers starting puffing again once starting MF??.

I must admit, I have been having 1-2 cigarettes a night again (after quitting for YEARS). Sometimes it's to replace snacking and sometimes I am trying to get things moving in the intestinal region..

Either way, I am not sure how I feel about this..

Any one else dealing with this issue?..

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At different points on Medifast I've had cravings for cigarettes, and I quit 10 years ago. I've only had 2 drags, though. But I understand! This is HARD and getting through it without an unhealthy transfer addiction is even harder.

Good luck!..

Comment #1

Thanks, Freya!! I don't think I will start buying packs again due to sheer cost alone. However, my fiancee is getting quite annoyed with me pilfering his pack. He said he doesn't like me smoking so I told him if he quit, there wouldnt be any around for me to smoke.

I know it's not good for me but, honestly, I don't feel too bad about it and I'm not sure why. We'll see what I have to say when bronchitis comes knocking on my door..

We shall see how this unfolds. LOL. Stay Tuned!..

Comment #2

I went back to smoking on Medifast. I rationalized it, telling myself that former drug addicts turn to smoking in rehab. Then my chronic bronchitis returned, so I'm off them (for now at least).

It's pretty hard to change EVERY deeply ingrained bad habit at once ... so I chose to focus on the overeating...

Comment #3

Hmm I didn't realize this at the time of posting but, perhaps this topic would be better suited in the new Behavior section of the boards? Is there a way to transfer it over?..

Comment #4

This is a good question. I have not been tempted to smoke since starting Medifast and I only quit smoking about 2 years ago...

Comment #5

I quit 2 years ago, and I haven't picked it back up but I have found myself having cravings for them. I won't buy a pack because they are so expensive and I don't want to pick it back up because I can't afford it...

Comment #6

I think that's one of the locked boards where only the new guy can answer. So no, it's perfect right here...

Comment #7

I quit in Sept 2008. Occasionally, I have cravings, but I am NOT giving in to them. I feel like that habit was successfully eliminated, and now I'm working on my eating issues. My "smoking buddy" at work died from lung cancer last May at the age of 49. She was diagnosed right after I quit, and she made me swear to her that I would never smoke again. Every time I think of having one, I think of her...

Comment #8

I have been a smoker for years....(I had QUIT for years too!) Right now my focus is on my food issues. Once I'm well into ONEDERLAND I intend to start the C25K and have signed up for my first 5K for next September. I have cut WAY back....from about a pack a day to a pack a week-10days or so...and know that when I start running, I'll kick this nictotine issue too! Good luck to all! I think this one is even tougher than the food thing. But the 5K I signed up for is September 11, and I will be running for those I knew that were lost 10 years ago on that day, so my motivation to quit is high!.

Great thread! I'm so glad to know that I am not the only one struggling with this one!..

Comment #9

I have been smoking for 17yrs. I have tried to quit 2 times already...the first time was for 7 months and second time only made it for 1 month...I am going to try it again and hopefully this time it is for good......

Comment #10

Have smoked on and off .. mostly off since I was a teen. At the start of Medifast I was probably smoking 5-6 a day. My other half smokes about 1/2 - 3/4 pack a day. I've cut back to 2-3. This morning I went back to regular cardio and am hopeful that desire will be gone for good all on it's own.

It interferes with my cardio performance. If I don't just wake up and give it up soon my drop dead date to quit is in two weeks anyway. I find it extremely difficult to quit smoking mostly because my other half and his entire family smokes but I know I need to get past that...

Comment #11

I smoked for 10 years and quit 7 years ago, never looking back. That's not to say that I haven't had a rare craving. I wanted the time I quit to be the only time so I've never even had a drag. It was the hardest thing I've ever done up until now...well and childbirth.

If smoking didn't cause cancer I would be all over matter how expensive...

Comment #12

If anyone on this board comes forward and needs a Medifast partner to quit I want in!.

December 25th is my cold turkey quit date. Feel free to message me. Maybe just like Medifast if we do it together we might have a better chance...

Comment #13

Wow!!! There are a lot of "quitters" who have answered your post. I am a quitter too. I quit smoking 30 years ago and for some reason, thank God, have never had another craving for cigarettes. I replaced my cigarette addiction with a food addiction. In 1997 my older sister died at the age of 54 from cigarette induced lung cancer. She started smoking as a teen to try to keep her weight down and, over the years had quit numerous time for 8 years.

She died 9 months after her diagnosis and paradoxically was still about 50 pounds overweight. She was told by her doctor that women who smoke are more apt to get lung cancer. It has something to do with estrogen. She made my children, who were teens at the time, promise never to start smoking and they haven't. I think that promise was a real gift from her to them..

Comment #14

I was a smoker when I first started Medifast back in 2007 and I noticed an increase in the puffing habit while on the plan. I was substituting the smokes for food. Whenever I got hungry, I would go have a smoke, and I was hungry A LOT.

I quit the habit 15 months ago and still crave it now and then. So far though, I haven't been tempted to smoke since starting Medifast again. I think if DH had them around the house, that may be a different story though. Thank goodness, he doesn't smoke anymore either. He stopped when I stopped...

Comment #15

I started Medifast a month after quitting smoking. I was afraid of gaining even more weight. I think Medifast helped me stay away from cigarettes in a weird way: On Medifast I couldn't have beer, and beer was BFF with cigarettes for me. Without beer, I was less tempted to smoke. I hope I can stay away from both beer and smokes for the foreseeable future. I am no puritan but for me, beer paves the road to perdition...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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