How long until we see results from Nutrisystem?

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I've been using Nutrisystem for about a month now an I was wondering how long it takes for weight to start coming off. I've been following the meal plans occasionally cheating with sweets but it's mostly small portions and I've found that sometimes the whole meal plan is actually too much food so I've found that my stomach has definitely shrunk in size but I am not seeing results, is this normal? PLEASE, I could really needs someone's advice or knowledge..

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Your question was: How long until we see results from Nutrisystem?.

Hi there...

Congratulations on making a change for the better of your health..

I am not really sure how much weight you have to lose, so it hard to advise you..

However, when you start try following the plan exactly whenever possible..

Eat all of the food provided plus your allowed veggies and fruit. It is balanced to make it the easiest for your body to lose weight safely..

Drink the water too, it can make a difference..

Every one is different so try not to set expectations based on how quickly or how much weight you will lose..

If you follow the plan faithfully, you can lose weight without exercising..

Try not to cheat, there are lots of foods you can eat guilt free..

There is a before and after thread loaded with pictures of people who have lost weight. It is very inspirational.

Click here :

Good luck...

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Advice AND Knowledge:.

1. Follow the plan (no cheating, no excuses);.

2. Drink all of your water;.

3. Move your tush..

The program works wonders, but YOU have to work the program. You go into it half-heartedly, you get half-hearted results..

You go by the program you paid good money for, you will lose weight..


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Eat no cheats. Eat all veggies..

You're not losing weight, because you are a cheater..

Replace the sweets with salads...

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Try giving the counselors a call. They might be able to help you. Are you drinking all your water?..

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Back away from the sweets. hahaha. No seriously if it's not on Nutrisystem don't eat it. There are plenty of sweet things you can have on ns. If I need something sweet and just can't do without I have a piece of fruit. It doesn't happen very often though.

I know it's hard at first but it will get easier. We didn't get here by eating small portions but now we are eating the right portions and it's good for you too. If you don't eat it all your body will work against you to hold onto everything you are eating and your weight loss will slow down a lot. Did you take your measurements before you started? you might be losing inches instead. If you spread out your food also it doesn't seem like you're eating as much at one time.

It does work. Good luck to you, Nancy..

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The plan works if you work it. It doesn't work very well if you don't. No weight loss plan does..

Decide right now to dedicate yourself to a new, healthy way of life. Then make it happen.


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It's probably the sweets that are holding you back. even if you eat say 5 of those miniature chocolates (the mini herseys, krackel, mr. goodbar, etc) that's 230 calories you just added for the day...

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Listen to Pam - she knows her stuff - just check out her page and success story. Pam was my first supporter when I joined 11 months ago and I followed her suggestions and now I too am a proud Nutrisystem Loser!..

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