How does Nutrisystem auto shipping work?

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Hi everyone out there, I am new to this, it has been 6 days now and I have lost 3 pounds by eating and eating, it's great. I just didnt know how much preparation you have to do for this, I picked nutrisystem because I normally do not have the time to prepack and preplan but thank got I do now for about 2 months, I am all alone, my daughter is gone for the summer and my fiance is in the Navy so he is on a ship for 2 months so this is a perfect time for me. Can anyone tell me how this auto shipping works? where do I find it here on the website and how can I choose my own food? thanks everyone..

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Your question was: How does Nutrisystem auto shipping work?.

First off, welcome to the boards and to NS. Looks like you are making a great head start on your weight loss journey. Auto shipping is when they send your food out to you every month automatically. You can go to the My Account Icon, manage my auto delivery, and that will lead you to where you can choose your foods. I wish you the best of luck!..

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Just wanted to extend a hello and welcome to NS! It's a great program and there are stellar people on the discussion boards. Check back often!..

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Congratulations on making the decision to commit to healthier living! As you may already be able to see, we have incredible community members here, full of information and support! In addition to Newbies, be sure to explore Food Talk and Tips to gather ideas and suggestions for food preparations, as well as Local Connections to find Nutri-buddies in your area, and the Age Groups to meet members your age! Also, try joining in on one of our fun and exciting weight loss challenges under Challenge Central, and dont forget that you can log your progress by clicking on My Program!.

If you need any assistance at all while exploring the site, feel free to contact us via email at , or visit us in the Ask the Mod forum..

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010!!..

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AAMADRID - the preplanning and prepacking actually gets easier as you go - your brain goes into autodrive - breakfast - meal plus protein plus fruit; lunch - meal plus salad plus protein etc.

On the plus side, look at how easy the regular meal prep is - no dishes, no mess, no fuss just - hhhmmm what box do I want today!.

You're going to be smokin' hot when you fiance returns - promise!.

Keep it goin.....

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