How have you done on the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is How have you done on the Medifast Diet? Thanks for any response. Another question I got... Reading about other people's NSVs (non-scale victory) is super motivating so please list yours!.

Here are some of my NSVs:.

My size 12 jeans are already getting baggy. I'm starting to see what people mean by having 2 week jeans. I've only gotten rid of my 14s a week ago -I'm going down in size much quicker now and I bet the 10s will fit soon. I can get them on and barely buttoned but I look like a sausage being squeezed into it's casing..

My sweet new leather jacket (1st leather jacket ever!) that I got at a clothing swap is already getting loose. I'm not bummed at all-there will be more leather jackets for me at goal..

A gal I hadn't seen in months literally had her jaw drop open when she saw me on Sunday. She was nearly speechless-and this is someone who doesn't shut up. "You've... you've lost..." Yep. I have indeed lost weight...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Oh, I have a rather annoying NSV. All my winter coats are ridiculously big. I do not want to buy another coat this winter because next winter I'll be at goal and much smaller..

Such an annoying NSV :P..

Comment #2

I started dieting the first of Dec.2010 I started out at 256lbs. I started Medifast 2/27/2011 at 235 now I weight 223 with a loss of 12 in 3 weeks on MF. I am out of my 22's and 20's and now 18 fit really well. Can't wait to get back in a size 16. Love Medifast...

Comment #3

Have gone from size 26W Stretch "big lady" jeans (JMS from Walmart) to size 14 (baggy) of Levi's bootcut 515's, or size 12 of the Gloria Vanderbilt stretch jeans from Costco..

Clothes don't lie..

I now weigh less than my husband. My back-fat rolls are gone (or extremely diminished....). I can run 1 mile without stopping. I can clean "all" my parts in the shower. I no longer automatically head for the handicapped stall in the restroom (more room to maneuver in there)..

Bank tellers and cashiers smile at me first now, and make eye contact. Sometimes we'll even have a conversation! Nobody scrutinizes what is in my shopping cart anymore, and if they do it is to compliment on how I have such healthy things in my basket...

Comment #4

I have this problem too!! I am especially annoyed b/c this week the temperature dropped again all of a sudden and I have to keep wearing them even though I look like I am wearing a bag!.

Oh these weight loss problems we have to deal with..

Comment #5

I noticed this week that my legs are smaller! I can comfortably cross my legs again. It's been years......

Comment #6

I am wearing my wedding rings more often now. They aren't perfect, but then again, if they get too much looser, I'll have problems keeping them on as my knuckles aren't very defined and don't stop the rings from moving!.

I am in size 12s now in pants and skirts. I'm wearing a 14/L/XL in shirts and jackets. I went bra shopping and have moved from being in a 40D/DD to a 36D/E..

My glasses are too big, which is both exciting and annoying. I had to buy the biggest men's glasses I could at the time, so it'll be nice to actually buy frames designed with women in mind..

Overall, I'm satisfied, energetic, and looking forward to more progress. Now if I could get a job, that'd be really awesome...

Comment #7

FANTASTIC all around! And you very much enjoy the ladies frames they have out there. Very classy. Very chic!..

Comment #8

1) I actually played basketball with my son in a parents vs kids game and I didn't pass out or breathe really heavy.....:-).

2) I started rollerblading and it was fun..

3) I can walk up a flight of stairs and not breath any more than normal..

4) Someone told me today that I'm looking good and it's someone that I never told I was on a diet..

5) I fit into my waders yesterday, haven't been in them in 10 years. I wore them to a cubscout meeting that was fishing related. The kids really enjoyed me being goofy..

That's all I can think of for now...

Comment #9

I hadnt been to my old job in 4months and 2 people asked if I lost weight=)..

Comment #10

-People are asking me everyday, at work, if I'm losing weight..

-My winter coat is being donated - it's like wearing a trash bag it's so big..

-I have my pants rolled, literally, to stay on my waist (forgot my belt).

-My wedding ring is almost too big - I'm going to have to go this weekend to get a temporary space saver..

-I can comfortably cross my legs without my feet going numb instantly..

-I went out last Saturday and wore a fitted shirt - for the first time in nearly eight years...

Comment #11

-My husband hugged me and said...Holy Cow... pretty soon I'll be able to grab my elbows!.

