How is that Amy is on another Medifast commercial?

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Got a quick question: How is that Amy is on another Medifast commercial? Hoping for any comment. Second question of mine... Or did anyone else not lose weight on Weight Watchers? I tried it for a couple of months and only lost 5lbs in 10 weeks. I had several gains. I did not eat junk food either. All the planning, prepping, calculating etc was so much work and then to hardly lose or not lose at all was so frustrating..

I see Jennifer Hudson on TV and she looks good! How did she do it? I guess not all plans work for everyone...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

I think you definitely hit the nail on the head there. Not all plans work for everyone.

The "secret" (if there is such a thing) is to find the plan that works for you and make it a lifestyle change..

Hope Medifast works better for you!..

Comment #2

Jennifer Hudson also works out with Celebrity Trainer Gunner Peterson, he has trained Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez and I hear he's no joke...

Comment #3

I have had success on WW in the past, but I think the problem with me is that on WW you can eat anything- just in moderation. And I'm the type where I can't eat just one piece of pizza. If I do, then it just makes me want more. I crave carbs and once I start, it makes me crave them more and more..

MF is working for me bc I am not having the carbs I used to devour, and I don't crave them anymore as bad either. I have just come to accept the fact that I am always going to have to watch my carb intake. I am addicted to bread, pasta, white rice, etc. And it's just best for me if I eliminate those things from my diet entirely...

Comment #4

Hi Johanna!.

I never had much success with Medifast but it was mostly my fault. WW allowed me trigger foods that I found myself reaching for. I would tell myself every time I picked up a trigger food on WW that I would have 2 points of it or 3 points of it and every time I would end up binging..

My body is also one of those that seems to be highly sensitive to carbs and I am much more successful on a lower carb diet. Atkins works phenomenally for me, but I always put weight back on after doing it. I'm hoping that MF's more reasonable allowance of some carbs, plus it's T & M plan will help me with that aspect when I'm ready..

Best of luck to you!..

Comment #5

Jennifer Hudson does look gorgeous. Heck, I though she was beautiful before her weight loss. But celebrities have money to buys tools like nutritionists and personal trainers and maybe even personal chefs that most of us do not.....

Comment #6

WW really works for some people. I am not one of those people. After struggling with tiny losses and even gains on 30 WW points (1,500 calories) per day, I talked to my doctor in tears. She ran tests of my metabolism and determined that it wasn't my fault (I have an endocrine disorder caused by a pituitary tumor), plus I've slowed my metabolism by many years of starving myself, even becoming anorexic. My mother, sister, and paternal grandmother also all have weighed over 300 pounds, so my genetics stink too. My doctor said I needed a diet that would put me under 1000 calories per day.

I had to switch doctors when my insurance plan changed, my new doctor (who is part of Johns Hopkins) reviewed my file and also said I needed to cut back on carbs, and together we decided on Medifast (I'd read about it on Freedom99's blog and was intrigued, they use it at Hopkins too.) I also have hypoglycemia, and WW does not limit carbs, so although I was eating healthy (Kashi oatmeal, fruit, etc.), I wasn't getting enough protein to keep my blood sugar stable. I would get so upset, I was eating very healthy (salads, measured lite dressings, lean meats, whole wheat breads...) no Starbucks treats, fast food, or french fries (and I'm allergic to eggs and dairy, so none of that anyway!) It drove me nuts!.

Anyway, I've been doing great here! No carbs to trigger me (I was always light-headed and starving on WW), and the frequent, high-protein meals keep my blood sugar on an even keel. I feel so much better than I have in years. And I've lost 25 pounds in 6 weeks..

I have spent too many years starving myself... this feels so much better..

Hugs, Maria..

Comment #7

I figured out a few years ago that the low-fat high-carb approach to dieting (like WW) didn't work for me. I actually did better on Atkins but I didn't stay in induction long enough. I need more structure than Atkins provides and have found it with MF...

Comment #8

I've done WW 4 times I think. In the early 90s I lost on it, of course I was 18 and weighed a whopping 150 lbs to start with..

Last time I did it I lost very little. This is working so much better for me. I will say for me, this time part of it is my mindset...

Comment #9

I have heard a lot of good stuff about Medifast. I bought enough (don't laugh) to keep me cranking for about 4 months!.

I just had a carmel crunch bar and they are good. I am trying everything and even if there is something that I do not like I am sure my taste buds will change..

This is kind of my last chance/last hope!..

Comment #10

I had some success with WW the way they did it years ago. I had a little calculator that I bought that kept track of all my little categories of food. Now that they've simplified it to points, it's just like too many other things that have not worked at all in the past for me...

Comment #11

Maria, this was very inspiring. Reading this ALONE, should make one have the motivation and strength to be on Medifast. I came from the same background you did. The carbs trigger me and I was always hungry and craving food on WW. I love this program because I feel the protein keeps my blood sugar in a good level and I feel full. I love how I keep my metabolism working since I eat every hours.

I have found that denying myself "trigger" foods, is the key to my success. It's very encouraging to hear that your doctor recommended it, too. Thank you for sharing..

Comment #12

WEIGHTLOSSFOREVER, thank you so much for you kind words!!! I wish you all the best!.

Hugs, Maria..

