How does Synthroid Medication affect Medifast?

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I am starting to get concerned and will definately make a doctors appt soon. How does the Thyroid medication affect my use of MF? I have been on Medifast for almost a week and feel great! Not sluggish or anything. Any info on thyroid would be helpful!..

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What Nutrisystem says.....

Hello! I'm Laura, Registered Dietitian here at Medifast. Thank you for your patience!! Soy can decrease the absorption of synthetic thyroid hormone medications (like Synthroid.) These medications are best absorbed on an empty stomach; a person should take his/her medication at least 1 hour before consuming soy. For best results, Medifast recommends the first two meals of the day be from our non-soy protein based meals. (Our non-soy based meals include creamy soups, fruit drinks, iced teas, warm drinks, antioxidant shakes and the scrambled eggs.) You should continue to take your medication as prescribed and have your thyroid levels checked regularly to ensure the medication dosage is adequate. Let us know if you have further questions. Thanks!.

I have been on synthroid for years....I take my meds first thing in the morning, and my first meal is always Hot Cocoa, which also has no soy.....after that I eat whatever I want and have never had a problem...I have lost over 100 lbs and all my levels are perfect!..

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I take mine at 3a.m. when I get up to pee and that way it's not around an eating time or anything... been working really well doing it this way...

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I take my synthroid before bed. Levels are perfect, and *knock on wood* I sleep just fine...

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I have done well on the program, but learned through trial and error learned I could not eat more than 2 soy products a day or I would just plain not feel good. There is still enough variey for me to make it work and I am on my 45th week and almost to goal!.


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I take a thyroid medicine and the advice from the dietician is the best- empty stomach- I take mine in morning but then again- I am not a breakfast eater so my stomach is empyt for 3 hours before meal..

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I take mine first thing in the morning too and don't have any problems. I don't eat for at least 1.5 hours after I get up. I eat whatever Medifast I want for the morning meal...

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So If I wake up at 5 am and take my thyroid meds right away and eat at 6:30 I should be ok?..

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You still might want to choose a meal for breakfast that does not contain soy as far as I understand. I am not sure I have yet to receive my first shipment or talk to my dr, but from what I am understanding if you can, choosing a non soy breakfast is your best bet if possible even if it's an hour and a half later. I take my meds in the morning then wait an hour to eat at least...

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The soy has never affected my levels at all. I have been on the same dose of synthroid for 3 years. Just get it checked regularly & you should be fine...

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So 8 weeks later my levels are still perfect. I generally have the hot cocoa (or iced when it's hot) and then just don't worry about it the rest of the day! Yay..

Now is it me or does anyone else feel like Synthroid affects your losses (in a good way, bad way whatever?)..

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Lol thats what I do too... I like your style..

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I am on thyroid meds. I take my meds in the morning and have the scrambled eggs for breakfast every day. (I'm a creature of habit, what can I say?) Last time my levels were checked they had actually improved. Probably less body absorbing the same dosage...

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Wow, I'm so glad this Board is here, and that this Thread is here! I am Hypo-thyroid, and I had no idea that they Soy in Medifast was conflicting with my meds! I'll be adjusting appropriately immediately! I'm so excited...just one more thing to tweak that might up my metabolism a bit!! Thanks!!!..

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Whimsicat, I never knew the contradiction with soy until recently as well.

I take my thyroid meds like a previous poster, when I get up at night to use the restroom! That way, I don't really worry much about it..

I'm on Metformin, too so I need to keep track of meds but this method seems to work for me!..

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Synthroid and I don't play well together at all. Major weight gain every time I take it, including a year after I reached goal! I'm STILL struggling to get that danged weight off! I have to take a natural porcine based med. Used to take Armour, but it got so difficult to get. Now I have my meds compounded, which seems to be working pretty well...

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I think I'll take my synthroid in the middle of the night as well. I couldn't figure another time to take it because when I get up I want my coffee and breakfast right away...

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I tried taking my meds at night. It only kept me from sleeping and I got very sluggish by early afternoon. I have sleep issues and would never even consider getting up in the middle of the night to take a pill! hehe. I am up and out the door by 6 am. Take my med before I leave. Get to work, have my coffee, which tides me over until about 8 when I eat breakfast. I talked to my endo about it once and was told that all thyroid meds should be taken on an empty stomach and at least an hour should pass before eating anything, soy, calcium or otherwise...

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When I went to see my endocrinologist he asked me if I was even taking my medication because according to the lab results, it was as if the pills weren't being absorbed at all. Now I've started taking my synthroid first thing in the morning and waiting 2 hours to have anything else. I know it's always best to take on an empty stomach anyway, but before I started MF, I always took it with food and my levels stayed within range. I don't feel hypothyroid now, but then again I didn't feel it when I was checked the last time. I'm looking forward to my next appointment so I can see if this new schedule is making a difference...

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If you continue getting those results from taking synthroid, talk to your Dr. about other medication options. My body does NOT like synthroid, and when I've taken it in the past, it's been like being off my medication altogether...

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I've been on Synthyroid for 5 yrs.. I have been on Medifast for over 4 months.. I usually take my pills 45 mins-1 hr before I eat.. I eat more than 3+ soy products day and including breakfast.. No change in levels, no side effects.. Feel great! I also take biotin and depression meds....

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WEll, I am hypothyroid too and I'm on levothyroxine and I had my levels check couple months ago like a week before I started Medifast and I'm still on the same dosage, but we will see what my level are again once I get them checked in dec of this yr..i sure hope that they are the same..but I do feel sluggish and kinda fatigued but oh well I'm going to get this weight off one way or another!..

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In few months I will see what my level are and Ill make sure to post them here to let everyone know if it has been working for me!..

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