How long can I stay on phase one of the Medifast Diet?

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My question is How long can I stay on phase one of the Medifast Diet? Thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... Hey fellow Medifasters !.

The holidays for me and I am sure for most of you too have been my favorite time of year cause I would get to totally pig out. Easter is soon going to be hear and I am very scared being around all that food that I will cheat. How do you guys cope with holidays, birthday parties , any family functions that INCLUDE a ton of delicious food? I am planning on taking my Medifast food with me and trying not to eat anything while visiting with family...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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I'm going to make a beautiful Filet Minon. It's my favorite!..

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For the next year I plan on being a complete coward and avoiding any situation that might tempt me into going off plan..

I know it sounds flip, but it's true. I need some time and space to regain my health and address ALL of my stupid food issues. My husband is going to Afghanistan and I have one year to pull myself together - in my own way, at my own pace. I can't let anything derail that..

So, no. I'm not going out to dinner or celebrating holidays with food. I'm not even shopping or cooking for my kid. (He's almost 18 and will be living on his own in a year. I don't think he'll melt... he disagrees.).

I'm giving myself the time and opportunity to break all of my old habits and establish new ones. In a year, I'll ease back into life with a *plan*...

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Doesn't bother me. I'm on my own most of the time, family is back in England and husband is on the road. If I get invited out they have always had a potluck/buffet serve yourself type of meal so I just pick out the lean meat, unadorned veggies, salad etc. Did this on Christmas day and really enjoyed my healthy meal...

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Well, my answer isn't Medifast-ly correct, I fear..

I will be visiting friends in Fiji during Holy Week, and will be there for Easter. There is no way that I will follow Medifast during that time. I intend to eat what the Fijians eat (lots of fruits, fish, and rice, and they use a lot of coconut milk in cooking) and drink (more coconut milk!) and to try different foods that I don't generally get here in California..

I figure it will cost me two weeks. One week eating off plan, and one week getting back to where I was on Medifast when I come back. It's worth it to me to be able to enjoy the exotic foods, not to have to try to take Medifast foods into Fiji, and not to derail the plans I know my friends there have food-wise. I am fortunate that I have never suffered the "three days of hell" that many people experience when de-carbing and going into ketosis...

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Easter isn't a huge deal in my house, course it's just me, the boyfriend, and our 3 animals so it'll be another day as usual..

My nephew's 2nd bday party is coming up though and even though it's potluck style, I'm going to come prepared with either a bar or pretzels to see me through. Maybe even a premade shake to start with since I don't know how long the party is going for. My friend might care, but I know my nephew won't and since it's his day I'm going to eat based on his opinion of my habits..

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What worked well for me over Thanksgiving and Christmas was to coordinate with the hostess and make sure that they were serving a protein that met the lean requirements and then we brought an OP salad, dressing and veggies to share. That way we were eating with the family and everyone enjoyed our veggies and salad (people actually like healthy food). We had a bar during dessert or just had coffee or a diet soda and ate a Medifast meal when we got home. AFter being OP for several months, I just don't want to eat one of my Medifast meals right after eating my L&G- I'm too full. Both DH and I have stayed on plan since Nov 5th 2010 and that included both of our birthdays as well as the major holidays...

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I am avoiding all the stupid candy aisles!!!! After Easter there wont be any holiday candy to tempt me for a while!!! Last Easter I would eat bags of cadbury eggs and boxes of peeps and reeses eggs....sigh, will be nice to have a better plan next Easter!..

Comment #8

Well, Im not very worried about it cuz there is nothing but adults in my household and I'm sure they may go out to eat but I know I'm not...just another day for me!..

Comment #9

I'm going to eat a nice salad and roast beef...

Comment #10

My kids aren't big candy eaters - so they get a very minimal amount to enjoy - leaving me nearly nothing to pilage..

The day of Easter my family does celebrate BIG. So, I am bringing an entire roasted chicken to share with the family (after I get my 6 oz) and I am bring a salad with all the fixens to put it on..

I'll probably also pack a brownie (and a Tsp of natural peanut butter) to enjoy while they are eating cakes..

THAT's how I survive...

Comment #11

We celebrate both Easter and Passover (DH is Jewish and his family has a big celebration.) My in-laws are very supportive of my Medifast diet, they are making turkey and brisket, my MIL is making (her amazing!) roasted veggies, and I'm bringing a large salad with dressings. I'll bring a bar for dessert and have coffee with everyone else..

Easter is another storyI have a little DS, and of course the Easter bunny comes to our houseso there is candy galore (although luckily, our Easter bunny brings presents and a lot less candy!) THAT'S what I'm worried about! I plan to eat Medifast chocolate all day (hot cocoa truffles, pudding frosty, chocolate Medifast bars, etc.) while DS eats his treats. My mother is very, very sick (she is disabled and has MRSA that leaks from non-healing wounds, so we can't bring our child to her house, and she can't come to us), so we have no family plans on Easterinstead, DH is taking us out to a MF-friendly restaurant after DS and I go to church (and I will bring a meal to my parents.) If it's a nice day, we'll take DS to the park after dinner and take a walk around the lake..

A holiday on Medifast would have been MUCH harder when my mother was well she always cooked a huge DELICIOUS carb-laden, fattening feast (pasta, lasagna, meatballs, bread, etc., we are Italian), with homemade cookies laid out before the meal, plus severla desserts no wonder we are all so obese! Those are my absolute FAVORITE foods (it's no wonder I always gain 15+ pounds over Christmas!).

But it's all good I'm actually looking forward to a holiday where I won't gain weight! Medifast has been great b/c I KNOW something isn't on plan, so I don't eat it (versus WW, where you could have a little of anything, which would simply trigger me to eat more and more!).

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday!.

Hugs, NM..

Comment #12

I started on Medifast last September so got to encounter Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas almost right off the bat. (It seemed that way anyway!!).

If you're committed to yourself to stay on the program, then it really will fall into place. In my own situation, I was kind of worried at first about holidays, but I just ate my Medifast meals and my L&G and didn't even think about the way I had celebrated these events in the past. My future was what I concentrated on and having just reached my weight goal today, yes.


, that strategy really paid off for me!.

One of the things that helped me through rough times like holidays was to keep thinking about how great I was doing, how great I would feel when I was at goal (woo-hoo!) and how I was sick and tired of the.


Of food. I'd remind myself that I'm in control, not some food item!!!!.

Hope this helps! You are doing a great job on your own journey and good for you for thinking ahead about possible challenges!.

Best wishes,.


Comment #13

Thanks everyone for giving me great examples and reassurances! I will get through this holiday and many other events = )..

Comment #14

I think the children will be a little upset about missing some of my traditional Pesach treats... but the vast majority of kosher cooking (if you stay away from the pastries) is pretty Medifast friendly, so I'm not anticipating any issues with that! As for the Easter Bunny... I'm more likely to have an issue with pastries (esp savory ones) than candy. I've never been one much for candy and I don't get the kids tons. Lots of little presents, though. (At least it isn't Hanukkah...

Do the math... 8 nights, 7 kids, that's a LOT of wrapping!)..

Comment #15

I started this 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and have survived all the holidays so far..

Comment #16

I started in September and decided then that I would make it 100% through all holidays. And I have..

Commit to doing it and then follow through. You can do it!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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