How many Medifast meals allowed?

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I am brand new to Medifast. On these boards I see people eating such things as PB2 and Cottage cheese. I am confused! I thought you could only eat the 5 meals, then your lean green meal???? Thanks!.


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Cottage cheese is a lean option - a meatless choice for your lean & green..

People are using PB2 as a condiment. You are allowed 3 condiments per day..

Do you have a copy of the lean & green and condiment option charts? You can get them by clicking on the "Success Tools" tab at the top of the page and going to "Eat Right."..

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Cottage Cheese is on plan in the meatless options section, see

I don't consider PB2 ON PLAN. Medifast says while not recommended it's a personal choice. For me, that's Off Plan.

Hope This helps...

Comment #2

I agree, Dan - PB2 is one of those things they say they "don't recommend" but people use anyway...

Comment #3

The Pb2 is something that alot of people use in recipes! I believe that as long as it fits into the nutritional values permitted for the day it is ok! But I would check with Nutrition Support for any product you are unsure of.

Following is what you should go by:.

Calories- 800-1000.

Protein- 70-90 grams.

Carbs- 85-100 grams.

Fat-25-30 grams.

As for Cottage Cheese that is listed under meatless options and is fine!!.


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Oops, Vie and I cross posted. What she said...

Comment #5

Cottage cheese can be used for your l&g. As for the PB2, not sure. Never used it and have no desire to try it..

You are allowed an optional snack option if needed daily. You can check the Quick Start Guide for listed approved snacks..

Other than that you are correct. 5 Medifast meals and 1 l&g and your healthy fat serving(s)..

Personally, I feel that many of the recipes on this board are kind of pushing the limits of being off plan and I seldom use them. I have found that simpler is better..

ETA: I see Dan and Vie already handled the Cottage Cheese issue...

Comment #6

Thanks Vie!.

LOL, we were agreeing with each other at the same time...

Comment #7

Stick with your Medifast materials/guides and you will be fine.

Good luck, follow the 5&1, drink that water and you will be AMAZED how wonderful it is...

Comment #8

I agree De. Simpler has worked wonders for me and not damaged me at all!!..

Comment #9

I definitely make some of the recipes - i.e., muffins b/c they are simpler for me BUT Please, please, please be careful with any peanut butter - it really is a trigger food for a lot of people. You see time and time again people eating off plan b/c of peanut butter...

Comment #10

Do you guys have any ideas for cottage cheese for your "lean" portion?.


Comment #11

Hey Ashlee,.

Good question! I just eat it straight. I've heard of some people putting it on salads or even heating it up. I haven't tried either of these. I have some cottage cheese that needs to be used by next week so I'll try something new and let you know!.


Comment #12

While it is true that pb2 is iffy... I will say that people have to do, especially at the start of this program to get through. I mean, lets be honest, most of Medifast meals need 'doctoring' and yes, there are plenty of OP ways to do that, davinic etc.... but if someone has alot of weight to lose, say over 100 lbs, a tablespoon of PB2 is not going to hinder their weightloss... I know because when I began MF, over 3.6 years ago and I lost 140 lbs ( and kept it off with exception of 10 lbs now and still have 20 to go) I use to use pb2. I think I was the one way back then to email NI and ask if it was ok to use.

It got me through is my point. Had I found it hindering my weightloss I would have stopped. The same way I would stop eating higher sodium foods sometimes, ie cottage cheese, the soups, etc..... Medifast is a tool, just like any other weightloss program and you have to make it fit you for it to work and to last......

Anyway, that is what I did..... to each his own......

MF rebel that I am.... but hey, it worked.


Comment #13

See, I disagree completely. I never tried a recipe until I was 4 months into the program and then I made the bagel bread, simply because I needed a change and wanted to chew something and I needed to use up some tomato soup. They didn't have the crunch bars back then. The most I ever did was add a touch of extract to my banana shake. Everything else (except the oatmeal) I enjoyed straight from the packet..

I understand the need to doctor things with flavorings or a touch of Splenda to make them palatable. But some of the recipes are so complicated, using multiple meals, flavorings, and products that are questionable. <shrug> Just my opinion...

Comment #14

I agree with De on this one. I first joined Medifast when there were not forums like this and so it was much harder to find a reciepe and so I did not use reciepes at all for the first year. I learned to adapt to the tastes and flavors of the items and some of them I didnt (chili). But I think watch it on the receipes, it is easy to lose track of how many condiements are being used if doing multiple receipes through out the day. I limit myself to only one if I do them and I omit things from the original receipes in order not to use additional condiements...

