How long to wait between Medifast meals?

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Wait in between meals? On average....I used to be able to do 3 hours...but now I seem hungrier and can only wait about 2 hours between. I am hoping it is bec. my metabolism has been revvvvvvved up...LOL......

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It's so weird because some days, I have to remind myself to eat and other, I am clock watching to see when my 2 hours is up. I have not been able to come up with reasons for either. I stick to the plan and am pretty simple with my lean and greens. I always drink the same amount of water (close to 100 oz) so I just have not idea. I actually like your theory of our metabolisms revving up the most...

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I have my forgetful days and my clock watching days. It's really weird...

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For me - it's which meal it is. I VERY often find my alarm going off on my phone for my 1:30 meal thinking - I JUST ate (when it was 2 1/2 hours ago) - but come the 3:30, if someone stood between me and my Medifast meal - it's likely they would lose a limb...

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Like others said, it really depends. There have even been some days where I felt so hungry that I ate two almost back-to-back. When I do that, it typically helps and I don't find myself hungry again for about 4 hours. I don't do it often, but when my hunger feels almost painful, I'll do it. It may be connected to the days I work out harder, but sometimes I just feel hungry. Other days, I'm not hungry at all and find myself at home at 4:30 p.m.

I do try to make my meals between 2 - 3 hours apart, no matter what but some days there are variations...

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Usually between 2-3 hours.... but I can go waaaaaaaaay longer in the mornings... just not hungry then, I guess... but usually very hungry between 3-5... I always have a meal then...

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Depends on the day.. like everyone else who has commented some days are hungrier than others.. The funny thing I've noticed is that weeks that I"m really hungry on usually translate to a bigger loss on the scale. Maybe it is my body trying to talk me out of parting with it's precious fat!..

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I eat at the exact same time every day. 8:30, 11, L&G at 1:30, 4, 6, 8:30. I feel like having a strict schedule frees me up from bargaining with myself on my hungry days. I'm pretty sure that without it, there are days where I'd be out of food by 4:00 and having to battle with myself the rest of the day. This way it just is what it is and I've finally figured out that an occasional hungry day really isn't going to kill me...

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Like GIGI, I've conditioned myself to eat at the same time each day - 8, 10, 12:30, L&G at 3, 5:30, 7:30. Some days I'm hungrier than others, but I always try to stick to the schedule. Yesterday, I didn't feel hungry at all, but today I'm ravenous. I'm counting the minutes until my last packet!!..

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