How do you store Nutrisystem foods?

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I'm not really sure where in the forums this fits, but I have a storage question.

Right now, My big brown box that comes in every month lives under the dining room table. At mealtime, I slide out the box, pull out the trays on top of the mealtime Im seeking and out them on the table. After selecting the entre, I replace the trays, close the box and slide it back under the Table. It 2works for now, but I need a better solution!.

We have a small kitchen with not a lot of pantry space. I have some room in the kitchen atrium next to my recumbent bike and Id like to get one of those plastic storage chests with drawers to put my Nutrisystem food in. Ive been shopping around but Im not sure what size chest Id want. I want one thing that will hold a months worth of food without having to unpack the whole thing to get to the dinner meals..

Does anyone have a system like this for their Nutrisystem food? I need dimensions and even a link if you have one. Im comfortable ordering it online as long as Im sure the dimensions are sufficient..

Thanks to all for the help!.


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Your question was: How do you store Nutrisystem foods?.

I purchased two of those plastic storage thingies on wheels that have 3 drawers each. When I get in the next shipment, I plan to move all the items from the previous month to the top left drawer (eating those first). The right top drawer is for spill over from the other 4 which are naturally breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. The entire two cases fit under my table in the 4th spot. We are a family of 3...

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Well, mine stays in the big brown box in my office. The thing that I do to make it more orderly is put a days worth in a plastic grocery bag and tape a piece of paper around the handles with the date on it that I am going to eat it. So, I haven't finished going through my box yet, but right now I have until July 20th bagged. Oh, I log it online using the meal planner tool. I plan around my work schedule, dr appts, other events...I know to plan a bar for lunch when I'll be running errands and not near a microwave but am too near a McD's if you know what I mean!!..

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I also have the 3 drawer plastic container. It is a sterlite one from fred meyer. The drawers are wide and I put dinners in one, desserts and breakfasts in another and lunches in the last drawer. you can see through the drawers also. Everything is really handy that way...

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I used to have the big box sitting on the floor and just pull something when it was time to eat, but my wife had the idea to use the three trays that Nutrisystem uses in the main box - she just went and stacked all the food items on their short sides and then went into the pantry and put each tray on their own shelf. Works great and now it's out of the way...

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I got a big bin with lid (like you use for holiday decorations from Target or wherever)- 1 boxy big (tall not long) one and smaller one. Small one stacks on top of big one and have it in a corner. Used thecardboard dividers to divide meals- lunch/dinner in big one, break/dessert smaller one. My dogs are craving the smell from the food- drives them nuts- which is odd- so have to have lids on just in case one sneaks in the room. Then just go in bins and pull out days rations...

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I cleared some books and papers off a bookshelf in the bedroom and arranged the food like it was on grocery shelves. I can see what they all are and choose what I want each day. It works great...

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I'm only on my first month, so everything for me stays right in the box the way it is! I'm renting a room now, but I'm searching to buy a condo, so as soon as I move everything will go in the pantry, as I'm only one person.

But I don't know what your living room or your bedroom looks like, but how about getting a pretty seagrass/rattan trunk? You know the kind where the lid lifts up, and you can put it at the foot of your bed, or use it as a coffee table or something. That's what I would do. Something like in the picture. Or you could put it next to your bike. That way it's not only out of the way, and all of the food will fit, you can just take the trays from your big box and transfer, but it's visually appealing too. Just make sure the dimensions are at least as big as your box!.


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I have a Sterlite rolling cart with drawers in it, and on top of that, I placed another smaller set of Sterlite drawers. The bigger drawers are perfect for the dinners...I put them on their side so I can see which is which easily. The smaller drawers in the rolling cart are great for the little lunch cups. The drawers on top of the cart are great for the bars and snacks. I have a plastic basket on top of the whole things where I thrown the cereals..and also little bags of my own cereal measured out (Shredded Wheat).

This is the big main cart:.

These are the drawers I put on top:.

Both are available at Amazon, but I bought mine at Walmart or at Dollar General...

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I had to laugh when reading this because I'm right there with you!.

My wife says I look into my box for something to eat now instead of looking into the frig I think I'll keep living out of the box for now though because it's like my own little treasure chest...

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I thought I didn't have enough pantry space but by the end of my first week I made space. I was amazed at the number of items in my cabinets that I either could throw away (expired baking items mostly), food I really shouldn't eat or really never ate anyway, went thru all of my tupperware and matched lids and containors and that cleared a lot of space and I also moved bigger baking pans and other items that are maybe used once a year or so to a different location. I was shocked I actually made room!.

Once stacked the dinners and lunches don't take up that much room. I put the smaller cereal item packets in a plastic containor and I keep all of the dessert and breakfast bars in a plastic containor in my fridge..

The plastic carts that are posted are a great idea. When I saw my first BBB the size intimidated me and I did think of buying something similar but I was lucky enough to be abble to clear enough pantry space...

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And I have to laugh at *your* post because I was living out of my 1st box that I kept in front of the sofa and was eating my meals on it, putting my feet on it, and using it as a piece of furniture!..

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