How Do You Use The Salty Nutrisystem Snacks?

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I'm in my first month on Nutrisystem and have not yet found a way to incorporate the salty snacks into my day. They say they are dessert but I always have something sweet for where does that leave the savory stuff? Thanks!..

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Your question was: How Do You Use The Salty Nutrisystem Snacks?.

I think it is a just a matter of personal preference. I'm a savory person too, not much of a sweet eater at all, so I find my desserts are mostly of the savory, salty kind. I do have my BBQ soy chips with my burger for dinner and feel satisfied with that while my hubby is eating real chips that I would love to have but can't...

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If I have a busy evening schedule away from home, I switch lunch and dinner, and have a lunch bar (which is sweet) and a salty snack (dessert), which is like crunchy, salty chips to me. Along with a fruit, easy-to carry veggies, nuts, cheese stick or hb egg, something like that..


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I've found that having the sweet desserts at night ignites a desire in me to eat more. As a result, I prefer to have my protein and fruit at night as it satisfies me more and doesn't create an urge to eat. Although I like the sweet desserts, I've switched to primarily the chips as I'm not that much of a chip eater. I would really prefer to eat a protein shake and fruit for dessert all the time but I have to include desserts in the order...

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To the original poster, if you are getting free foods with your next few orders as a promo when you ordered, there will undoubtedly be salty snacks in the mix. You might consider adding to your next AD order, for about $20, an a la carte variety pack of sweet desserts. Then, if during your free week of food, you don't feel like one of the salty ones that Nutrisystem sent, you can choose a sweet one instead. When you order a la carte items with your AD order, Nutrisystem doesn't charge any extra S&H..

Thus, you can select the type of dessert you feel like eating and not be "stuck" eating one you don't feel like. You may, on some other day during the week, feel like a salty one and thus select one of the free ones that Nutrisystem sent with your week of free food...

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I eat the salty snack between lunch and dinner and the sweet one after dinner. Im not sure if the men's plan is the same as yours...

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The men's plan gets two Nutrisystem desserts, the women's gets one...

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I made the same mistake and ordered some of the salty stuff when I prefer to eat sweet. However, I'm using the salty stuff at various times and plan to keep one or two on hand for various reasons.

I had a lunch meeting one day, so I ate the nacho crisps with cottage cheese (sorry I dont' like the taste of them alone) before I ever went to lunch along with the fruit from the afternoon snack so that I would not eat very much at lunch. I ended up eating a salad (I'm sure the dressing was regular, but I didn't have a choice).

Another thing I plan to use the salty stuff for is I will probably sneak them into the movie theater so I have something to much on instead of the popcorn. I normally wouldn't sneak stuff in but since they don't offer a health choice I don't feel too bad..

It both cases, I wouldn't get the dessert (sweet stuff) later, but I guess that's part of the reason why I pick out my entire day the night before. If I know I won't get my dessert (sweet stuff) then I make sure the dinner option I choose is something I really like then I don't really notice misisng out..

Don't know if that helps, but that's my plan for the few I have left. And, I will probably keep at least one on hand for the movies. LOL..

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Oh yeah, forgot to say also... sometimes I use the Nacho Crisps with my chili or Tortilla Soup, (and some fat free sour cream too!). Yummm!.

I've also seen a recipe around here to mix the zesty mix, nuts, rainbow delights, and prolly raisins to make trail mix, and the I don't remember the appropriate portion. I've been intending to try it sometime...

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Anyone miss cocktail hour?.

Add 12 Smokehouse almonds (two fats) to your spicy mix and put it in a small bowl..

For 2 veggies: put a couple of spoons of your favorite salsa in the bottom of a tall glass. Add ground pepper and few dashes of worscestershire sauce. Pour in two 4 oz servings of low sodium V8. Garnish with a celery stalk (and a scallion if you like). If it's too "sweet" add a shot of tonic water.

It's not bad! I have "one of these" while I'm prepping and cooking dinner. Takes the edge off any hunger pangs as well as being somewhat "celebrative" and tasty...

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