How does the Medifast Diet differ from the Atkins Diet?

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Got a quick question: How does the Medifast Diet differ from the Atkins Diet? Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... I hope it's not TMI...but of course I have lost 27#. I don't see it but all my coworkers see it. Today, my friends had a roundtable discussion of the loss in my BOOBS!!! yes, my boobs! Maybe that's where the loss since your journey, have you seen a huge decrease in size and did it feel weird goin from BAM to bam?!? I've always been dolly parton huge so I don't know what that's like.....

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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Man, I wish I had your issue! Mine took forever to decrease and I've lost ~75 lbs. I've only noticed it in the past ~4 weeks in fact. And when I say decrease, it has basically meant my bra fits properly now. I'm still the same cup size...

Comment #2

I went from bam to poof, they're gone. It's really very depressing actually...

Comment #3

The only real thing I noticed is me putting it on the second or third hook. My sports bra is on the 3rd hook. So I'm obviously losing inches. I'm a K cup, I'm not expecting to go a B cup antime soon...I was a B cup when I was in a training bra and that lasted a week!! :-/..

Comment #4

I actually have implants, so I was convinced that mine wouldn't shrink. I was wrong..

I got the store-boughts so that I'd be more proportional when I was at my heaviest (220) and looked like a huge pear. All my extra weight was in my belly and my butt...well, still is. Anyway, I'm seriously considering saving up and having them redone after I reach goal...

Comment #5

I wish mine would decrease in size but they haven't and they're usually the first things to go when I lose weight. I can't figure it out this time but maybe the soy in the food converts to a form of estrogen and that's part of the problem. Anyone have an answer to this one? I'd love to hear it. I also noticed that my tummy is taking forever to go away and I'm almost where I want to be. Talk about frustrating - from the other perspective...

Comment #6

When I was on Atkins I was able to go from a D to a C and it made me sooo happy! I'm really hoping to have the same results with Medifast because seriously, cute bras stop at Cs in most stores and I'm tired of paying more money just cause I'm a larger cup size. Boo...

Comment #7

Yeah mine sure did, this is the lowest I have been in 8 years and my poor ta-tas are shrinking!!! My husband is quite sad but nothing a good push up bra cant fix..

Comment #8

I've lost 40 pounds and when I was refitted for a new bra recently, I went down 2 inches in the band size and UP a cup size! Argh! I've been hoping to wear pretty bras someday, too. I don't know why they can't make pretty bras for larger sizes!..

Comment #9

@Vicki...I'm not sure if it's your workouts but if you do a lot of chest/back exercises that can cause it to go up a cup. Or you are blessed! ;-).

There is this place I go to called intimacy which it's in downtown Chicago and I have pretty bras for my size. If you still shop @lane bryant they have VERY NICE bras. I can get their bras and they are AWESOME!!.



Comment #10

OMG! When I lost 50lbs my first time around, I went from a DD to a juniors' C! Of course, everyone had to comment on it..

As I started gaining, that was the first thing that came back. I can tell they are going again as my bras are fitting better as I lose the weight I gained...

Comment #11

Mine have barely gone at all, typically when I lose they are the first to go. I now wear a smaller band but a DD instead of a D cup. I'm waiting, I'm sure it's coming. I've lost 51 lbs...

Comment #12

I sort of wish mine would go down to a C too. I am DD and actually tried on bras this weekend and still could not shove mine into a D without "spilling out". Sigh. Your right there are no pretty bras and not nearly the selection in those larger cup sizes. I am losing inches so that now my band is getting too loose, but still I need that cup size...

Comment #13

I have lost inches but my cup size is increasing. I went from a 40D/DD to a 36DD/E. I started out with under bust measurement of 39-40, chest measurement of 46. I'm now at an under bust of 34-35, chest measurement of 41..

So it's weird, but it's like they have deflated (I'm also 44), so if I have no support I look rather flat, but when they get stuffed into a bra with proper support, they actually look bigger than before, which is helped by my waist going from 47 to 36, as well...

Comment #14

I went from a 40C to a 38D. I have to say that shocked me, I totally thought I was a 38B. But I apparently lost some from the top half of the boob, and not from the bottom, which is why the sizing changed as it did. This also meant that the styles that were previously right for me, are not the best choices now. It was recommended to me to pick demi styles, rather than full coverage as I wore before..

