How is the Medifast Diet different from Atkins? Just curious.?

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Quick question: How is the Medifast Diet different from Atkins? Just curious.? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. Hi,.

I might know some you but if not I have been on Medifast before and it works. But I just go back to the same eating habits sometimes worse than what they were. I am hoping to nip this in the bud this time around. I sat here yesterday and looked at all of the before and after pictures and it motivated me even more...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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Hi Krista! I'm so glad you are back to finish this! Might I suggest you pick up Dr. A's Habits of Health? He's on the board of directors for Medifast and wrote an incredible book with companion workbook (I got the video series too!) and you can get it from the Medifast website as you are ordering your foods. He talks about how to make this time be your LAST time, and his advice is priceless. And I'm only on chapter 4!.

I originally lost 140 lbs in 14 months on Medifast in 06/07, and gained it ALL back. I'm currently 70 pounds down again, and this time I'm doing the headwork necessary...

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Thanks girls. kb I will have to check out that book you recommended. Thanks...

Comment #3

Welcome back Krista.....

Finish Medifast now before you get old... 39 isn't old...LOL.... really, it isn't.... the body acts sooo differently once you hit 45..... so go for it !!!! you can do this....


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I'm right there with you! Day 9 for me. My attitude is different this time. I'm focusing on the long term goal (of keeping it off) rather than the short term goal (of getting it off) and I know that Medifast works perfectly for me and that it's my fault that I gained weight back..

Plus, we're neighbors - what part of Austin are you in?..

Comment #5

@ Karen I like your Austin-ish. LOL I am in Round Rock. And you?.

@kay! I want to be rid of this weight before I hit 40. You are right it doesn't get easier...

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Welcome back, Krista! I remember you happy smiling face, too. Glad you found your way back. I wish you much success! We know it works, when we follow it...

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I would like to join this journey. Recommit date 3/25/11..

I'm looking forward to finally nipping this weight loss journey in the bud. Also I remember you to Krista!..

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I am back again for round 2 to finish this thing as well! Ready to get it done! I lost 96 pounds the first go around (June 2-end Oct) and then doc put me on some steroids and I had a hard time adjusting. They made me extremely HUNGRY. I gained back 42 pounds from November to March. I definitely need to do the head work this time so that doesn't happen when I get to goal. Welcome back! We know what works so let's just do it!..

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Welcome back Krista!.

I was just thinking yesterday of all the people that have come and gone since I started on the you were on my mind yesterday! I am so glad to see you today!..

Comment #10

Welcome back, I also remember you!.

I recommited on 3/14/11 for the same reason. I went off plan for the holidays and instead of going right back to maintenance, I slowly slipped back into my old habits and gained back a portion of my loss..

Glad to see you you said, we know Medifast works! Good luck on your journey...

Comment #11

I remember you! You were here when I started back in October. I remember that your picture (with the apron) made me think of Taste of Home magazine, LOL! It looks like you are getting ready to whip up something nummy!..

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Hey Karen, I am also returning after two years off! I kept most of my 25 lbs off, however I have many more to go. Hope to track along with you, we are also on about the same goal path...

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Hi Krista! Welcome back! I remember you as well. I'm in Leander too..

Hang in there and enjoy the results you're sure to start seeing soon!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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