How do you sautee your Nutrisystem veggies?

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I bought a bunch of veggies today that I would like to sautee to have with my dinner entree, but I use light dressing instead of fat free for the salad I always have with dinner, so that uses up my fat serving. Can you sautee correctly with just Pam?.


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Your question was: How do you sautee your Nutrisystem veggies?.

I saute' in butter flavor pam. I also add garlic or garlic powder, onion powder and mrs dash...

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I chop my veggies, grind pepper on top, squirt with 2 sprays ICBINB and in the microwave for 2 minutes...YUMMO..

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I simmer veggies in a little FF chicken broth & season to work with the rest of the meal...

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I use a spray of PAM saute the veggies on med-high heat with some garlic and preferred spices - then after two minutes add a splash of water to "deglaze" the pan -(this will pull up some of the carmalized flavor at the bottom of the pan) - just wait for the water to sizzle/steam away! Veggies should be tender yet al dente and full of flavor!!..

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I use Pam and add a little water as needed with some spices...

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I use just PAM and depending on what the veggies are I add minced garlic or Mrs Dash..

I don't like spending too much time in the kitchen in this heat so I always make a good amount, portion them out and stick them in the fridge and use them for the next few.


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You can just use Pam to sautee. They make a high heat Pam, that is good if you like using a higher temp when you sautee. That is what I generally use. I just chopped up a couple of cloves of garlic, get the sautee pan well coated with Pam and get it hot, toss in the garlic and get those going then all my veggies and various spice and then I go to town flipping those veggies around...

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I just use water (probably 4 tablespoons), and let the veggies cook down until all of the water is gone...tastes just as good!..

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Is it wrong to add the allotted amount of Olive Oil to a spray of the Pam??..

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Go ahead and add hte olive oil to the spray if you want, just count it as your fat..

Another great option is to saute veggies in your salad dressing and dump that on top of the salad. It adds extra flavour thanks to the moisture from cooked veg...

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There is a spray product with olive oil, I believe it is from PAM...

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I saute' in butter flavor pam. I also add garlic or garlic powder, onion powder and mrs dash...

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