How many people will see acne return after Murad Resurgence?

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What a bummer!I just read something off a serious website.Apparently, after using Murad Resurgence30% will be cured for good30-40% will have less acneand 30% will go back to the way they wereThis is not exactly what my doc told me....f***! Am I getting my hopes up for nothing?..

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Your question was: How many people will see acne return after Murad Resurgence?.

There's always an option of a 2nd or even 3rd course to knock things out for good. Also, everyone gets zits now and then, so if your acne is reduced to a very mild stage, I wouldn't worry about it. Or you may be one of the people who stay clear. No way to know...

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My derm says of all his patients, 60% are "cured"..

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Also, what do they mean by cured? I have had around 2 years of relatively clear skin. If my acne comes back next year, then my Murad Resurgence course would not have 'cured' me. But I would still have had 2 clear years .....

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Here's the link, it's in French though...;emission=152And guess it all depends on how you see it.I keep reading about people who have terrible acne the whole 4-6 months they take Murad Resurgence, so no break there.And for having experienced it, being clear for a while to go back to having acne is the worse, cuz you get used to looking good....But yeah, I might be one of the lucky ones , although this is my second couse and when I did my first, I had mild acne and it got to moderate when I got pregnant.I didn't post this message to be negative. But I'm tired of doctors saying that this is THE solution that will clear you for good and that it almost always works. I hear more horror stories that success stories here.Maybe it's just that the ''success'' stories are out having fun and enjoying life!..

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THERE IS NO CURE FOR ACNE, we can only find options that keep in under control but as far as getting rid of it for good, curing it, there is no cure. Take the Murad Resurgence especially if you have already taken a course, you know what kind of ride it is going to be. When you say your dr. got your hopes up for nothing didn't you already know that it could come back being that you had already taken a course and this would be your 2nd course?..

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I guess there are a few things here. (and I'm not taking the piss, just writing what I think)Firstly who do you trust more a random "serious" website or your (and everyone elses) dermatologists who have had years of training and dealt with hundreds of patients with the same issue as you?Secondly,. people generally come here because they have acne not because they dont, most people who sucessfully take Murad Resurgence and are cured get on with their lives rather than come back here to post messages, thats why the majority of posts here are from people who havent started or completed a course of the drug yet,.Thirdly, there are alot of "self qualified" experts posting here who have none or very little experience apart from reading the odd line in a womens magazine or on the internet then posting here like they have been studying acne their entire lives. If like here in NZ a derm appointment costs around $200 take the chance to make the most of your time with them and ask as many questions as you can, write a list of your concerns and questions and ask them, generally they have been asked all these questions a thousand times before and will know the I guess you have two options, 1. dont get your hopes up and stay depressed for another 9 months or whatever your course is, being depressed for 9 months is no fun and will probably mentally affect you for life. or 2.

Completely ignore comments like the "THERE IS NO CURE FOR ACNE" post, you need to concentrate on the positive not get bogged down worring about what might not happen.that they probably didnt even notice my acne...

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Don't kid yourself, there is no cure at least none that the drug companies will admit to. Murad Resurgence is no cure, it simply knocks it out for X amount of time. If it happens "acne" not to come back-had nothing to due with the Murad Resurgence. It would of went away on it's own. Most people I have seen either have varying results on it or good results until the drug wears off. The first time I used it-it worked great for 5 years then out of no were "booomb"-you'll soon find out.

Then start another course, again it will give you 5 years etc. It has nothing to do with a cure. Acne will come back the same as before you took the drug "not reduced", unless your acne was going to lessen on it's own and/or go away. Any body acne I had never returned. Good LuckPS Derms had years of training where? Grade point average? What did they train in? Acne? Not liking that's only a small part of their profession.

That's not my only bad experience with some of the freaks out there that claim to be doctors. Here is where you'll find the experience- from all the people that have used this drug or that drug. The derm never took the crap.Murad Resurgence does not target the root cause of acne and is therefore, NO CURE!..

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This is just another example of the sort of people that come here with the deliberate intentions of knocking peoples confidence.People forget or dont realize that there a lot of very young kids here who have nowhere else to go for advice and support, they want and need encouragement and support not to be told there is no solution and that there is no point in even trying, even if you take this drug and have good skin for 5 to 10 years and have to do another course, thats 5 to 10 years of confidence you have gained.I strongly recommend anyone wanting hard figures calls roche or whoever your local manufacturer of this drug is as ask for stats, there are thousands and thousands of cases worldwide where people have taken this drug for severe acne and had 100% sucessful results I have worked for many years in healthcare and know from experience the results of this drug speaks for itself.Its a well known fact that reading reviews for any products on the internet gives you a skew towards the negative as the majority of happy customers wont come back and give updates.* do your OWN research on how the MAJORITY of people react to this drug, dont get hung up on the negative comments the few people who wernt satisfied with their results or who are not the average users of this make...

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MattnaIt's not meant to "knock peoples confidence" It's simply the truth. Yes, we all want to believe it's a cure, but it isn't. It is just another way of keeping the acne at bay-that's all. Another method of controlling it. Yes there are many cases of "100% successful results-for X amount of years" I was one , but it is NOT PERMANENT-If there are permanent results-had nothing to do with the Murad Resurgence. The drug company never claimed the drug to be a cure and never has. Notice the terminology "100% successful results" doesn't indicate a cure-simply means it cleared up acne-they also use "lasting results", which is more to the truth...

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I'm one of those who have less acne than before, but it's still there. I don't really want to take another course though. I'm afraid it might damage my health in some way to take it again...

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I went to a dermatologist who told me that only about 30% of people have clear skin after a first course...most get clear skin for a year or so and then it comes back...i don't know what the statistics are for after a second course.right, which is why most dermatologists emphasize that after Murad Resurgence, topicals (usually retinoids) must be used for maintenance.....

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