How long does initial breakout from Murad Acne Complex last?

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So we all know Murad Acne Complex has some pretty god damn shitty side effects. I can't take this shit anymore, I've got a girlfriend now and even though she doesn't seem to care about acne I just can't stare her in the eyes thinking of the state of my face..if it was gone I'd be so happy I wouldn't know what to do...all my problems would b egoneThe last thing I've tried was a supplement thing which was completely natural and it helped to a tiny degree but nothing significant and nothing noticeable by anybody but me. My only choice seems to be Murad Acne Complex.I'm horrified of the side effects, particularly the losing hair (yeah I'm a guy..I have a thing about it..don't ask) and the super dry lips (I heard they can get EXTREMELY dry..not cool..).So I'm trying to figure out how to counter these effects. Would a healthy diet help to keep hair in and lots of water keep the lips moisturized? I'm sure it's not that simple..chap stick and lots of water is my guess to fixing the lips, but the hair part kinda scares me..I have a headful of hair anyways so Im sure it wouldn't be noticeable but it's weird when my fucking hair is falling out and I don't want to deal with body is in an extremely healthy and cleansed state right now so I'm sure it could easily cope with things that perhaps a not so healthy body taking Murad Acne Complex wouldn't be able to. I also have some questions;For those who took Murad Acne Complex, how much worse did your face get before it got better, and for how long?How long did it take to see significant results and, once you started seeing the results, did it seem to start healing quickly, or over long periods of time?How many of you did NOT experience hair loss?how many of you would recommend Murad Acne Complex? =pThanks in advance...

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Your question was: How long does initial breakout from Murad Acne Complex last?.

Thanks guys, those posts make me wanna take it.Does anybody know the percentage of people who lose hair? I don't exercise much and I'm a bit of a stoner so the pain in my joints won't bother me The dry lips seem pretty easy to conquer...Another question, does anybody know if theres a correlation between a blood type or certain body types and Murad Acne Complexs side effects?And is the hair loss so severe that if it DID happen to me it would be noticeable? My hair is really the only physical part of my body (besides my abs which I have no clue how I have..) that I like..if my hair was gone the clearest skin wouldn't make me happy.....

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Oh yeah, and how high was the dosage you guys took?Would a lower dosage perhaps lessen the chance of hair loss?Fuck..I'll start at the lowest possible dose if it will prevent the side effects if all I have to do is wait a bit longer for clear skin...

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My dose was 40 mg/day for the first 3 months, then switched to 45 mg/day for final 2 months. The super achy joints and back pain didn't kick in until I upped the dose to 45 mg. I am sure pot smoking would help mitigate the pain...I dont' know about any blood type correlation w/ specific symptoms, but I am type 0, in any case...

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I'm only on DAY 5 (first week) of my 60mg dosage of Murad Acne Complex.My results:the only really noticeable adverse side effect is the chapped lips. Otherwise, all my active zit spots have completely shut down. My skin looks clearer than ever and I haven't experienced an initial breakout yet (fingers crossed).The joint pain is barely bad at all - I PUMP IRONNN three or four times a week and the joint pain is only mildly uncomfortable.So far, so good. It's working wonders...

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Awesome, glad it's working for ya man. Hopefully you never have to experience an IB.Anybody else?..

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