Comment #15

I am so glad that I read this thread...I was under the impression that everyone was a Medifast genius when it came to cooking their meals. I read through some of the receipes and was thinking Holy Cow I can't follow that. Glad to see there are still some who are keeping it simple...

Comment #16

Medifast genius - hah! Maybe I'm not too bright, and I need to be on the 5/1 phase for less than 7 months, but I limit my options severely - hardly even add flavoring. Partially because I consider the Medifast meals as if they were medicine, so I really "eat" only one meal per day. But also because I am worried about TRIGGERS - those things that make me highly tempted to go off plan. PB2 is right up there - start me dreaming of PBJ sandwiches.... I'm even limiting my consumptions of the Medifast bars - not because they are limited (You can freely substitute them for the shakes), but because they taste really good to me and lead me into temptation.

I agree that everyone is different and there are those who can play around with the food and stay on plan. I don't know the statistics for those who fall away, but I'm terrified of becoming one of them, so I've got my blinders on for this phase..

Transition and maintenance is when I begin experimenting. Not before...

Comment #17

You've gotten some really good advice. Based on some friends who have been successful on Medifast (those that got me interested) - play it straight for awhile. Then add a syrup or PB2 in small doses and see what it does to your weight loss. I find I can't mess around too much or I slow down. So I use a tsp of PB2 once or twice a week as a snack. If I bake some muffins or cookies - then I don't use the product.

Your body is your best judge of how this affects you. However, the straighter you play this program the faster you lose. So it's worth some trade offs...

Comment #18

When I first did MF, I did NO recipes whatsoever (not sure there were any, at least not here on these boards, but I could be wrong). Also, back then there wasn't NEARLY the variety of foods available that Medifast has now. And, I didn't stress about it...just did the plan as it was then and lost weight. I remember (I think I remember) at one time there was not nearly the fat allowance they have now, but maybe I just missed it!.

I think the plan now, even without any recipies, is so much easier, more fun, with more variety. You don't need any recipes. I would WAIT on recipes until you've been on plan a couple months and have tried all the foods and are just getting so bored with nothing new. If you want to try a recipe, that would be the time to do it..

I'm not knocking recipes, mind you, my one treat at one point was the pudding with a touch of cream cheese and PB2, half frozen to make like an ice cream. I thought I had died and gone to heaven, LOL, though that wasn't truly "on plan.".

Me never reaching goal has been just from my tendency to reach a "happy" weight and lose motivation to keep dieting. You know, that weight where people start telling you you're crazy to lose more and you'll waste away to nothing? (even though you are still, officially, a touch "overweight").

Anyway, I'm rambling....Just feel free to do the traditional PLAN and don't stress the other stuff until you've mastered the basics!.

By the way, I'm mostly all pre-mixed shakes and bars now, so there's nothing for me to make recipes with anyway.


Comment #19

Thank you for this thread. I was also going crazy with all the different options.

I am planning on keeping it pretty basic for at least the first month or so. But I do know I will have to make oatmeal muffins or cookies, because that stuff just does nothing for me.

I have found a few good tips in here with the food though. Especially about making the shakes an hour or 2 ahead of time to let them settle. It gets rid of all the grittiness...

Comment #20

I personally do not limit myself whatsoever on the amount of condiments I use - as long as they are Medifast friendly and I log them into my FitDay program.. I make sure I stay within the 800-1100 calories, under 100 carbs, etc. etc. ranges. Works great for me - may not work great for you if you can't make yourself count EVERYTHING or if you experience a weight loss stall being close to 100 carbs. That's just me though!..

Comment #21

Wow, what a great thread! I also have tried to make the bread or a cake and been a dismal failure! I am going to just stick to the basic plan without the additions or mixing it up as I have also hit a stall. It is so good to see some others of like mind!.

I have never been much of a cook that could just indiscriminately add a dash of this or a sprinkle of that with a great deal of success, so this plan with all of the variety of foods is better for me to Keep It Simple Silly!.

Thanks for posting. It helps to know I am not alone...

Comment #22

Where did you get the 1100 calories from? Just curious. All the information I've ever received from Medifast says 800-1000...

Comment #23

Woops typo on that, thanks - 800 to 1000 calories is right! My average according to Fitday from 10/13 to 1/08 is 926 calories, 81 carbs, 100 protein, 23 fat, 24 fiber..

Comment #24

LOL. So many things have changed with Medifast since the day I started, I thought I'd better ask!..

Comment #25

I feel that way too. I weigh in tomorrow at the Medifast center and will ask them...

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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