-I went into Lane Bryant and bought a sweater 2 sizes smaller...then the cashier asked if I wanted a cami to go underneath it...she said you'll need a 14/16...I was like...say what? I've been a 22/24 for so long....I was literally shocked..

- People at work are have lost a lot of weight..

Feels awesome!.

40 pds in 8 weeks....MF WORKS!..

Comment #12

I went to order some new uniform pants for work, I decided on size 10s that a little bit too tight but will be great in a couple weeks. When I started at this job (the same week I started MF, on December 1, 2010) I was wearing a men's size 40 uniform pants (stupid big waist). So awesome!..

Comment #13

Love reading these ... everyone has such great NSV's!!! Congrats..

I had blood work done and my triglycerides have dropped over half. I am in the low-normal range now. Cholesterol is also down by a good measure..

My size 1 pants from Chico's (compares with woman's size 8-10) are too big. My size 10 jeans from Old Navy are too big. I have two pair of pants I can wear to work so I need to go shopping tonight..

I was told last night I look 15 years younger. That one was my favorite!.


Comment #14

Wow, you guys!! I love to hear your stories!.

No NSV's for me yet!! Too early. But I CAN'T WAIT!!..

Comment #15

How about waking up every day with a smile, knowing that I am going to eat healthy, exercise, be better able to deal with life's stresses and get one step closer to optimal health..

How about daily/multiple times daily someone telling me how good I look. When you have been obese for so long that really takes some getting used to..

Knowing every day, that I have found a way finally to control my weight that is easy and satisfying..

Sound like I'm drinking the Kool Aid??? Almost - it's Crystal Light...

Comment #16

These are GREAT everyone - WAY TO GO!!!.

I, like many others have had to buy new bras....went from a 38DD to a 36D....and now I think they're going to be too big soon..

The supervisor for the shift that precedes mine said that I was "wasting away"..

When DH and I go dancing my legs don't hurt, I don't get tired, and I'm pretty sure I could dance all night..

But my favorite, is yesterday on our way home from spending the evening with friends, DH turns down the radio, and says, "I want to tell you something, and I need you to really listen to me." I said OK (was a little nervous, because DH isn't prone to deep, serious conversation). He said, "I just want you to know how proud I am of you, I know that what you are doing is hard, and it's a sacrifice, but I think you are wonderful and that you look terrific. And other people do to." He said, "the people who don't tell you to your face how great you look, are coming up to me and telling me....I just thought you should know.".

He made me cry...

Comment #17

Oh, and my back fat isn't really a full roll anymore, it's almost completely gone!..

Comment #18

Awww that's so sweet! If that's not love and a source for motivation then I don't know what is. yay..

Comment #19

This made me tear up. I so hope to find a man like this someday...

Comment #20

I have one great one - my little sis is starting Medifast today! It feels so great to inspire others and to know that they will have great success. We are heading to Thailand for two weeks in June and will be beach ready!.

OK - I have to throw in a SV too - 140s! It's been a SLOOOOOW month, so this one feels pretty good too..

Comment #21

Love this... I totally teared up..

So my NSV is pretty simple, but significant!.

I wore jeans yesterday and had to notch my belt at the next smallest belt buckle hole! whooohoo!..

Comment #22

*tear* That rocks!!!.

Well, I have a tiny tattoo on the lower right side of my back. I gained a lot of weight so it was covered in my jelly roll! Lmao....well, I can see it more prominently now!!! Yay for tatts!!..

Comment #23

I bought a pair of size 10 pants thinking I'd be in them in a couple of weeks. Got them home and the fit perfectly!!!!!..

Comment #24

Boat bunny - awww your hubby rocks!.

No NSV for me yet - but I can't wait. love reading these. so inspirational...

Comment #25

I fit into a dress yesterday that I wore when I was 18 (I'm now 47)...

Comment #26

To all those that have replied about my DH...I agree, he is pretty awesome..

And congrats to everyone! Let's keep these NSVs coming!!..

Comment #27

Today I'm wearing a pair of jeans that used to fit just about perfectly but now I'm really regretting that I forgot to wear a belt!.

Losing inches/weight is sooooo inconvenient sometimes..

Comment #28

Wore three suits this week that I could not button, zip up or wear comfortably a week ago!..

Comment #29

Today I had to go get my wedding ring sized down from an 8.5 to a 7. Needless to say it was totally falling off my finger!..

