How easy is it to get narcotics at a Vitamin Shoppe in the Bahamas??

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: How easy is it to get narcotics at a Vitamin Shoppe in the Bahamas??.

My 2nd question is: Is it just me or did they forget the fill line???.

The last 2 I've made, I've almost ruined because the fill line seems to be missing...

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Your question was: How easy is it to get narcotics at a Vitamin Shoppe in the Bahamas??.

Check your email - I just sent you one. Let me know if you don't get it shortly...

Comment #1

I had the fettucine alfredo for lunch today and ruined it because I put too much water in (didn't see any fill line). But after I was done, I noticed a faint indented dotted line about an inch below the rim. You can barely see it, especially if the food is still in there... Live & learn...

Comment #2

There is a faint indentation on the inside of the cup. for those of us used to cup-o-noodles, you will most likely be very familiar with strange, barely there markers.

On the package, it says that you should pour only so that the water comes up to about an inch from the rim of the cup, and generally it's not that hard to eyeball. if you turn the cup on it's side slightly with a light overhead, you should be able to see it...

Comment #3

I also made my fettucine too watery. I'll look more closely for the fill line next time..

Oh and I could use a $30 coupon too...

Comment #4

PM me your email address or email me at , I'll send you one..


Comment #5

Are the coupons only good on your first order?..

Comment #6

If you haven't used one before, I've been told they will work on your second order too. Sometimes you have to call in to get them to take it off - doesn't hurt to try. Email me if you want to give it a shot.


Comment #7

Thanks Camille, I will email you my address - anything will help right?..

Comment #8

But reading the directions, it tells how far from the top of the cup to fill. I have been doing this for the past 3 months with good success. I never looked for "the faint fill line in the cups...

Comment #9

To tell you the truth, I haven't even noticed. wow, I will look today and see if it is there....interesting lol hope you have a great day!..

Comment #10

I thought I ruined my cheesy potatoes by putting in too much water, but I did eyeball it correctly. I had not found the line yet, but when I have lunch tomorrow, I will see if I can find the line..

Comment #11

Yesterday I used the buddy coupon on my second order and they took it over the phone just fine...

Comment #12

Hi .. I'm new to this blog thing and not very good at it... I just got my food today and had the potatoes for lunch, didn't see the line either, but tried the inch below the rim.. I had to add more water to make them creamy, I thought they were dry...

My first day of trying to get thru this! I did the Nourish program last year (2006) and it worked. I lost some weight, but my discipline wasn't cooperating...

I'll take any hints I can get ....


Comment #13

Sent you a coupon code.. let me know whether or not you get it.. you can email me at.

Comment #14

I used one of the dinner cups last night, and the line was there. It was more of an indentation on only one side of the cup, but it was there...

Comment #15

Camille - can you send me a coupon. I'm going to try using it on my 2nd autoship. I doubt that it will work, but I'm going to try.




Comment #16

I'm new to NS and could really use a $30 coupon myself. If anyone can email me one to I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it!!..

Comment #17

Yes, I did notice that there is a slight indent on the outside of the cup. If you fill up to within 1 inch of the top you should be good..

Anybody have a $30 coupon, I could use one too....


Comment #18

I sent you an email for the $30..



Comment #19

I sent you the email..sometimes you have to call to have the $30.00 applied..



Comment #20

Does anyone have a $30.00 coupon? My email address thank you!!!..

Comment #21

Check your email - I just sent you one. Let me know if you don't get it shortly...

Comment #22

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