Comment #13

Exactly same for me - having everything "in game" was nice on WW except for the fact that I obviously SUCK at picking what I should eat. I never measured anything and was constantly lying to myself about how much I ate during the day. the "extra" points would also trigger me into going on binges on the weekends b/c "other people used the bonus points and still lost weight"..

I'm on Medifast to get my butt spanked and learn that food is not everything - that it's fuel and yes, we can enjoy it but not wallow in it and kill myself with it...

Comment #14

Funny thing is once WW changed their program a couple months back it caused me to completely stall. I had used their program before and was successful, losing 30 lbs. Not sure why this time was different. It kinda forces you to eat cleaner because junk food(carby) that used to have 1 point for instance, would now be 3. I have read alot of people having issues with the new program. At least I know it's good for maintenance..

Comment #15

I tried WW several times, it worked the first time, but frankly I have two kids, one is special needs and I work full time and work out of my car, so the frozen dinners just dont' work for me. I do not have time to calculate points and this is why I would fail, I just couldn't find the time to calculate the points..

This works much better for me, it's mobil so fits my work lifestyle, it keeps my blood sugar from going down so low that I just devour everything. I haven't felt this good for some time..

Some people are just sensitive to carbs, thats me..


Comment #16

I did great on WW before the change. For some reason they decided to change the whole system, re-assigning points values to foods I had memorized. If they gave us an option to remain on the old plan I might have stuck with it, but it was just too much work to learn all of the new points values. I'm glad I made the switch. There really isn't anything easier than this plan...

Comment #17

I could be a ww forever person. I can do ww and lose about 1 pound every week... struggling to put together meal plans and always trying to find way to eat what I am craving..

So, thinking about that.... 1 pound a week... thats great... but then I take off for Christmas... and every other hoiliday and we are not only losing about 30 pounds a year. For me, personally....

I think once I get to goal and finish transition... I will look into it doing ww as a lifetimer... hoping it will help with maintenance... it is definitely a great tool .....

MF kicks my butt and I am actually going to make my goal... in a time frame that is awesomely inspiring...

Comment #18

My mother in law has had terrific success on WW, but her own sister has not had the same success on WW and has moved to MF. I think it truly is different for each person..

Like the pp mentioned, it is jut too easy to 'game' the point system. The structure and simplicity of Medifast just makes so much more sense for allows me the time to focus on the mental part of successful weight loss because I am freed from the constant calculations of other diets like WW..

Happy MFing everyone!..

Comment #19

It would probably take me 5 years to make any real progress on WW with the amount of weight that I have to lose and I am short so we don't lose as fast. I have committed to Medifast for 18 months and judging from what I have read here, it seems like I can make some significant progress in that time. I may not reach goal but I am confident that if I follow the plan to a "T" I will weigh much less than I do now..

I may join WW when I am about 25lbs from goal (I will follow Medifast though) and lose all of my weigh with Medifast and use Medifast transisition plan then eventually use WW as maintainance and get the lifetime membership...

Comment #20

One of my employees is doing WW now and has lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks. She is being very strick as to where she uses her points though. she doesn't use them for junk foods or sugary stuff. As with any plan, they all work, just in different ways for different people...

Comment #21

I had great success with WW about 4 yrs ago. I lost 66lbs. But I really, really had to focus on the plan - lots of counting, lots of planning, lots of measuring. Also, I worked out at the gym 4 days a week..

I had a super stressful year and a half and gained back (due to EATING my way through that stress.

36 of those lbs..

For me, I am just not in a place where counting points, planning my meals, blah, blah, blah..will fit into my life - nor do I feel like I have the DRIVE to keep it up. A couple of my girlfriends have had great success with Medifast so I decided to give it a go..

According to the UPS tracker - my package should be here today!!!! I am excited to get this started!!..

Comment #22

As much as I wanted Medifast to work - I ordered their deluxe home kit, monitored my point plus points, exercised and lost nothing..

I have since tried Atkins and gained even more weight - I guess eating steaks and caesar salads don't equal weight loss!.

Back to Medifast again...

Comment #23

I tried WW several times and was hungry ALL the time on it and failed at it miserably - mostly because I would eat my trigger foods and then rationalize, bargain with the points and got way out of balance. I do better on lower carb and more food throughout the day. I started Medifast in January, have lost 40 lbs and have not cheated once. the only problem I have is in drinking all the water! But I have had that problem on any program.....

Comment #24

Yeah I did it few years back and it was a pain the butt cooking and weighing foods all that crappola....well needless to say Medifast is the only way to go for this heavy cat LOL..

Comment #25

[quote=lansmom].... The structure and simplicity of Medifast just makes so much more sense for allows me the time to focus on the mental part of successful weight loss because I am freed from the constant calculations of other diets like WW.[quote].

Exactly why I really like this program. And the fact this program doesn't starve you..

Nothing against WW. I think WW would be great for maintainance. However, on WW you just eat way too many carbs. The weight loss is slower because your taking in such a high carb level. The science is simple: carbs turn to sugar (glucose) and if it isn't used it is stored as FAT!..

Comment #26

I've done WW on and off for 14 years. It worked for me in the beginning, but I think the problem is that there is too much flexibility. Medifast is working for me (well, for the first two weeks anyway) because I know what I need to eat and when!..

Comment #27

One of my sisters and some friends of mine swear by weight watchers. My sister is a nutritionist and works near the head honcho of ww...and has seen nothing but good....

MF is for me though!!!!..

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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