And based on how things fit after I tested and tried on a bunch of bras, the advice of the VS lady who measured me, it was correct...

Comment #15

For those looking for a good selection of larger sized bras, try Frederick's of Hollywood...One of the women I work with is very large chested, and she swears by them. Also, I've enjoyed the selection of Lane Bryant bras for a long time - and they won't break the bank..

However, when I went to get refitted, they didn't have any in my size...I had to go to a regular store!!! Yay for me! DH doesn't mind, he says the smaller ones are easier to handle - LOL!!..

Comment #16

Kirsten - I love this post - and yes I now have utters. I have lost around 90 lbs - still have 80 or so to go. when I get to goal - I have always said that I want a boob lift and a tummy tuck - I don't really care about the rest. My boyfriend doesn't seem to mind but I doThey loook great with the push up bra on - but as soon as I take it off (shakes my head) But I would rather be loosing weight then to have big boobies. I will tell you lane bryant makes one awesome bra - it is the depe plunge bra - and makes the girls look great :-)..

Comment #17

My tatas have shrunk quite a bit - I was a 46C and now I'm a 38B. It sucks. However, I have found a fabulous bra that is comfortable and makes things look MUCH more impressive - the "Ambrielle" brand from JCP. I highly recommend it if you are feeling saggy and deflated...this bra has thicker padding on the sides and bottom of the cup and works wonders!!..

Comment #18

I LOVE my smaller boobs!! I had a breast reduction in 04 or 05...can remember. I told the doctor he could not make them small enough for me....but I don't think he believed me. Gained some weight so they were still larger than I liked. Since losing over 40 lbs, they are nice and small. I know I must be the 1 in a million, but I always wished I was born with small girls...

Comment #19

I also do not mind the smaller chest... only part I don't like is they are very very deflated looking! I suppose it doesn't help that right after I quit breastfeeding I sped into weight loss... lol..

Comment #20

My cousin showed me her boobs after her breatsfeeding her daughter(now granted I was 13 and I was a 36D) I literally vomited in my mouth. Maybe it was bc it was a preteen reaction....I don't know but Jennifer Hudson lost a lot of weight. Her boobies are tiny now! Maybe it's time to rid of these K's!!..

Comment #21

Just for the record... it isn't breastfeeding that causes that. It's a combination of pregnancy and genetics. Your milk will come in and leave either way.... if you don't breastfeed it just does it quickly! I have known quite a few people who refused to breastfeed in order to "preserve the girls" who ended up with far worse "deflation" issues than many breastfeeding moms!..

Comment #22

This made me chuckle a bit haha....well right now I still have my girls but they and me have been through a LOT... so I'm guessing ill go from BAM to nothing..I wasnt very blessed in that

Comment #23

Yeah, I've never had kids, and my girls are "deflated." But once I put them in a bra, I've got a nice natural, pretty cleavage...

Comment #24

My 'girls' have always been big and droopy - even when I was a size 4. For me it's pure genetics....

DH seems happy with them.

But I'm not so I've seriously considered a lift and reduction once I lose all the weight. I hate to undergo any unnecessary surgeries I may wait until my youngest is older and less needy of me...just in case, ya know?.

For now I have to wear Edith Lances armor...I mean...bras. They're the best for minimizing and support as well as being as comfortable as they can be for me...

Comment #25

Yes yes yes, a thousand times YES! I LOVE FoH bras. They are pretty and come in a wide range of sizes. Don't let the skinny girls on the website scare you. lol (J/K) If you have a store locally, go in and get fitted, and see if you can catch a sale. Also they are well made, and don't fall apart the first time you wash them...

Comment #26

I went from a 40D to a 36DDD.

Now I've lost a bit more and I'm wearing a 36DD. I really hope they shrink more though. I too had breast reduction, down to a 36C (from an E). It was so much easier on my back when I was a C cup, not to mention prettier bras! I weigh less now than I did when I had the surgery 10 years ago, but my boobs are stubbornly clinging to the fat cells I guess! I'm still glad I had it done, as I would have had way more back problems otherwise...

Comment #27

I used to be a 36C before I started gaining weight and having kids and hopefully I will end up back there. I really hope so. Even smaller will be fine. Definitely going to have to add a breast lift in with the tummy tuck though because there is just no help for the girls...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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