How Long for Murad Acne Complex to work?

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How long does it takes to see some results while on Murad Acne Complex ?It's my 1st day on Murad Acne Complex...

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Your question was: How Long for Murad Acne Complex to work?.

I started off on a super low dose of 10mg (125 lbs) and I was clear within a month. started noticing changes after a week. youre starting off at a high dose for your weight (i think anyway?) so there is a chance you will get worse before you get's different for everyone, though... you just have to be patient...

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Hey guys I'm asking my derm for low dose Murad Acne Complex next time I go, cause I have bunches of comedonal acne and I hear it works great for it...or rather against it haha. how many prescription things did you have to try b4 your doc gave it to u?..

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Yes, the dose is pretty high.The doctor gave me that dose based on my weight.I tried 2 things and all of them failed.- Ziana Gell > Doryx- Tazorac > Solodyn..

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Ok well ive used differin and clindamycin so thats def asking for low dose Murad Acne Complex next time I see my derm gah I rly want this gone now! it's so hard to deal with.ok well ive used differin and clindamycin so thats def asking for low dose Murad Acne Complex next time I see my derm gah I rly want this gone now! it's so hard to deal with...

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The first 10 weeks were HELL for me... but my skin has only gotten better and better after that! I have a blog that tells my weekly skin status and side effects if you are interested. it is different for everyone. I think my IB was unusally bad since I'm on a high dosage (130 lbs and 80 mg/day) but I'm clear now! starting week 16 tomorrow..

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I am on 40 mg twice a day. I've been on it for nearly 3 weeks and I can say that I have yet to see any positive results. I have just as much acne as I had when I started in December and I've only broken out minimally. So, it's basically the same. So far no real results, but no horrid breakout...

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I'm on 60MG for the second time - 23days in, started getting dryness from day 4.. day 6-7 majorly broke out - worst my acne ever has been which lasted about a week then day 14 or so my skin started rapidly improving, even since day 14 it's been consistently clearing my skin, just mainly red marks now which I am treating with olive oil. But yeah it reacts different with different people, first time I tried it I didnt really have any kind of major break out, just a couple of cysts which went away after a few days but my acne didnt clear for about 4 weeks after finishing my course, came back after couple of months tho hence why i'm on again. So i've had different experiences both times i've been on...

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I started to feel the effects in a week. Dry everything and acne getting worse. My skin got a bit worse than it was before until about 2 months in when everything started getting better. After 2 months it got better all the time, but my skin got the real improvement mainly on the 4-5th months and after I finished the course.Just be patient, in the end it should work..

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For me, I am starting my third month now and my IB is just starting to go away. I had moderate, but persistant acne that never responded to any other treatment. Im 115 lbs and on 80 mgs a day... which is alot and would explain why my IB has been so bad. my skin has yet to start drying out and my lips are barely chapped. However, I have had alot of joint and muscle pain, especially in my right jaw., lower back, and knees.

He also told me today that my skin should start getting better in the next month or so and that the higher dosage that I am on will help it to not come back, as opposed to lower dosages...

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Himonth 1 : 40 mg some clearing at week 3. then skin did badly for the next 3 weeks. almost done 2 months, still more breaking out. hate itmonth 2 : 60 mgi think the increase in dosage caused the current and consistent break outhopefully month 3 will be better! thought this crap would be clearer by now!..

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I was clear in about 10-14 days and clear therafter on my entire course bar about 3-4 pimples in 6 months...

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[size="6"][/size] well it takes 6 months lol I know it sucks but you should see clearer skin in about 2 months maybe by the end of month one if your lucky :]..

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So you guys use Murad Acne Complex. I heard of it's side effects, while on Murad Acne Complex, have you experienced the said effects and side effects? anyway I heard it will take 7 days for it to show some improvements. My dermatologist mentioned that to me but she told me to take oral antibiotics first, Tetralysal. She told me Isotretinoin will be our last option if none of my medications work.LOve the snake hahawhat is it?Hi I was just wondering how do you use the olive oil for the red marks?does it work?..

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