How is the Medifast for diabetics package?

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I just ordered the Medifast for diabetics package and am planning on starting MOnday. I've been a type II diabetic for many years and have struggled get the weight off, I"m hoping this will be a good answer for me...

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Hi Geekgirl,.

I too am a Type 2 diabetic. I'm going great following the plan. I feel great and have more energy than pre-MF. I'm on way too many meds (4 for diabetes alone). I go to the dr. tomorrow - hoping for a much improved A1c.

You mentioned that you plan on starting today. Hang in there, the first few days can be difficult. I held off a week from fear of the first week - I just decided to start and hold on. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought.

Welcome and if you have any questions, post away. I've gotten alot of ideas and questions solved by posting...

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I too am a Type II diabetic, and before starting MF, my A1C was over 9, even though I was on Avandia, Glyburide, and Metformin. After five short months, I've lost 70 pounds my A1C is 5.6, and I'm off the Avandia and Glyburide completely with my Metformin cut way back..

This is the easiest thing I've ever done and I've done every diet imaginable!.

My doctor is thrilled but even more importantly, I'm thrilled and a whole lot healthier! I love MF, all the great recipes, and most of all, the support from these boards. I don't post often, but I read everything!.

It's been an amazing journey. Here's to great success for you on yours!.


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Type II here too. I can't wait until I go in for my blood test in Dec. I took one right as I was starting Medifast and I will want to see the improvements.

You will do very good on this plan. Eventually you will wonder how you can put all the food in you that is required. Sometimes I have a hard time finishing my L&G but I do because I need the calories.

Good luck and visit the boards often!.


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Thanks everyone, this site is awesome and has made me feel so welcome.

I got the notice that my order shipped yesterday..

Lisa We seem to have a lot in common, I love to scrap too.. I'm glad to hear it's working well for you, that gives me a lot of hope.

Val - I'm actually not starting till next monday not yesterday... one of my best friend's is having a birthday party on Saturday, we have babysitting and it's an adult drinking party and I really want to participate and be able to drinkand spend time with my friends without all our kids running around... and Sunday is mine DH's date day so I'm going to do my last meal out on Sunday and start Monday rather than before the party..

Diane that is awesome that is such a huge improvement in your A1C! I hope my results are as good as yours..

Spacie Thanks for the welcome!.

Right now I'm just focusing on gearing myself up to start. I'm very excited about it and can't wait to get going!!..

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Hi, Everyone,.

I'm new here. My first shipment has not arrived yet, but I got my sign-on code today, so I thought I would join in. My diabetes is still fairly well controlled, but I've had lots of trouble with the meds. Right now I am only on Byetta. Metformin made me sick and Avandia made my ankles swell. I have lost before, but always gained back even more.

I look forward to getting to know you all..


First Short Term Goal- 200 by 2008..

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I've been a Diabetic Type II since November/1987. Finding Medifast was the best thing in my life. I've actually been doing Medifast since December/2006 but was with until this month I joined the group here on line. Ergo my ticker does not reflect my total loss. I started out at 269 and have lost 60. Could have lost more but love my coffee and popcorn, ~sigh~.

It works, you feel good, have more energy and for the first time in my life I am actually losing weight and inches. Hoorah!!..

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Kathie Its great we can work through this together.

Carolyn So good hearing of your sucess.

Only 3 more days till I start W00T!!!!!..

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Lil- I have seen your name on the Nov Newbies. I'm looking forward to beginning a challange. Maybe we should try to be on the same team..

Carolyn- Glad to have you with us..

Today was my second day. Last night I really felt weird before bed, so I ate an apple. I thought that was not too bad and would give me some carbs. Today I feel great, I have dropped a TON of water, and my ankles have never looked better. No problem with how I feel this evening..

I am reading the book called Mastering Leptin it is really eye opening. If you haven't read it you should. Leptin is another hormone like insulin that you can get resistent to, and it is involved with insulin and cholesterol, and how much fat is stored..

Catch you tomorrow...

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Kathie I'd love to be on the same team.

I started this morning, so far all I had was the diabetic chocolate shake and it was veyr good, DH tried the tinniest of nibbles and seemed Jealous of the shake :lol: It was feeling I could barely finish it. I'm eating my next meal in about an hour and I think I'll try that oat meal..

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Lil...Congratulations girl on making one of the best decisions of your life. Medifast will definitely change your life for the better We are here for you and if you have any questions at all, we're just a keyboard click away!.

MF has definitely saved my life. Just 4 short months ago, my A1C was 10.8% and now it's 5.2% when I went to the doc about a month ago I couldn't be happier! And he was amazed at the weight I've lost so far (of course he approved Medifast before I started). My last visit...he even asked me to tell him more in detail about the program (really in detail). Hmmm maybe he will start recommending it to his other patients.

Once again welcome and have a great FIRST day!.



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