How long is the Medifast shipping time?

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How are you ordering during the Holidays? With perfect weather and no holidays, Medi fast takes, no fewer than, six days to get to me, because of this, I need to do extra planning to make sure I order in time. I will never run out of food, but I dont want to run out of my favorites.

The days medifast was closed for Thanksgiving slowed down shipping and arrival. I am already looking at six days. I dont know how many more days the holidays will add.

What are your ordering plans during the next few weeks, especially if you are one whose food takes a while to get to you?..

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I'd just make the order now, it's not like it will go to waste, right?..

Comment #1

I get mine VERY FAST in the Atlanta, GA area. If I placed an order today I'd probably have it by Friday..


Comment #2

I put in a larger order than normal last week. It should last until new years...

Comment #3

I just placed an order two weeks ago and got it last week. So I'm on a one week schedule..

I'm thinking of placing another order now for the new year.

Imagine all those people making their new years resolutions to lose weight, getting on the Medifast website and ordering tons of food. Now, I can see that as putting a delay in my order. So I definitely suggest ordering before new years day...

Comment #4

I always had 10 days of food on hand. I think with the holidays you should plan on 10 days just to be safe. I live on the West Coast (kind of) and it always took 7 days to get an order, even during the holidays, but better safe than sorry...

Comment #5

Sunny daze! I love your post about the rush on medifast food at the new year. Bet you are 100% right too! I will take the advise on ordering larger quantities too. As someone said in an earlier post: it's not like it will go waste!!..

Comment #6

Wow - I mean wow sassy.

When did you actually make the order.

I dont know what to order now that the puffs are like eating air. They were my staple..

I plan on ordering next week...

Comment #7

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