Comment #30

I'm going to have to get my ring resized soon too! It's lose but not falling off yet. Next week might be a completely different story though lol..

Comment #31

I just went shopping for a dress to wear on Easter. Before starting Medifast 3.5 weeks ago I was a size 18...and the 18s were tight. The dress I bought today is an XL from the misses dept!! It's amazing what over 17lbs and low carb can do to your figure!..

Comment #32

I saw one of my students from last semester the other day. She said to me "This is probably totally inappropriate to say, but you're looking really hot. Whatever you are doing, I want to do it!"..

Comment #33

Weisla-love the comment from your student!.

I just returned from a lunch that was catered by chick-fil-a and did not have one bite of a sandwich. I didn't even lick my fingers after helping my kids with their sandwiches. I am determined to do this...

Comment #34

My size 14 Levi's getting loose enough to need a belt...

Comment #35

I took a spin class and lifted weights this morning, and my heart rate monitor showed that I burned almost 900 cals. Then went to Costco, and bought among other things, some nice steaks. Later, my son and I spent two hours dismantling the old swing set. My steak was 14 oz uncooked, and I decided I could have all of it, due to all the exercise I got today. Halfway through, I said "enough" and wrapped the rest up for tomorrow. I.


Would have done that before MF!..

Comment #36

I'm about to wear a sweater to work that I've been staring at dejectedly for, oh, about 2 years because it made me look like a lumpy sausage. I look nice in it now, busty and de-lumped..

Most of my NSVs are clothing NSVs because I miss my skinny clothes...

Comment #37

Oh, Zoe, I'm thrilled for you!!!.

I got to ditch my XLG scrub pants and pull out a pair of LG scrub pants... they fit GREAT and I feel so teensy in them! (I was starting to look kinda funny in the XLGs, finally decided I'd better bite the bullet and at least CHECK if I could fit into the LGs... I expected them to be tight, though!..

Comment #38

I'm four weeks in and have lost 18.4 lbs. My jeans are sooo baggy, and yesterday, I pulled out an old smaller pair that I couldn't get over my thighs a month ago... now, I am able to zip them!!!!!!!!!.


Love, LOVE, Medifast!..

Comment #39

My NSVs lately are all about my jeans.

I blogged about it the other day....

It feels great to feel good in them again, I can't wait to see how goal feels!.

Happy MFing all!..

Comment #40

Wow, I love reading all these. I'm so happy for all of you! Soon I will hopefully have some of my own to share but so far I'm only on day 6..

Comment #41

When I started in Sept. I was a size 20...yesterday, I walked in to GAP and left about 15 minutes later with 3 pair of size 14!..

Comment #42

I went to a wedding and saw people I have known for 25 years but haven't seen since I started Medifast in August. I am now 80 pounds lighter than some of them have last seen me and they didn't know about my loss. Well, I walked over to a table and started talking to them. I got a weird look. Left and went back later. One of the women whispered to me "What diet are you on? I didn't recognize you! You look years younger." Now I know why I got the weird look - she didn't know who was talking to her.

I love spreading the news..

The wedding was so much fun - I had to go out and buy everything new - including pantyhose and shoes. Nothing fit - even my shoes were too loose. Splurged on a little new jewelry too. I felt like a million...

Comment #43

WOW. Talk about inspirational. I just placed my order last night and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. This was the PERFECT thread to read as I psyche myself up. You are all doing SOOOO amazingly well!! I hope I too have NSVs soon!!.

Thanks for the awesome read!!..

Comment #44

1. Today I saw an ex-coworker and she said "Oh my gosh you're tiny!".

2. At work I walked past a plate of fresh baked cookies probably 30 times (no choice where it was placed) and although the thought crossed my mind, I did not take even a little piece. I did eventually put the plate in the microwave so I didn't have to see it anymore!.

3. Pants that were tight 3 weeks ago are now loose!..

Comment #45

Ran out to the shops to buy an outfit for my upcoming trip. Last time I shopped there was a year ago, when I bought 20W. This time I was able to comfortably fit into a 16W!!!..

Comment #46

My scrub pants are falling off now, and my jeans are baggy, too. And I'm going to have to get my engagement ring's literally falling off my finger now, even after just 17 pounds. (I put tape on it when I got to work so I wouldn't lose it tonight.) Also, people are starting to notice, and that feels good!..

Comment #47

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